Marijuana Advocate Schools a Caller

The facts!

Grinders vs. Scissors

MEDICAL MARIJUANA BOOTCAMP: Bootcamp – QA: Why Don’t You Guys Ever Use a Grinder?

7 Easy Ways to Conserve Bud

DANK SITES: DS Original: 7 Easy Ways to Conserve Bud

Marijuana: More States, More Bills, More Hearings

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marijuana: More States, More Bills, More Hearings

'It's becoming difficult to keep up with all the marijuana bills being filed at statehouses around the county.'

Strain Review: Ultra Skunk

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Ultra Skunk (closed4fishing)

'Overall: This is my favorite so far from 6 grows of over 15 strains from various breeders. It will be re-vegged to become a mother for a stable supply of the best medical marijuana.'

Who is Going to do What??

MPP: Prince Frederic von Anhalt to End Marijuana Prohibition in California?

CA: Marijuana Dispensary Reopens

'One of Palm Springs' final four medical marijuana applicants recently reopened its doors illegally — weeks before the City Council is expected to select the city's two operators.'

A Whiff of Common Sense

'Republican legislators in Richmond say there's a better chance of getting gay marriage in Virginia than decriminalizing pot.

Actually, that's not quite how they put it. It was more like what Del. Dave Albo, a Republican from Fairfax County, said last week about a bill presented to the General Assembly by Chesapeake Republican Del. Harvey Morgan:

"(It's) going to be dead about as soon as he finishes his explanation."'

Weed on The History Channel

Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it...or something like that.

Beverly Hills NORML Director

NORML: Beverly Hills NORML Director Cheryl Shuman testifies on the cruelty of banning medical marijuana patients from transplant lists

Marijuana in The Classroom?

'A high school student found to have marijuana in the classroom would seem to be a prime candidate for a little “talk” with the vice principal – and maybe a trip to the police station.

But around the country today, hundreds – perhaps thousands – of high schoolers are bringing pot to school, and they’re doing it legally. Not to get stoned, but as part of prescribed medical treatment. And they don’t have to tell school authorities about it.'

VA: Lawmakers Looking to Decriminalize Marijuana

'Republican Delegate Harvey B. Morgan, a pharmacist, has 31 years in the House and is the second-most senior delegate.'

Dennis Hopper Goes Medi-Pot Shopping

CELEBSTONER: Dennis Hopper Goes Medi-Pot Shopping

'Ailing actor Dennis Hopper was spotted in the Farmacy in Venice on Thursday. Hopper is suffering from prostate cancer and receiving chemotherapy treatments at USC.'

NJ: What's Next With Medical Marijuana

'The bill takes effect July 18, six months from the bill signing. But there is still work to be done before people can legally begin using medical marijuana.'

Bootcamp: QA- Describe Low Grade, Mid Grade & High Grade Weed

Good information.

Marijuana Found in Fish Shipment

'SAN DIEGO (AP) - A U.S. border inspector suspected something fishy about the truckload of white sea bass headed into San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico. It was a good hunch.'

How to Roll a Joint

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Hash Oil Chocolate Chip Mint Hemp New York Cheesecake

Cooking with reefer.


Strain Review: Montreal's Jean Guy

MERNAGH.CA: Marijuana Strain Review Montreal’s Jean Guy

'Jean Guy is a strong sativa with a powerful knock you on your indica loving ass side. Glued me to my office chair chronic pain free for several hours. Though stuck to the chair my arms and hands seemed very capable of groping. Which is good because you can touch the strippers in Montreal. It’s something every tourist should do!'

CA: DA to Continue Medical Marijuana Prosecutions

'BARSTOW • A Barstow married couple arrested for marijuana cultivation during a gang sweep in September may still stand trial despite the husband’s medical marijuana recommendation and a recent California Supreme Court ruling eliminating medical marijuana possession limits.'

What Are The Best Dipensaries in L.A.?

Bootcamp - QA: What Are the Best Dispensaries in LA?

Employer Dilemma: Medical Marijuana

'When it comes to medical marijuana, Colorado employers are caught between conflicting laws.'

Drug Arrest Could Set Precedent in RI

'PROVIDENCE -- Orlando Martino has been in and out of jail a half dozen times in the last 15 years, mostly for drug possession; once for selling illegal drugs to an undercover police officer and another time, for resisting arrest after the police chased him and wrestled him to the ground.

In late October , a doctor at a Providence health clinic checked off a box on Martino’s application for a “medical marijuana card” that said he needed marijuana to “mitigate the symptoms” of a chronic and debilitating medical condition. '

Man Pleads Guilty to Marijuana Possession

'KSDK -- A 30-year-old East St. Louis man pleaded guilty Friday to charges of marijuana possession with intent to distribute the drug, according to A. Courtney Cox, US Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois.'

KY: Man Arrested in $10,000 Bust

'COLDIRON, Ky. (WATE) -- A Coldiron man was arrested Thursday when officers busted a $10,000 marijuana growing operation in Harlan and Perry counties.'

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If Government Doesn't Control Marijuana, Criminals Will

BARNIDGE: If government doesn't control marijuana, criminals will

Right now, marijuana sale and distribution is firmly in the hands of criminals. They reap the profit as well.

Top 10 Strains of 2009

HIGH TIMES: Top 10 Strains of 2009

'After rigorously testing hundreds of pot varieties all year (nice work if you can get it!), HIGH TIMES proudly unveils the annual list of our 10 favorite herb strains from around the planet. Behold our “honor roll” of the amazing cannabis that rocked our world in 2009. Then get some of these seeds, grow them out, and let us know what you think of our picks.'

Strain Review: '91 Malibu Fire

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: ‘91 Malibu Fire (Azhi)

Overall: I really enjoyed this ‘91 Malibu Fire and I have to say, it sparked my interest regarding some of the other ‘91 strains. It’d be interesting to find out how some other cuts from this 1991 OG mother came out being grown in different areas by, I’m assuming, different growers. –Azhi'

Former Running Back Under Investigation

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Former Broncos Running Back Under Investigation by DEA

'KDVR in Colorado is reporting that Reuben Droughns, former running back for the Denver Broncos (2002-2004), Cleveland Browns, and most recently the New York Giants, where he was released in 2009, is under investigation by the DEA for growing marijuana in his Centenniel, CO home. Federal agents spotted plants in an extra bedroom as they searched his house.'

AL: Medical Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE: Medical Marijuana in Alabama

Bong of The Day

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Bong of the day: 5mm Bent Neck Ice Cylinder Bong

'If you are not a smoking rookie then this bong is for you.'

Cheech and Chong on N.J.'s Blazing Trail

Get it legal!

MO to Legalize Marijuana

STUFF STONERS LIKE: BREAKING NEWS–Missouri to Legalize Marijuana

'The race is on and it looks as if Missouri might be the 15th state to legalize marijuana!'

Strain Review: Chemdog DD

JOHN DOE RADIO: Strain Review: Chemdog DD – Resevoir Seeds

'We are fortunate enough now in Colorado to be surrounded with the best genetics available in Marijuana strains. No exception to this is the Chemdog DD strain from Resevoir Seeds.'

Buying Weed vs. Growing It

MEDICAL MARIJUANA BOOTCAMP: Q & A: Buying Weed vs. Growing It

CO: Two Towns May Waive Fines for Marijuana

'LEADVILLE — Two more Colorado towns could be voting this year on whether to decriminalize marijuana possession.'

How to Make Hemp Oil

The forbidden cure.

Marijuana Magazine Has Fruitful Debut in Denver

'The woman gracing Kush Colorado's centerfold is long-limbed and lovely, but the new magazine's real star is the marijuana plant she clutches to her breast.

Billed as the "premier cannabis lifestyle magazine," the slick glossy debuted in Colorado last month, one more sign of galloping growth in the state's medical-marijuana business.

The city of Denver has more than 300 medical-marijuana dispensaries, the highest number in the nation outside California.'

CA: Judge Says Marijuana Shops Must Close

'FRESNO, Calif.—Fresno officials say one city medical marijuana dispensary is continuing to sell pot despite a Fresno County judge's ruling that such sales are not allowed.

Judge Donald Franson on Thursday made permanent an earlier decision to ban the city's nine pot shops from operating.'

George Lopez and Snoop Sell P.O.T. Brownies

George Lopez always seems high to me.

Sunlight Supply Exposed

Craziness! Can't we all just get along, or something?

Strain Review: Purple Wheelchair


'Overall: This strain had me sitting down for a few hours. Very nice herb to smoke and enjoy a good book or movie. Great for lower back pain. –Vaporizer'

Doctor's Note Won't Stop Marijuana Searches

'SEATTLE - A doctor's permission to use medical marijuana doesn't preclude police from arresting a patient or searching his home, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled Thursday.'

Debate Medical Marijuana in NC

The time is now.


Hits From The Bong

Cypress Hill's huge bong.

Ganja Game On

MERNAGH.CA: Ganja Game On

Senate Committee Passes National Criminal Justice Act

NORML: US Senate Committee Passes The National Criminal Justice Act

'Earlier this morning the United State’s Senate, Committee on Judiciary, unanimously approved Senate Bill 714, The National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009.'

Boycott Starbucks

MIKECANN.NET: Boycott Starbucks, stop funding groups fighting against medical marijuana

JDR: Volume 7, Show 3

JOHN DOE RADIO: Volume 7, Show 3

'We bring you the Executive Director of S.A.F.E.R. Mason Tvert with his opinion on recent legislation and what the group has in store for legalization in 2012 for The Mile High State of Colorado. We discuss a ton of recent national news including the NJ Medical Marijuana Bill just signed by Gov. Corzine; MPP Co-Founder Rob Kampia was suspended for three months to address issues with sexual harassment accusations and I tell you the terms of that deal. And, we also bring on Adam Hand from Washington as a correspondent for Legislative News and he fills us in on what his State is up to with legalization efforts. Arizonans efforts to fix their failed Medical Marijuana system also makes it into the chat.'

CO: Legislature Fires It Up

'Let the good times roll: The first medical-marijuana bill of Colorado’s 2010 legislative session was introduced on Wednesday.

SB 109, sponsored by Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver, aims to clarify to doctor-patient relationship involving physicians who prescribe the drug and to require any non-veteran under the age of 21 seeking a prescription to go before a new board. The bill was read across the Senate desk and assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, though it has not received a hearing date yet.'

Russian Space Narcs

CANNABIS CULTURE: Russia's Space Agency Helps Drug Police Spot Cannabis Fields

'Drug police in Russia's Far East have joined hands with the Federal Space Agency in spotting cannabis fields in the Primorye Territory, a senior drugs control official said on Thursday.'

More on Rob Kampia

MARIJUANA OBSERVER: Rob Kampia, Sexual Misconduct, and the Marijuana Movement

What is Weed?


CA: Supreme Court Rules State Law a Floor, Not a Ceiling

NORML: California Supreme Court: State’s Marijuana Possession Limits Are A Floor, Not A Ceiling

'California’s Supreme Court issued its long awaited opinion today regarding the constitutionality of state-imposed limits regarding the amount of marijuana patients may legally possess and grow.'

Strain Review: Blueberry Kush


'Overall: I’ve been smoking for quite a while now and I have a high tolerance just like some of you. But this one is very satisfying. Makes you feel like you’re flying in the wind. Having a supply of this bud is recommended. –crakin'

Mary Powers Medical Marijuana Memorial

January 20, 2010 Mary Powers Medical Marijuana Memorial and Lobby Day

Driver Pleads Guilty to Hauling 13 Tons of Weed

SPARK REPORT: Followup: Driver Pleads Guilty to Hauling 13 tons of Marijuana

Danny Danko's Grow Tips

Danny Danko, from High Times.


Marijuana Debate

Face to Face, Marijuana debate in 4 parts.

I Love Mary Jane

My Mary Jane, I love her!

The Marijuana Wars

CBS NEWS: The Marijuana Wars: Pro vs. Con

Washington House Committee Votes Down Marijuana Bills

'OLYMPIA, Wash. — Efforts to reform Washington state's marijuana laws were voted down by a House committee Wednesday.

The Public Safety Committee rejected a measure to legalize marijuana for those 21 and older, and another that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot for adults.'

San Diego Woman Gets Her Bongs Back

HAILMARYJANE.COM: San Diego Woman Never Backs Down from her Legal Right to Get High (and finally gets her Bongs back)

'Yesterday, a medical marijuana patient finally got her bongs back after a 7 month battle with the police after they were seized in June of ‘09–yea we can do arithmetic. According to Safe Access San Diego, Tiffani Kjeldergaard was busted by her probation officer as he stopped by to check on her for a prior non drug-related charge. Read the whole story after the jump.'

Campaigning Against Cannabis

How does this asshole justify being against legal weed? He talks about...tobacco!

5 Smoke Session Ideas

BAKEDLIFE.COM: 5 Smoke Session Ideas

'Here's some great ways to get high with a group of friends. There is nothing better than sharing a high with a few close stoner pals. Here are some ways you might not have tried.'

Pot Dealers Fret Over NJ Medical Marijuana Law

'NY pot smokers are already rubbing their hands together in anticipation of bridge and tunnel medical marijuana trafficking, but there's one group that's not happy about New Jersey's new law—pot dealers! "As I smoker, I think it's great. But from a business aspect, it's going to cut a lot of people," said one illegal purveyor of the drug.'

Awwww, too bad, lol.

MPP Scandal Update

HIGH TIMES: Rob Kampia steps down, as leaked emails describe funding threat at the heart of his campaign to remain in power.

Strain Review: AfroDiesel

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Strain Review - AfroDiesel

'Overall a great smoke, very enjoyable high, and well worth the money. I would for sure recommend to friends and smokers alike. –BubblinIndica'

Hemp is The Tree of Life

Stoned musician gives history lesson.

D.C. Council Proposes Medical Marijuana Legalization

'Medical marijuana will be legally available at five District locations under a plan a majority of the D.C. Council supports, moving the city closer to becoming the 15th jurisdiction nationally to distribute the drug to chronically ill patients.'

SD: Group to File Petition for Medical Marijuana

'PIERRE – Supporters plan to file petition signatures Monday to seek a statewide public vote on a proposed law that would legalize marijuana for medical purposes in South Dakota.'

MA: Why Didn't Dems Embrace Marijuana Reform?

MPP: Why Dems Lost MA Senate Seat

'To state it simply, the Democrats chose a bad candidate. They backed one of the most vocal and public opponents of the MPP-funded ballot initiative, Question 2, which decriminalized marijuana possession in Massachusetts in 2008. Question 2 was more popular than President Obama on Election Day, garnering 65% of the vote compared with the president’s 62%. All but three towns in the state supported the initiative.'

Cannabis Activist Fights for Return of Son

CANNABIS CULTURE: Child Tug-of-War Spans International Border

'...officials in that state won’t even acknowledge the existence of the Canadian child in their custody, who lives with a foster family and attends school near Eugene, Oregon.'

Traffic Stop Nets 100 Pounds of Weed

'Arizona highway patrol officers announced they seized more than 100 pounds of high-grade marijuana near Flagstaff in two traffic stops during Tuesday's snowstorm.

The Department of Public Safety estimated the street value of the drugs at about $700,000, according to a statement released by DPS.'

Does Smoking Marijuana Really Have Medical Benefits?

So the government won't let it be studied, and then says there are no studies?

BALTIMORE SUN: Does Marijuana Have Medical Benefits?

A Brief History of Weed

Class is in session, and our subject is weed!

30 Gram Joint



NH: Good Cop

NH cop refuses to arrest medical marijuana users.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

HIGH TIMES: Inner Circle’s Reality Check

"Watcha gonna do when they come for you?'

MPP's Kampia Takes Therapy Leave

NORML AUDIO STASH BLOG: MPP's Rob Kampia takes therapy leave after sexual misconduct

'The co-founder of the influential Marijuana Policy Project announced Tuesday that he is stepping down in the wake of a sexual misconduct scandal.'

MI: Lawmakers Consider Changes to Marijuana Law

'LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Patients authorized to have marijuana for medical purposes in Michigan would no longer be allowed to grow their own supply under legislation pending in the state Senate.'

Item 9

The awesomeness of Pineapple Express.

Medical Marijuana Ordinance Tentatively Passed

'In an 11-3 vote in Tuesday, the LA City Council approved the first reading of a Medical Marijuana ordinance, requiring that dispensaries be at least 1,000 feet from schools, parks, libraries and other places children congregate.'

R.I.P. Glenn Bell Jr.

MARIJUANA OBSERVER: Taco Bell Founder Dies

High Support for Medical Marijuana

ABC NEWS: 81 percent support legalizing marijuana for medical use

'Eight in 10 Americans support legalizing marijuana for medical use and nearly half favor decriminalizing the drug more generally, both far higher than a decade ago.'

Biodynamic Marijuana

Don't know what dude is talking about, (I suck at growing) but he sounds smart.

Pissed The Phuck Off

Great weed rant, and so true.

How Hemp Won The War

World War II, Government grown hemp!

Strain Review: Purple Passion


'Buzz Report: The Purple Passion is a great medical marijuana strain that is quite stunning to view as it’s color is basically filled purple with lovely sweet fruity smells.'

SC: A Ton of Weed

SPARK REPORT: More Than 2,000 Pounds of Marijuana Seized in South Carolina

Mainstream Media Highlights Medical Marijuana

NORML: Mainstream Media Highlights Medical Marijuana

'You can’t get more mainstream in the media than The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, who both highlight the growing medical acceptance of medical cannabis and the uber-political conditions placed on medical researchers who want to conduct rigorous scientific studies on cannabis’ medical efficacy and safety.'

MPP's Aaron Smith on CNBC

'The Dope on dope'? 'Here's the dope'? Give me a break, morons.

Researchers Find Study of Medical Marijuana Discouraged

'Despite the Obama administration’s tacit support of more liberal state medical marijuana laws, the federal government still discourages research into the medicinal uses of smoked marijuana. That may be one reason that — even though some patients swear by it — there is no good scientific evidence that legalizing marijuana’s use provides any benefits over current therapies.'

Man Charged with Felony for Eating Marijuana

'A man who was pulled over for not using his turn signal wound up going to jail for allegedly trying to eat a handful of marijuana.

Gainesville Police said the man would have only been charged with a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana, but was charged with the a felony for tampering with evidence when an officer saw the man put it in his mouth and start chewing.'

L.A. Council Set to Vote on Marijuana Ordinance

'The Los Angeles City Council is poised to vote on a medical marijuana ordinance after months of hammering out criteria that would shutter hundreds of dispensaries.'


Cops and Clergy on The War on Drugs

Coming together and talking sense.

It's Official in New Jersey

AP: New Jersey Medical Marijuana Bill Signed Into Law

'TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine has signed legislation granting chronically ill patients legal access to marijuana.

Corzine's office said the governor signed the bill late Monday, his last full day in office. Gov.-elect Chris Christie will be sworn in Tuesday.'

Court Rules DEA Can Use Tracking Devices

'PORTLAND — A federal appeals court has ruled that mobile tracking devices can be attached to suspect vehicles as part of a marijuana investigation in Oregon.'

How to Hide Your Weed and Talk to Cops

Great stuff every stoner should know!

Half-Ton of Weed

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Half-Ton Pot Stash Washes Ashore

Strain Review: Blue Cheese

JOHN DOE RADIO: Strain Review - Blue Cheese - Barney's Farm

'The famous Skunk #1 “Cheese” pheno bred through the original Blueberry line. Easy to grow. Yields maximum with a pronounced skunky-cheese aroma and taste. This plant grows short and stocky with strong side branches of resin filled buds. The effect is powerful, stony and comforting.'

CelebStoners at Golden Globes

CELEBSTONER: CelebStoners Win Golden Globes

The Principle of Pot

'Just after midnight tonight, Ontario lawyer Paul McKeever will release Part 1 of "The Principle of Pot", his new two-part documentary about the nature and motives of Marc Emery, the media-dubbed Prince of Pot.'

'The launch is timed to precede a decision by Canada's federal justice minister, Rob Nicholson, about whether or not to approve the extradition of Emery to the United States, where he faces years of imprisonment for having sold cannabis seeds, in Vancouver, Canada, via mail order. The Minister's decision is expected within the next 81 days.'

CA: San Jose Medical Marijuana Crackdown

'SAN JOSE, Calif.—San Jose officials are cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries that are popping up like weeds around the city.'

Trip to Roor HQ

Awesome videos of a trip to the Roor Bong factory.

NJ Medical Marijuana Law Overlooks Many in Pain

ABC NEWS: New Jersey Medical Marijuana Law Overlooks Many in Pain

'New Jersey's outgoing Gov. Jon Corzine will sign into law Tuesday the most restrictive medical marijuana law in the country, one that won't allow people like O'Brien to access legally the one medication that makes their lives bearable.'

Kottonmouth Kings at Seattle Hempfest

'I'm gonna smoke weed, for the rest of my life'

The Wonderful Hemp

With Spanish subtitles.

Gunshot Victim Struggles to Obtain Medical Marijuana

'MONTPELIER – Ian Rhein has no problem finding drugs. The problem is getting his hands on the one that actually makes him feel better.

A bullet lodged in the St. Johnsbury man's back – deposited almost 20 years ago from a gun shot by his mother's abusive ex-boyfriend – causes severe and chronic pain. The suffering has earned him a steady supply of doctor-prescribed opiate painkillers. Rhein, though, despite being on the state's medical-marijuana registry, can't access the cannabis that provides true relief.'

Robbed by Border Patrol

This stuff happens all the time!

Buzz Kill

STONE ZONE SHOW: Buzz Kill #247


Blazing in New Jersey

NJ.COM: Medical Marijuana Law Ready to Burn in NJ

'This week Gov. Jon Corzine is expected to sign into law a measure that will allow for the use of marijuana as prescribed by physicians. It will also give the Garden State a green crop of another kind Ð legal weed, making it the 14th state in the nation to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes.'

3 Arrested in Medical Marijuana Bust

'BRIGHTON, Colo. (AP) — A Brighton chiropractor and two other people have been arrested for distributing marijuana after police say 100 people gathered at a makeshift medical-marijuana dispensary.'

Sick 420 Freestyle

Cartoon stylin'!