Miss High Times Hopeful: blueblazedeyes

MISS HIGH TIMES: blueblazedeyes

'My friends call me Ray, cause I keep shinning ;)
What’s not to love? Atlanta chick always down to blaze a fattyyy. I am currently a student and plan to get a business or pharmaceutical degree in hopes of opening my own dispensary one day. LEGALIZE!'

Drug War Chronicle Video Review: "10 Rules for Dealing With Police"

'"10 Rules" will help the both the entirely innocent and those guilty of nothing more of possessing drugs in violation of our contemptible drug laws reduce the harm of their run-ins with police. Not that it encourages the violation of any laws -- it doesn't -- but it does clearly, concisely, and effectively explain what people can do to exercise their constitutional rights while keeping their cool, in the process protecting themselves from police who may not have their best interests in mind.'

CA: Fresno Marijuana Clinic Pledges to Keep Selling

'FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The operator of Fresno marijuana dispensary is pledging to continue selling marijuana even after a being found guilty of violating a court order banning him from selling the drug.'

NORML Ad Makes its Debut


'Since HMJ covered this story with 3 stories already (here, here and here), we thought it only fair to give you the conclusion. '

Decriminalizing Marijuana - Connecticut

Every state is a victory.

AZ: Backers of Medical Pot Want Workers Shielded

'PHOENIX - Arizona workers who use medical marijuana - should voters approve use of the drug in November - won't have to worry about being fired for testing positive at work.'

Strain Review: NY Purple Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: NY Purple Kush From Private Dealer (Heavyhitter88)

'Overall: A very delicious and potent strain that always made me want to smoke more of it. I just loved this strain so much, it brings tears of joy to my eyes just remembering it. One of the tastiest strains I have ever had.'

Ganja Girl Montage

Hot chicks and weed, does it get any better?

Building the Perfect Indoor Aeroponic Marijuana Garden System

The song sucks, but hopefully you learn something.

Anderson Cooper Get Smoked By A Stupid Stoner

Go Cheech!

Weed Is The Best


Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington Continues True Confessions

'A day after acknowledging he failed a drug test for cocaine last year, Texas manager Ron Washington admits he used marijuana and amphetamines while he was a player.'

81-Year-Old Man Admits To Selling Marijuana

'Griggs also told deputies he used his Oldsmobile to meet people to sell them the drug.'

Go pops.


In Mile High City, Weed Sparks Up a Counterculture Clash

'His beef: Mr. Edson is in the vanguard of an aggressive movement to make pot respectable —but decades of stoner culture keep dragging him down.'

What Do Cops Do With Confiscated Marijuana?

THE WEED BLOG: What Do Cops Do With Confiscated Marijuana?

'I read a great article today that highlights the process behind confiscated marijuana (see link). Although it is a sad story to read about, it also answered a lot of questions that people have. I vividly remember when I was a teenager, watching a news broadcast of the cops burning huge piles of confiscated weed, and thinking ‘I wish I was the guy standing next to that pile.’'

Suicide Girls Love Weed

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Suicide Girls Love Weed

'Anyway, here are some more awesome pics of tatted and pierced up hotties smoking weed.'

Drug Cops Kill Two in Two Days in Drug Raids

CANNABIS CULTURE: Drug Cops Kill Two in Two Days in Drug Raids

'One was a 52-year-old white grandmother; the other was a 43-year-old black man. Both allegedly confronted home-invading officers with weapons; both were shot to death. No police officers were injured.'

Why Students Hold The Key To Ending Marijuana Prohibition

NORML: Why Students Hold The Key To Ending Marijuana Prohibition

'The following speech was given by NORML’s Deputy Director before nearly 500 attendees on Saturday, March 13, at the opening plenary of Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s 11th International Conference, at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. To read full coverage of the conference, please see DRCNet’s report here.'

45 Pounds of Marijuana Land at Detroit Airport

'(AP) — ROMULUS, Mich. - Authorities say a man grabbed two bags containing 45 pounds of marijuana from a luggage carousel at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.'

Strain Review: Grapevine Purple Plant

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Grapevine Purple Plant From Private Dealer (Kush2Push)

'Overall: Great smoke that you will rarely get tired of. A few of the nugs were completely purple – kept those for a rainy day. I still can’t get over the lack of hairs on this particular plant. Either way, very impressed and very close to an A. –Kush2Push'

OUTRAGE: MS Patient Gets 5 Years For Medical Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: OUTRAGE: MS Patient Gets 5 Years For Medical Marijuana

'A New Jersey man with multiple sclerosis was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for growing marijuana -- which he said was for medicinal purposes -- in his back yard.'

We can all breathe easier now, this animal is off the streets!

HIGH TIMES Interview with Actor Edward Norton in the May 2010 Issue

HIGH TIMES: HIGH TIMES Interview with Actor Edward Norton in the May 2010 Issue

My favorite actor of all time...even before this.

CNN iReport: Cannabis Culture Headquarters

Free Marc Emery!

580 Pounds of Marijuana Seized at Calif.-AZ Border

'A search of the semi revealed about 580 pounds of marijuana hidden inside the truck's sleeping area. Authorities say the drug had an estimated street value of $464,000.'

First Time High by Reggie Watts

I didn't get high the first time either.

Boulder, CO Votes to Keep Dispensary Regulations until July

THE WEED BLOG: Boulder, CO Votes to Keep Dispensary Regulations until July

'The City Council of Boulder, CO voted unanimously yesterday to keep temporary regulations on dispensaries in place thru July 7th.'

Five Teens Busted Smoking Pot In Sheriff's Parking Lot

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Five Teens Busted Smoking Pot In Sheriff's Parking Lot

'Five teens on a spring break road trip to Corpus Christie were caught smoking pot in a sheriff's department parking lot Friday night in Roswell, New Mexico.'


Maine Proposal Allows 8 Marijuana Dispensaries

'AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) ― A legislative committee trying to implement Maine's new medical marijuana law has agreed on a plan that allows up to eight medical marijuana dispensaries across the state.'

L.A. Police Say Marijuana Dispensaries a Failed Idea

'WAILUKU — Hawai'i could see an increase in crime and other economic fallout if it legalizes medical marijuana dispensaries and softens medical marijuana laws, two Los Angeles police officers told the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Summit.'

Wow, our movement must be in trouble if people as credible as Los Angeles Police Officers are speaking out against us...

Strain Review: Purple Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Purple Kush From Private Dealer (SantaCruzMts)

'Overall: I would be lucky if I had access to this grower’s Purple Kush all of the time. It’s a winner!

A lot people might pass this one up because it is not as dense as most of the bud we are used to seeing these days, but they would be in error because it is really stoney and tasty. It is exceptionally well grown, flushed, and cured weed.

I happen to have a little inside info on this crop and believe it or not it was grown under a 400 watt light. Amazing huh? You can have high quality nuggets without a one million dollar a month power bill! –SantaCruzMts'

Legalizing Marijuana: Washington

Opponents always say that legalizing pot will make health care costs go up. Based on what?


Loud Sex Enough for Cops to Search Your Home, Court Rules

'For Brian McGacken of Farmingdale, New Jersey, an evening of loud sex resulted in a 10-year prison sentence for growing marijuana.'

GA: Atlanta Police Seize $1.2 Million in Marijuana

'ATLANTA (AP) - Atlanta Police have seized more than 700 marijuana plants in various stages of growth, more than 6 lbs of cultivated marijuana and several packages of hashish all valued at $1.2 million.'

Hot Stoner Chick St. Patrick's Day Bong Hits

Happy Green Day!

Craig X Headed For Jail Despite Dropped Charges

CANNABIS CULTURE: Craig X Headed For Jail Despite Dropped Charges

'Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the only one who can help Craig X with a pardon - CALL the Gov's office at (916-445-2841 ext. 6) and tell them you support Craig X Rubin!'

California Man Arrested For Pot Twice In One Night

TOKE OF THE TOWN: California Man Arrested For Pot Twice In One Night

'A Santa Rosa, California man was arrested twice Wednesday night -- first when he was pulled over for expired registration and police found marijuana and $55,000 in the car, and later when he bailed out of jail and came home to find a squad of detectives raiding his house, where they seized pot plants, a stolen handgun and "other evidence," according to police.'

Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana from Olivier Loranger Gagnon on Vimeo.


Marijuana PSA

Marijuana PSA from Garret salazar on Vimeo.

O to the M to the G.

Strain Review: Medicine Man

EMERALD HERB: Medicine Man

'Here is some insight into the chronic of chronic, known as Medicine Man.'

Strain Review: Diesel Ryder


'This long awaited autoflowering marijuana strain is a potent, extremely resinous and tasty.'

Marijuana: Good or Evil?

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Marijuana: Good or Evil?

'Okay folks. Welcome to my debut and feature on HMJ! This is my first time on here, and I’m happy to be writing for such a unique site, thanks to my friend Lenny!'

CelebStoner's Guide to Mailing Marijuana

CELEBSTONER: CelebStoner's Guide to Mailing Marijuana

'The U.S. Postal Service is the most popular way to ship pot. Last year, inspectors seized more than 40,000 pounds, an increase of 180% from 2008. Over 3,600 packages were confiscated and 1,278 were people busted for mailing marijuana.'

MPP: Boycott Wal-Mart

Fuck Wal-Mart.

Cannabis Jello Shots

THE CANNABIS CHEF: Cannabis Jello Shots

'Description: Jello shot's that get you high! Try this green dragon based treat at your next party! theCannabisChef.com Original!'

Should Veterans Be Allowed Medical Marijuana To Treat PTSD?

Ummm, yes.

Strain Review: Royal Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Royal Kush From Discount Relief Collective (Vaporizer)

'Overall: A kush for all the kush lovers. The smell is so captivating. Mmmm. –Vaporizer'

GA: Suspect in Marijuana Bust Bites Deputy

'A suspect is being held at the Coweta County Jail after authorities say he bit a deputy's arm as that officer was attempting to arrest him for having a substantial amount of marijuana.'

VA: Workers Unwittingly Unload 1,840 Pounds of Marijuana

'VERONA -- Workers at a Virginia company that makes blades and cutting tools were surprised Tuesday to receive a shipment of 1,840 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $2 million.'


A Marijuana History - Narrated by Woody Harrelson

Part 1.

Eugene Davidovich: San Diego Medical Marijuana Trial Day 1

From the source.

420 Girls: Cassidey Rae & Brynn Tyler (Nudity)

420 GIRLS: Cassidey Rae & Brynn Tyler

'Brynn says, "Marijuana helps me if I'm depressed better than any pill I have ever been prescribed and the only side effect is munchies, so you really can't go wrong. It's gotten me through some hard times."'

Celebrity Activist Wages L.A. Pot Battles, Seeks Solitude in Sierra

'These days, Shuman lives two distinctly different lives. In Southern California, she is the executive director of the Beverly Hills chapter of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws - and a raw-voiced speaker who railed against Los Angeles' crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries "as someone who is going to die."'

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

HIGH TIMES: High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

'The first annual HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco will include prizes for the best and most medicinal cannabis, hashish and edibles from Californias legal medical marijuana dispensaries.'

TN: Head Medical Examiner Arrested in Mississippi on Marijuana Charge

'NASHVILLE, TENN. — Tennessee's head Medical Examiner Dr. Bruce Levy was arrested in Mississippi and charged with felony marijuana possession after investigators found a package of pot with his name on it and more of the drug at his hotel room, authorities said Wednesday.'

Attorney: Marijuana May Not Impair Driving Ability At All

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Attorney: Marijuana May Not Impair Driving Ability At All

'Does marijuana really affect your ability to drive safely? An Orange County, California attorney says there's evidence to show it doesn't -- and testing for the presence of marijuana doesn't measure impairment, anyway.'

Call For Wal-Mart Boycott Yields Small Victory

PATIENTS FOR MEDICAL CANNABIS: Call For Wal-Mart Boycott Yields Small Victory

'A Wal-Mart spokesperson has told Fox News that the company is no longer challenging Casias’s eligibility for unemployment, reversing the despicable stance it took before news of the firing made national headlines.'

Marijuana Drug of Choice in Canadian Military Ranks

'OTTAWAMarijuana is the illegal drug of choice in the Canadian Forces, according to the first random tests of the entire military.'

San Diego Marijuana Defendant Covering His Own Trial

'If anyone needs to know what is happening in his trial, currently unfolding in a San Diego court room, the 29-year-old Naval veteran is ready with video, text and whatever relevant web links you may need.'

Empire State of Marijuana

CELEBSTONER: Empire State of Marijuana

'As NORML's "Money Can Grow on Trees" ad began lighting up Times Square today, a 15% increase in New York City pot arrests was announced at a high noon press conference and rally at City Hall featuring NORML's Allen St. Pierre, Dr. Harry Levine, Dr. Julie Holland, Dana Beal and Doug Greene.'

FoxNews.com: Are U.S. Pot Laws The Root Cause Of Mexican Drug Violence?

NORML: FoxNews.com: Are U.S. Pot Laws The Root Cause Of Mexican Drug Violence?

'It was less than one year ago when acting U.S. DEA administrator Michelle Leonhart publicly declared that the escalating violence on the U.S./Mexico border should be viewed as a sign of the “success” of America’s drug war strategies.'

Violence Prompts Debate Over Medical Marijuana

'SEATTLE — A shooting and a beating death linked to medical marijuana have prompted new calls by law enforcement officials and marijuana advocates for Washington State to change how it regulates the drug and protects those who grow and use it.'

Medical Marijuana Inc Forms Medical Products Division and Research Committee

'Medical Marijuana Inc (PINKSHEETS: MJNA) is pleased to announce that Stuart W. Titus, PhD has been selected to head the Medical Marijuana Inc Search Committee to formulate a full-scale Medical Products Division. This Division's focus is to research and develop the medicinal, health and wellness benefits of a variety of cannabis-based products.'

Cops: Stoned Dad Leaves Baby in Oven

'Police say Larry Long smoked marijuana at his work Sunday night before going home. Once he got back to his house, Long and the child's mother, Brandy Hatton, drank about a fifth of whiskey.'

Are you kidding me? Him and his wife drink A FIFTH OF WHISKEY, and the article calls him STONED? Well, I know whiskey always gets me STONED off my ass!

Later in the article this dude says he thinks his weed was laced...yeah, with WHISKEY!

Strain Review: NYC Diesel

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: NYC Diesel From Private Dealer (amannamedtruth)

'Overall: This is some of my favorite bud, as well. I can smoke this all day, bring it to parties and still feel like talking to people and whenever it get passed around at the show, I hear a “f*@K yeah, that’s the flavor of real weed” haha.'

John Stossel Vs. Bill O'Reilly

Making it legal puts it in stores and not on the streets, where kids can get it.

Grandmother Sees Jesus on Brick of Hash

STUFF STONERS LIKE: Grandmother Sees Jesus on Brick of Hash

'Behold the awesome power of weed! When Mary Jo Hein saw Jesus Christ on a brick of hash, she nearly fainted. No, not because of her medical condition, she suffers with MS, but because she felt she had been graced by the touch of God.'


Marc Emery on CBC's Power and Politics

Free Marc Emery!!

Hot Chick Hitting The Bong

Nice production quality. And nice tits.

Study Shows More Kids Using Inhalants Than Smoking Marijuana

SPARK REPORT: Study Shows More Kids Using Inhalants Than Smoking Marijuana

'A new study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that more 12-year-olds in the U.S are getting high by sniffing inhalants than by smoking marijuana. Easy to obtain products like glue, air fresheners, computer cleaners, and nail polish are the most popular choice of inhalants but some kids will even resort to huffing freeon from air conditioners.'

NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

NORML: NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

'Lawmakers around the country are debating a record number of marijuana law reform bills in 2010. NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up is your one-stop guide to pending marijuana law reform legislation around the country, along with tips for influencing the policies of your state.'

Is America Ready to Legalize Marijuana?

We are more than ready, let's do this.

Strain Review: Dutch Treat

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Dutch Treat from The Kind Room (DenverNugs)

'Overall: Lived up to all of my expectations at first toke. It was recommended to me by the nice lady at the Kind Room who said that they just got it in and it’s been pretty popular. It seemed to be the best looking bud out of all of the strains they had in stock so I couldn’t resist picking up an 8th. A friend of mine also picked up a gram of it.

This is easily a new favorite for me and I hardly think that this won’t be in my piece again. Don’t pass on it. ;) –DenverNugs'

SSDP Takes San Francisco

HIGH TIMES: SSDP Takes San Francisco

'Students for Sensible Drug Policy brings 500 young activists to the “epicenter” of marijuana law reform at their 11th Annual International Conference.'

Is it OK to Have Medical Marijuana at a Police Station?

'At the root of the dispute: Can Oregon's 26,000 registered medical marijuana users carry the drug with them wherever they go? '

Miss High Times Hopeful: EM(ily)


Another random Miss HT hopeful, check her out and vote.

Marijuana Should Only Be A Civil Fine, At Most

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Marijuana Should Only Be A Civil Fine, At Most

Seattle Man Changes His Name To 'Fuck The Drug War'

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Seattle Man Changes His Name To 'Fuck The Drug War'

'A King County, Washington resident has legally changed his name to "Fuck The Drug War."'

U.S. Border Patrol Stole $7,000 And My Medical Marijuana on 1/14/2010 – Update

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: U.S. Border Patrol Stole $7,000 And My Medical Marijuana on 1/14/2010 – Part 2

'I know it’s not the outcome that many of you were hoping for but here is a video update on what happened between me and the U.S. Border Patrol in January.'

The Marijuana Policy Project Calls for Walmart Boycott

'The national Marijuana Policy Project contacted Joseph Casias after learning about his story on WZZM 13. Casias is 29 years old and survived sinus cancer. He also suffers from an inoperable brain tumor. He has legal permission through the State of Michigan to use medical marijuana to help him cope with pain.'

You've Got Mail: Marijuana Shipments Skyrocket

'According to U.S. government officials, more marijuana is now being shipped through the U.S. Mail than in recent memory. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, whose seizures of marijuana parcels have increased by more than 400 percent since 2007, says increased seizures almost always indicate a much larger crop being shipped.'

Oh Wally World - I Have an Idea

EMERALD HERB: Oh Wally World - I Have an Idea

'What if Wal-Mart were to invest a portion of it's funds, purchase a large amount of land in the United States, and employ people to grow and manufacture hemp products to sell in their stores? How much of an impact could that have on the United States?'

NORML Calls For A Greener, Cleaner and Safer St. Patrick’s Day

NORML: NORML Calls For A Greener, Cleaner and Safer St. Patrick’s Day

'Empire State NORML and noted speakers come downtown for a press conference concerned about social and property damage associated with St. Patrick’s Day Calling for marijuana to be recognized as a safer alternative to alcohol.'

Strain Review: Skunk

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Skunk From Private Dealer (NCsmoker89)

'Overall: Great bud! I first bought an eighth, but after hitting the bubbler a few times I had to go back, so I went and got a half O. Which half of it was one HUGE bud.

No matter how many times I smoke throughout the day I always feel the same high every time. I would have given it an A+ but it didn’t last as long as i think an A+ bud should last. –NCsmoker89 '

Canadian Politicians Present Thousands of Signatures In Support of Marc Emery

CANNABIS CULTURE: Canadian Politicians Present Thousands of Signatures In Support of Marc Emery

'Members of Parliament from the Liberal, New Democratic, and Conservative Parties of Canada presented petitions today to the House of Commons with over 12,000 signatures asking the Minister of Justice to stop the extradition of marijuana activist Marc Emery.'


L.A. District Attorney Steven Cooley Drops Marijuana Charges Against Temple 420

'LOS ANGELES, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Former candidate for mayor and founder of ProfitfromPot(.com), Pastor Craig Rubin, was arrested at temple on October 22, 2009 for a second time in what was a “politically motivated” police action. The District Attorney’s office had been pushing to put Pastor Rubin behind bars for years now, claims Rubin. Months later DA Cooley has decided to drop all charges because Rubin is going to jail anyway — unless he can get the public’s help.'

Police Seize $8 Million Dollars Worth of Marijuana

'Police seized more than 1,200 lbs of marijuana worth about $8 million dollars from the shop in the 1500 block of West 46th St.'

L.A. Marijuana Dispensaries Fall Short in Referendum Signature Drive, But Say They'll Seek Extension

'A group of Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries that hoped to persuade voters to reject the city's new ordinance has failed to collect enough signatures to force a referendum.'

Legalizing Marijuana Is America’s Top Political Issue — Again

NORML: Legalizing Marijuana Is America’s Top Political Issue — Again

'To the surprise of virtually no one who has been following public opinion polls for the past 18 months, the call to “legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana” placed #1 in the 2010 Change.org online vote for the “Top 10 Ideas for Change in America.”'

How Weed Works in Your Brain

This is some hardcore shit.

Sample Medical Marijuana Menu

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Sample Medical Marijuana Menu

'If you are one of the unfortunate souls (like myself) who wasn’t blessed to be born in one of the states where medical marijuana has been available for a long time, this post is for you.'

WA: Medical Pot Patient Robbed, Beaten; Cops Take Plants While He's Dying

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Medical Pot Patient Robbed, Beaten; Cops Take Plants While He's Dying

'A Washington medical marijuana patient has died after being attacked by robbers who were after his pot crop. When local police were called to the scene, rather than investigating the assault, they started questioning mortally injured Michael Shane Howard about how many plants he had.'

Wal-Mart Fires Medical Marijuana Patient

HIGH TIMES: Wal-Mart Fires Medical Marijuana Patient

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

How to Make Tax Free Money in the Pot Industry

STUFF STONERS LIKE: How to Make Tax Free Money in the Pot Industry

'Like there’s a ton of green to be made and clipped in the marijuana industry. And, the best thing about it is that it’s all completely tax-free! And tax free money, shit anything free really, falls in the same category as Black Sabbath, Oreos and bong hits…as Stuff Stoners Like!'

DEA Raid on Marijuana Ministry and Homes in Hawaii


MI: Rally for Fired Medical Marijuana Patient

Until the policy is changed.

US Tubes Glass Bong

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: US Tubes Glass Bong (throwitallaway)

'Comments: This company makes several variations of simple and effective tubes, with extraordinary craftsmanship – as well as more complex setups now. Whenever anyone checks this tube out they remark on how thick and heavy it is, and how the joint appears to be unbreakable. It’s the thickest joint you’ll see on any glass on glass tube anywhere, that’s for sure.'


IL: Anti-Blunt Marijuana Wrap Legislation Pushed

'Clergy and cops backed a ban being pushed in the General Assembly to classify blunt wraps -- a tobacco leaf often used to roll marijuana -- as drug paraphernalia.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: rainydaywmn1235

MISS HIGH TIMES: rainydaywmn1235

'student/aspiring model/musician i hate drama but that doesnt stop me from loving to have a good time and i LOVE getting stoned!'

From now on, whenever I feel like it, I'm going to post the profile of a Miss High Times Hopeful. She will be picked at random. Should be good for traffic lol.

Central Connecticut State University NORML

THE WEED BLOG: Sunday Interview – Central Connecticut State University NORML

'This is weeks interview is with Ross Martowski, Executive Director of the NORML chapter at Central Connecticut State University.'

Historical Facts About Marijuana And Hemp

A shit-ton of great info.

Can Hemp Replace Trees As A Major Source For Paper?

What they don't want you to know.

Ending The 'War on Drugs'

Prohibition doesn't work, on ANY drugs.

California Moves To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

This is it, November 2010. Go CA!

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Strain Review: Big Wreck


'Big Wreck slows down to bullet time without loss of reflex control Ideal video game weed. The marijuana strain makes the wait for the cannabis championship match much more pleasant.'

CO: Police Find 337 Marijuana Plants In Home

'Police called about a domestic-violence situation discovered 337 marijuana plants in an Edgewater home on Sunday.'

Marijuana Pwns The Internet

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marijuana Pwns The Internet

'Yes, the Pot People run this digital bitch.'

MT: Battle Over Medical Marijuana Ads

'BILLINGS - There is a battle brewing between television and radio stations and medical marijuana providers nationwide over the selling of advertising space.'

CA: Group Pushes Back Against Medical Marijuana Law

'Seeking to overturn the city's medical marijuana ordinance even before it takes effect, a loose-knit coalition of Los Angeles collectives is quietly gathering signatures to force a referendum on the law.'

Research Shows Smoking Marijuana In Rehab Is Okay

PATIENTS FOR MEDICAL CANNABIS: Research Shows Smoking Marijuana In Rehab Is Okay

'Dr. Drew would keel over at the notion, but a study published March 5 in the Harm Reduction Journal suggests that it’s okay smoke weed while trying to ween yourself off other drugs.'

Drug War Victims: Jeffre and Alice Sanderson

MPP: Jeffre and Alice Sanderson

'Unfortunately, the federal government did not recognize Californias medical marijuana laws, and soon the U.S. Attorneys office arrested Sanderson and Wiegand, charging them for growing the plants in violation of federal law. During the ensuing turmoil, the couples baby son, Jaime, was placed with Child Protective Services. Jeffre and Alice temporarily reclaimed Jaime after being bailed out; soon after they also gave birth to a second son, Jahson. But the following year, when Jeffre was again arrested for cultivating a new crop of marijuana, both children were taken from the couple in October 2007 and placed in CPS. In November, a federal judge ruled against Jeffre, and the couple was forced to make a plea deal in which they forfeited their home and farm. Jeffre pled guilty to cultivating less than 80 kilograms of marijuana. Alice pled guilty to conspiracy to cultivate.'

Strain Review: Acapulco Gold


'The Acapulco Gold from Dr. Greenthumb was some of the weakest bud I've smoked. The potency is very poor. You have to smoke alot of this stuff to catch a good buzz.'

CA: School of Pot Opens in Sunset Beach

'SUNSET BEACH-Orange County residents now have a place to go to learn how to cook, smoke and buy medical marijuana.'

WA: Gregoire Expected to Sign Bill Allowing More to Authorize Medical Marijuana

' — Gov. Christine Gregoire is expected to sign a bill that will give more health care professionals the authority to recommend medical marijuana to qualified users in the state.'

355 R.I. Doctors Have Approved Medical Marijuana

'The Rhode Island Department of Health has made public a list of the 355 doctors who have signed applications for their patients to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.'

Strain Review: DJ Short’s Flo

JOHN DOE RADIO: Strain Review: DJ Short’s Flo (DJ Short Seeds)

'Right off the bat you know you are dealing with Flo by the distinct smell this wonderful bud has. It’s sort of a cool mentholy type flavor and smell.'

Importance of Properly Curing

MARIJUANA WIKIPEDIA: Importance of Properly Curing

Yet a little patience and restraint would result in a much more potent marijuana plant. Sometimes as little as seven days can be the difference from amazing weed and terrible toke.'

Strain Review: White Widow

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: White Widow From Private Dealer (creekush)

'Overall: Fantastic strain of weed that got me incredibly high. I’m no light smoker either, so this was some potent herb. –creekush'

Nationwide Boycott! WalMart Fired Cancer Patient For Medical Marijuana; Protest Sunday

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Nationwide Boycott! WalMart Fired Cancer Patient For Medical Marijuana; Protest Sunday

'WalMart pulled a major bonehead move this week when it sacked a cancer patient -- a former Associate of the Year -- for following his doctor's advice and using medical marijuana, which is perfectly legal in Michigan. As a direct result, medical marijuana advocates are now organizing a nationwide boycott of the retail giant.'