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The Stoner Jesus Show - May Recap

Another crazy month in Stoner Jesus Show history - we raised someone from the dead and returned to live broadcasting. Stoner Jesus' longtime sidekick St. Peter returned from self-imposed exile in an apartment above a strip club, where he lived with a one-legged stripper known for the cool patterns made by the bullet-hold scars on her body.

Below are links to all the shows from the month, with summaries so you can avoid the episodes you think might suck...but none of them suck...would Stoner Jesus lie to you?

The Stoner Jesus Show LIVE - Memorial Day Special [#20]
We recorded our Memorial Day Special Live! SJ and St. Peter were in the studio playing some great music, discussing "Odd News," and SJ played his favorite prank call done for the show so far. The Show is brought to you by THCFinder.com. Email the show at stonerjesus420@gmail.com.

The Stoner Jesus Show LIVE! - What Happened To The Rapture? [#19]
We did another kick ass live podcast, with great tunes, a Stoner Jesus Home Schooling Geography Lesson that St. Peter screwed up, St. Peter got up to dance to weird techno music near the end of the show, and SJ told you what happened to The Rapture.

The Stoner Jesus Show LIVE! - The Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview [#18]
We did podcast #18 LIVE! It includes "Weed News" from The 420 Times and an awesome interview with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

The Stoner Jesus Show - The Resurrection Of Bill Hicks [#17]
Another groundbreaking podcast from the people who brought you the 1984 Special Olympics! We played great songs, did "World News," an Infomercial for Drugdealerlocator.com, and Stoner Jesus brought Comedian Bill Hicks back from the dead to do an old stand-up routine.

The Stoner Jesus Show - The Return Of St. Peter [#16]
Stoner Jesus' longtime sidekick St. Peter has returned, big black box on his neck and all! The whole crew was celebrating @thevampireraven's birthday, plus we did "Weed News" from The 420 Times, an infomercial for St. Peter's Edible Panties, and played some great tunes.

The Stoner Jesus Show- The President Obama Interview [#15]
Osama Bin Laden is dead, and we interviewed the Man of The Hour, President Barack Obama. We also played Fu*k, Marry, Kill, and some great music.

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- Stoner Jesus