Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 420

CELEBSTONER: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 420

'April is 420 Month at CelebStoner... 17 days and counting!'

Drug Tests Shouldn’t Weed Out Pot Use

CANNABIS CULTURE: Drug Tests Shouldn’t Weed Out Pot Use

'Give me your urine. And no, it's not for some weird fetish of mine. The reason I'm asking for your liquid waste has to do with my attempts at finding employment this summer.'

Kayden420 Celebrates Easter with Eggs & Bakin'

Happy Easter!

THC Percentages on the Rise. But What the Hell do They Mean?

HAILMARYJANE.COM: THC Percentages on the rise. But what the hell do they mean? And do they matter?

'As an avid stoner and a medicinal marijuana grower I am constantly bombarded by statistics of the latest and greatest strains. With dispensaries, clubs, and your neighborhood dealer all telling you their shit is the best and citing 20% plus figures of THC content it is important to ask the question, 20% of what? And does it matter?'

Hash Bash Attracts Thousands

'Thousands of marijuana proponents, many of them openly smoking, crowded the University of Michigan’s Diag plaza today for the 39th Annual Hash Bash, which was scheduled from noon to 1 p.m. today.'

Seahawks LB Leroy Hill Pleads Guilty to Marijuana Possession

'Seahawks starting linebacker Leroy Hill has received 12 months of probation in Georgia after pleading guilty to a charge of marijuana possession stemming from a January 2009 traffic stop in suburban Atlanta.'

Girls With Weed (82 Pics)

THE DAILY SMOKER: Girls with weed

Nice gallery.

Strain Review: SD Hogs Breath

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: SD Hogs Breath From South Coast Patients Center (IE420Patient)

'Overall: This was a very energetic high for me. Hits you in the head first and before you know it, your whole body is buzzin’. I knocked out all kinds of work while medicated on this one! This is a solid Sativa for sure. '

Cops Attack Ex-Cop Turned Marijuana Activist Barry Cooper

We all need to support the Coopers.

Buzzkillers Aim to Kill Cannabis Initiative

CANNABIS CULTURE: Buzzkillers Aim to Kill Cannabis Initiative

'The, ahem, grass-roots movement (shouldn't that be grass-killing movement?) understands legalization proponents plan to spend $20 million on television ads to educate the masses. They hope CALM can try to match this through small donations from thousands of spoil sports.'

Marijuana Convention in Denver

Cypress Hill!


New York City Pot Arrests Soar To Near-Record In 2009

TOKE O THE TOWN: New York City Pot Arrests Soar To Near-Record In 2009

'New York Police Department officers made more than 46,000 arrests in 2009 for marijuana possession in public, second highest in the Big Apple's history, according to statistics from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.'

Sen. Boxer Opposes California Initiative To Full Legalizing Marijuana

'Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) does not support a push to fully legalize marijuana in California, an initiative she will share the ballot with this fall. As we reported earlier, California voters will decide whether to legalize -- and tax -- marijuana. The state already allows for medicinal marijuana use.'

Marijuana Radio: Michael Lerner and Adam

MARIJUANA RADIO: Michael Lerner and Adam

'Tonight was a super fun time. Early on, we welcomed Michael Lerner, Publisher of Kush Magazine and Dailybuds in our studio.'

The Push to Legalize Marijuana: It's Real

'You may have heard there's a push to legalize marijuana in California. You may not have heard that it's for real.'

Popular Outdoor Writer Arrested For Weed... In Weed

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Popular Outdoor Writer Arrested For Weed... In Weed

'Well-known outdoor author Tom Stienstra has been arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana for sale, according to the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office.'


Update: No charges filed for outdoors writer busted for weed in Weed

420 Girl: Melissa Jacobs (Nudity)

420 GIRLS: Melissa Jacobs

'...Melissa Jacobs who says, "I smoke Marijuana because I enjoy it! I love the effect I get...how I feel, how it calms me...what's not to love?"'

The Most Important Fact About Weed Ever


Strain Review: Pole Cat

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Pole Cat From Homegrow (stak)

'Overall: I was told the Pole Cat only comes around once a year, if that. A unique strain that I am glad I had come across.'

New Study Further Debunks Marijuana-Cancer Link

MPP: New Study Further Debunks Marijuana-Cancer Link

'Prohibitionists continue to shout whatever they can to frighten voters. As more and more U.S. citizens realize that current marijuana laws do more harm than good, the misinformation is going to get stranger and stranger. Just watch.'

San Francisco…The New Amsterdam?

HAILMARYJANE.COM: San Francisco…The New Amsterdam?

'I just finished reading Tyrel’s Pot Expo post and thought that I would remind you guys about the High Times 1st Medical Cannabis Cup. This 2-day (June 19-20) event is said to be hosted at the Terra in San Francisco which looks like quite a fancy venue.'

CA: Marijuana Legalization Could Aid Local Shops

'In a city known for its marijuana culture, a statewide initiative that would legalize recreational marijuana use slated for the November ballot could potentially benefit businesses and dispensaries in Berkeley. '

Cops Make Dog Attack & Plant Drugs On Suspect

Happens all the time.

Two Arrested for Selling Pot Plants on Craigslist

'Santa Barbara County narcotics detectives, on March 23 and March 30 respectively, arrested suspects Matthew Schneider and Barry Herron for allegedly trafficking marijuana through Craigslist.'


March 2010 THMQ


'Kush crushed the competition and once again finished as the month’s most submitted strain. After losing the top pot spot in December 2009, Kush submissions have been pouring in, and the strain has yet to be dethroned in 2010.'

Strain Review: Blue Candy

KINDREVIEWS.COM: Blue Candy (Cherry Creek Health)

'Overall: Nice and mellow buzz. It’s Indica dominant, but very functional. I really like Blue varieties for pain and this one came through for me.'

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

THE WEED BLOG: How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

'I read a recent press release about a new medical marijuana clinic opening in Michigan. I have authored articles in the past about how to get a medical marijuana card in Oregon (my home state), and figured I would explain how to get one in Michigan as well. It’s a lot easier than most people think. '

5 Things Nobody Wants to See from Marijuana Legalization

EMERALD HERB: 5 Things Nobody Wants to See from Marijuana Legalization

'Today the debate surrounding marijuana prohibition has reached an all-time high in terms of tipping-point in the right direction. There are many common arguments and conversation that take place surrounding marijuana legalization, and the important topics are often argued for, or against, instead of together.'

MT: Medical Marijuana Facility Opens

'BILLINGS - A medical marijuana facility opens its doors Thursday, and owners said they plan to offer public tours in the next few months.'

L.A. Sheriff's Team Finds $6.2M of Pot in State Park

'LOS ANGELES—A Los Angeles County sheriff's narcotics team has found more than $6 million worth of marijuana plants growing in a state park near Newhall.'

Hawaii Kills Medical Marijuana Dispensary Measure

'HONOLULU – A proposal to create medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii has gone up in smoke.

The idea is dead because the House Judiciary Committee refused to consider the measure before a legislative deadline Thursday.'

IA: Students Say Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol

'A handful of students, affiliated with the group SAFER, rallied outside Parks Library Thursday afternoon promoting marijuana as a safer drug than alcohol. SAFER stands for Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation.'

4/20: Smoke Out The Globe

CANNABIS CULTURE: 4/20: Smoke Out The Globe

'Four-Twenty, or 4/20, or April 20th, is the world-recognized international day of celebration for the planet's estimated 250,000,000 members of the cannabis culture.'

Marijuana, Dark Horse Savior of California Agriculture

'The garden was impressive and unimpressive at the same time. Compared to the expensive industrial farming operations I had passed on my way up, it was tiny and unsophisticated. And yet the plants were remarkable. Many were taller than 6 feet and of extraordinary girth; they were held together by an elaborate system of plastic netting. From their limbs hung heavy, densely crystallized buds, each waiting to be dried and trimmed.'

Medical Marijuana 411 Patient Story - Victoria Zavala

The miracle weed.

South Park's Medical Marijuana Episode

SOUTH PARK STUDIOS: South Park's Medical Marijuana Episode


California's Marijuana Economics

HUFFINGTON POST: California's Marijuana Economics

'It's often said that California leads the nation. If the saying is true, then soon there could be more states considering recreational marijuana use. And as more people light up, these cash-strapped states would generate revenue from sales taxes on cannabis.'

Strain Review: Blue Dream

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Blue Dream From Trinity Gardens (NorCal_Cyclist)

'Overall: I find this med to be my favorite for day use to fight stress/anxiety or after a long stressful day of work. Seems to burn just as good in joints or bowls – but I like a joint to get the flavor of the medicine. –NorCal_Cyclist'

Miss High Times Hopeful: Lady J


'I just want to represent for the most bad ass magazine in the world! kudos to HIGH TIMES for reppin the best bud!'

Toronto Medical Marijuana Center Raided Today

THE WEED BLOG: Toronto Medical Marijuana Center Raided Today

'According to media reports out of Canada, Cannabis As Living Medicine’s (C.A.L.M.) Toronto location was raided by police today.'


94-year-old Mexican Woman with 10 Pounds of Pot Strapped to Body Arrested at AZ Border

'NOGALES, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities say a 94-year-old Mexican woman has been arrested for trying to smuggle more than 10 pounds of marijuana across the border into Arizona.'

The Facts About Marijuana

Just the facts, dude.

Possible 20-Year Sentence for Under Two Grams of Pot

HIGH TIMES: Possible 20-Year Sentence for under Two Grams of Pot

'A 48-year-old Australian man is facing 20 years behind bars in Indonesia. Robert McJannett was arrested in Bali in December after customs officers allegedly discovered 1.7 grams of marijuana in his bag. Under “harsh new drug laws introduced last year” in Indonesia, McJannett faces 5 to fifteen years for importing pot. Additionally, McJannett is being charged with possession, which carries a sentence of 4 to twelve years, as well as at least two less serious offenses.'

Drug War History Must End with Us

EMERALD HERB: Drug War History Must End with Us

'There are so many people still out there that still believe the old lies that have been spread regarding marijuana. The way that we have approached it, as a "threat to the American public", is not the correct way to fight it. Why must we continue to fight it? I try to gather the opinion of those around me often regarding the subject, because it just does not seem to make any sense at all, yet the fight continues, and nobody seems to agree with it, but the people that control the money to try to control it.'

MI: Police Find 1,700 Pounds Of Marijuana

'About 1,7000 pounds of marijuana were discovered late Tuesday night by police in Shelby Township.'

Afghanistan Now World's Top Source of Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE: Afghanistan Now World's Top Source of Marijuana

'Long the world's largest producer of opium, the raw ingredient of heroin, Afghanistan has now become the top supplier of cannabis, with large-scale cultivation in half of its provinces, the United Nations said on Wednesday.'

Sting Calls For An End To The War On Drugs

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Sting Calls For An End To The War On Drugs

'Internationally renowned musician and activist Sting has teamed up with the Drug Policy Alliance to call for an end to the failed War on Drugs. The musician has written a passionate letter spelling out the devastating consequences of the Drug War, and is urging people to support the DPA in advocating for sane drug policies.'

Making Butane Hash Oil

From Tokin Daily.

More Ganja Girls

How One Marijuana Cigarette May Lead to Deportation

'ELMONT, N.Y. — When a police officer in this Long Island suburb found a marijuana cigarette in Jerry Lemaine’s pocket one night in January 2007, a Legal Aid lawyer counseled him to plead guilty. Under state statutes, the penalty was only a $100 fine, and though Mr. Lemaine had been caught with a small amount of marijuana years earlier as a teenager, that case had been dismissed.'

Even in States Where it's Legal, Veterans Affairs Doctors Can't Prescribe Medical Marijuana

'New Mexico is the only state that explicitly allows people with PTSD to smoke pot under its medical marijuana law — an issue that is getting attention around the country at a time when traumatized vets are coming home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in large numbers.'

CA: San Jose Votes on Plan for Allowing and Taxing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

'As San Jose confronts a fiscal crisis forcing massive service cuts such as closure of popular community centers, the City Council moved Tuesday toward allowing medical marijuana collectives as a potential new source of revenue.'

WA: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill Delayed

'RICHLAND, Wash.-- As the special session continues at the state capitol, one issue not up for debate is a bill to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries. Sen. Jerome Delvin, (R), planned on introducing legislation, but now he's going to wait.'

Strain Review: Master Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Master Kush From Private Dealer (stak)

'Overall: Though I would’ve liked the buds to have a little moisture, I was pleased with this Master Kush. It did a good job helping relieve my muscle tightness and whatever little stress we all normally feel. –stak'


Cannabis & Hemp Expo Coming To The Cow Palace

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Cannabis & Hemp Expo Coming To The Cow Palace

'The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo is coming to Daly City, California's Cow Palace next month. Organizers say no marijuana will be sold during the expo, planned for April 17 and 18.'

Mile High City Hosts Marijuana Convention

'Denver will play host to the largest marijuana convention in the U.S. this weekend.'

How Marijuana Can Fix California

'Far from being a war between hippies and police, the fight to legalize marijuana in California centers on whether decriminalizing and taxing cannabis can help fill the state's fiscal hole.'

No Medical Marijuana For Convicted Pot Dealer

'A U.S. District Court judge has ruled that a man convicted of possession of a firearm by a felon and possession with intent to distribute marijuana cannot use medical marijuana.'

Pot Breaks the Age Barrier

'The Cannabis Act, which qualified last week for the statewide November ballot, ran its first radio ad Sunday: a former Los Angeles deputy sheriff explaining "why cops support Tax Cannabis 2010, the initiative to control and tax cannabis."'

How To Choose A Marijuana Strain

MARIJUANA WIKIPEDIA: How To Choose A Marijuana Strain

'Choosing marijuana strains to grow can be overwhelming. Considering the massive amount of great marijuana seeds out there. In order to get the most out of your marijuana grow you should ask yourself a few questions before ordering the first marijuana seeds you come across.'

Cannabis and Driving: A Scientific and Rational Review

NORML: Cannabis and Driving: A Scientific and Rational Review

'Policy debates regarding marijuana law reform invariably raise the question: "How does society address concerns regarding pot use and driving?" The subject is worthy of serious discussion.'

Mike Phelps and Aquaman

420 TRIBUNE: Mike Phelps and Aquaman - Blowing Bubbles

'Judging by his location and the fine work he did on this Mike Phelps & Aquaman bong poster, we’re guessing he smokes a little bud every now and then too.'

Legalization of Marijuana is the Cartels’ Worst Nightmare

CANNABIS CULTURE: Legalization of Marijuana is the Cartels’ Worst Nightmare

'When someone next door is coping with trouble, the neighborly thing to do is help. Mexico has a growing problem with extreme violence. And many people in California have a good idea of how to help.'

D.C. Medical Marijuana Bill Would Allow 2 Ounces

TOKE OF THE TOWN: D.C. Medical Marijuana Bill Would Allow 2 Ounces

'Washington, D.C., would allow patients to have up to two ounces of marijuana a month -- enough for about two joints a day -- for medical use under a bill that moved forward Tuesday.'

Strain Review: Hydro

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Hydro From Private Dealer (1000toes)

'Overall: I really liked this stuff. Had a good long buzz that was pretty couch bound. Played a lot of PS3 after a fat joint of this stuff. I got the munchies as the buzz wore off and smoking more seemed to just add to the eating. 3 hits out of the bowl before bed and I slept like a puppy =) –1000toes'

Tang In Amsterdam

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.


Medical Marijuana Race Car is a ‘No Go’ for NASCAR

THE WEED BLOG: Medical Marijuana Race Car is a ‘No Go’ for NASCAR

'We reported earlier this week that Cannabis Planet TV was being picked up as a sponsor for NASCAR, as did just about every other media outlet. The car they were supposed to sponsor, number 38, was on the track today, but Cannabis Planet TV logos were nowhere to be found.'

The HIGH TIMES Interview with Rob Kampia

HIGH TIMES: The HIGH TIMES Interview with Rob Kampia

'Kampia contacted HIGH TIMES by telephone on January 27th, shortly after an expose entitled “The Breast Massage Will Happen” appeared in the Washington City Paper and offered to take our questions, citing the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal as a cautionary tale. “Back in 1998, Bill Clinton kind of dragged the story out, for about a year, by not just saying what happened, and letting the American people put it behind them.”'

The Marijuana Millionaire

Profile of Richard Lee, of Oaksterdam University.

Cannabis Caviar: $1,400-an-Ounce Marijuana Promises a Bang for Your Buck

'So you think you're a connoisseur, what with your cans of Beluga, Kobe steaks and stash of 1998 Dom Perignon? Think again if you haven't gotten your hands on cannabis caviar, a new kind of top-shelf marijuana popping up at Colorado dispensaries that sells for the astronomical price of $1,400 an ounce -- nearly four times the average price of other high-grade strains.'

How Young is Too Young for Medical Marijuana?

'With more than 1,000 people a day applying to be placed on the Colorado medical marijuana registry, the chances of a few of those applicants being under the age of 21 are a distinct possibility. Two Colorado lawmakers want to close that window.'

High School High with Gravity Vortex


Snoop Dogg Always Performs High

'Rap superstar Snoop Dogg has never performed sober - he insists on taking to the stage only when he's under the influence of marijuana.'

Strain Review: Fruity Pebbles

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Fruity Pebbles From Private Dealer (SourKush109)

'Overall: Smoked a blunt and was couch locked playing Call of Duty 2 for many good hours while feeling the sativa head high throughout the game. –SourKush109'

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CA: Campaign to Legalize Marijuana to Launch Radio Ad

'The campaign to legalize marijuana has relied steadily on the internet and word of mouth. Now, organizers are launching a radio ad.'

Legal-Marijuana Advocates Focus on a New Green

'On Wednesday, the California secretary of state certified a November vote on a ballot measure that would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana, a plan that advocates say could raise $1.4 billion and save precious law enforcement and prison resources.'

A Medicinal Marijuana Shop Is Open for Business in an All-new 'South Park'

'NEW YORK, March 29, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Cartman's favorite restaurant has been shut down and a store that sells medicinal marijuana moves in on an all-new episode of "South Park" titled "Medicinal Fried Chicken," premiering on Wednesday, March 31 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: Nancy Dangerous

MISS HIGH TIMES: Nancy Dangerous

'i werk like 3 jobs....what can i say.. i love money and green..'

Zong Co 14” Bong

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Zong Co 14” Bong (ThePassenger)

'Review: I gave this Water Pipe a B+ because of it’s versatility. Since it’s only 14 inches (which is small in comparison to most Zongs that I’ve seen) it’s one that could be used daily, or as an occasional social show-piece. It’s 4 kinks really give you several ways to hold it, which is a big deal to me.'

Will Legalization of Cannabis in California Pass?

Vote yes in November.

Hawaii Governor Rails Against Marijuana Dispensaries

'The governor points to the situation in California, where she says legal marijuana dispensaries now outnumber both McDonalds and Starbucks. The governor says the term of ”compassion centers” given to these dispensaries is an insult, because in reality they are simply “pot stores”.'

Unbridled stupidity.

Bong Bill Moving Through Florida Legislature

'Tallahassee, Florida -- Florida is moving forward with a plan to restrict the sale of pipes, bongs and other drug paraphernalia commonly used to smoke marijuana or crack.'

Medical Marijuana Goes the Way of Prohibition

'States are ramping up efforts to legalize the drug in an effort to balance budgets and regulate the narcotic. Last week, California became the first state to approve signatures supporting a measure for the November ballot. Unlike in years past, the approved measure will seek to legalize the drug outright and allow users to carry up an ounce. Advocates argue the measure would raise $1.4 billion and save precious law enforcement and prison resources.'

CO: Medical Marijuana Applications Quadruple

Demand is high.


Marijuana Cookie Arrest

'COLORADO SPRINGS – A Colorado Springs couple allegedly attempted to sell marijuana cookies to a local convenience store clerk. Instead of making a sale, Jessie and Alisha Vriese, were arrested. "They were not licensed caregivers or growers of the product," said Sgt. Dan Lofgren, with the Colorado Springs Police Department. "They were both arrested for a felony charge of offenses related to marijuana distribution."'


ROLLING STONE: MarijuanAmerica

'If you spend enough time up in the Emerald Triangle — an area in Northern California comprising the adjoining counties of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity — you might notice a few things. There's the crab fisherman selling you fresh crabs from his boat with a lit joint hanging from his mouth. There's the jingle on the local radio station with the chorus "Going to jail sucks!" (It's an ad for a bail-bond agency, which runs right after an ad for a hypdroponic-growing store.) If you're in the Triangle in October, at the start of the harvest season, you might notice people standing by the side of the road with cardboard signs that read "Looking For Work", or signs simply depicting a hand-drawn pair of scissors. You might notice that locals call hundred-dollar bills "Humboldt twenties" and complain about how expensive everything is, or their use of the verb formation "getting flown," meaning one's property has been buzzed by a DEA helicopter (e.g., "We got flown a bunch of times this summer, so we knew a bust was coming"). At some point, your cellphone will probably stop working, and you might notice how the two-lane road darkens as it slices into a canyon of redwoods, and how your car shrinks, too, puttering at the foot of the giant, primeval forest, and how that Bigfoot-themed souvenir shop several miles back is starting to seem like a beacon of civilization. And if you keep going, eventually, somewhere deep in the mountains, you will arrive at Vic Tobias' place.'

CA: Many Felony Pot Cases Getting Tossed Out of Court

'But both cases were tossed out along with many other marijuana possession cases in recent weeks because of a California Supreme Court ruling that has police, prosecutors and defense attorneys scrambling to make sense of a gray legal area: What is the maximum amount of cannabis a medical marijuana patient can possess?'

Let the Sick Decide if Marijuana is Medicine

'For patients in intractable pain, time is not on their side. Therefore, for supporters, New York's pending legalization of the medical provision and use of marijuana is timely. Meanwhile, the debate continues.'

Seriously: Marijuana Will Kill ObamaCare

'Power in numbers. If Americans don’t want ObamaCare, we don’t have to accept it. We have been conditioned that we must accept it, or that we must rely on the Supreme Court or Congress to save us, but what if the problem is the Supreme Court and Congress? What then?'

Wow, yet another bonus to legal weed.

Growing Medical Marijuana: California's Underground Economy

'Petit Sirah, Af Gui, Merlot, OG Kush, Sauvignon Blanc, OT Pineapple, Burgundy, Purple Urkle, Grey Riesling, NorCal, Zinfandel, Blueberry … listening to wine makers and medical marijuana (MMJ) growers talk about their boutique delicacies is often simply a matter of switching vocabularies.'

Legalization Of Marijuana On The Ballot In California

Register in CA!

New Jersey's First Legally Grown Marijuana Will be Harvested This Fall

'If all goes according to plan, New Jersey’s first legally grown marijuana plants will be harvested this fall from greenhouses, where they will have been growing for months under the gaze of cameras and security guards. The plants will be dried, packaged and readied for purchase at six licensed facilities by thousands of registered patients who have debilitating illnesses.'

Is There Too Much Marijuana On Prime Time TV?

NORML: Is There Too Much Marijuana On Prime Time TV?

'While there have been dozens of prime time TV shows that have featured cannabis use since the 1960s, often for medicinal purposes circa the mid 1990s, currently there is a crush of shows on broadcast and cable that have one or more episodes where cannabis use is a featured part of the show.'

'KopBusters' Couple Lose Son Over Misdemeanor Pot Charge

CANNABIS CULTURE: 'KopBusters' Couple Lose Son Over Misdemeanor Pot Charge

'Barry and Candi Cooper, a married duo well-known in the world of drug reform activism, have temporarily lost custody of Candi’s youngest child due to misdemeanor charges stemming from a recent “KopBusters” sting operation against a police officer in Williamson County, Texas.'

Wal-Mart Boycott Works!

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Wal-Mart Boycott Works!

'“A Wal-Mart spokesperson has told Fox News that the company is no longer challenging Casias’s eligibility for unemployment, reversing the despicable stance it took before news of the firing made national headlines.” So, they didn’t give Joe Casias his job back, but at least they’re not challenging his right to receive unemployment. As a blogger who makes very little money, I stand by an individuals right to receive unemployment…and get high. So Kudos Joe.'

Strain Review: Snowcap

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Snowcap From Private Dealer (dyannas son)

'Overall: I like this strain. I seem to get it a lot out here in Vegas. It’s not very popular among most because it’s mostly haze – I think. In my opinion I love it for the first bong rip of the day. It gets you going but it won’t have you stuck on the couch. Snowcap will still have you baked just not stuck. –dyannas son '