An Outdoor Grow

Mr. Infamy - DEEP

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LED Buds at 6.5 Weeks

From Urban Grower.

2 Girls That Love Bud "Ganja Babes"

That's hot.

Fifty Famous Quotes on Cannabis

How To Roll A 2 Gram Joint "Ganja Girl Tutorials"

A Grow Room Day 49


Top Quality Home Growing Indoor Soil Marijuana Cultivation

Maine Announces First Marijuana Dispensaries

Is Legalization Of Marijuana A Civil Rights Issue?


Cannabis Day 2010 - Baked in BC

Carl Sagan's Experience with Cannabis

Obviously a computer-generated reading of something Carl Sagan wrote.

Sunil Aggarwal, PhD Explains Cannabis

Making Butane Hash Oil

Sasha Hess Oil Rig 14mm Mini Fire Inline Bubbler


Pot vs Pop

Veterans Rally For Right to Use Medical Marijuana

Old Willie Nelson Interview From Time 4 Hemp

From 1991.

The MPP Insider, Episode #011

From The Marijuana Policy Project.

Large Marijuana Grow Eradicated


Some Famous Weed Smokers


G420 Gives away 5lbs of Marijuana, Smokes Out the G20 in Toronto

Why Does the U.S. Have The Prince of Pot?


Police Raid Medical Marijuana Protest Organizer

Grow Closet #27

The Church of Cannabis


Colorado: Medical Marijuana Reform Bill - Debate - Prop 1284

Phoenix World Wide Marijuana March

Fired Walmart Worker and Medical Marijuana Patient

Just awful.

Medical Marijuana Patient Talks About Caregivers Arrest

Marijuana 7th Week Flowering


Cannabis Advocate Rick Steves

From The Marijuana Policy Project.

We Smokin' Weed

Now this is a party.

Hot Chick Smoking Weed

Nice view.

Smoking Hash Oil in Different Ways

From Splifftube.

Family Guy 420 Episode


Smoke This

Random weed pics.

New Marijuana Clinic Opening In Portland, OR

Granny Green's Ganja Balls

From Tokin Daily.

Cannabis and Cancer II

More great info.

Cannabis and Cancer

An interview with Jack Herer before his death.

Announcing The Pothead Pundit TV Network / PPTV

It's been almost 6 months since I launched The Pothead Pundit blog, and 220,000 page views later, we are still going strong. But as many of you know, I've moved most of my news punditry over to The 420 Times.

So starting later today, The Pothead Pundit blog will become The Pothead Pundit TV Network, also known as PPTV. We will be all videos, all the time. Any video that is related to the cannabis plant and its culture, will be found here. News, reviews, humor, how to,  and music videos all qualify. If a pothead would be interested in it, I'll post it.

If you have a cool video I should post, email the link or embed code to stonerwire420@yahoo.com. Subscribe to PPTV so you don't miss a single video.

Barry Cooper Arrested


Submit Your Strain Reviews To The 420 Times

THE 420 TIMES: Submit Your Strain Reviews To The 420 Times

By The Pothead Pundit.


What Everybody Should Know About Cannabis

Great information.

Jodie Emery Speaks at Cannabis Day Rally


Women of Weed

A reason to love women even more.

9 Arrests & 2500 Plants Seized in Northern California Multi County Pot Ring Raid

'Seven residence’s spanning cities through Northern California, including Sacramento, Elk Grove San Jose Milpitas and Oakland were seized in a raid on multi county pot ring. The functioning grow houses were all residential homes that typically were pirating utilities and bypassing electrical meters to maintain constant electrical usage.'

Joe Rogan: Marijuana and DMT

I've posted this audio before, but it's important information.

Random Marijuana Pics

Plus music and some some dude from Jamaica.

New Cheech & Chong Get It Legal Tour Dates, Man

CELEBSTONER: New Cheech & Chong Get It Legal Tour Dates, Man

'Cheech & Chong's Get It Legal Fall 2010 Tour.'

Marijuana Activist Barry Cooper Arrested at Texas State Capitol

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marijuana Activist Barry Cooper Arrested at Texas State Capitol

'Marijuana activist Barry Cooper turned himself in to authorities Friday morning … and he did it with an expected showman’s flare.'

Must Watch Documentary

If you haven't seen it yet, "The Union" is a must see.


What Is Your Favorite Cannabis Strain?

THE 420 TIMES: What Is Your Favorite Cannabis Strain?

By The Pothead Pundit. Leave a comment after clicking link please.

L.A. Judge Delays Enforcement of New Dispensary Laws

THE WEED BLOG: L.A. Judge Delays Enforcement of New Dispensary Laws

'Today, a judge put off a decision on whether to bar Los Angeles from enforcing its new medical marijuana ordinance against four collectives, leaving the scores of dispensaries that have filed suit in limbo more than three weeks after the law became effective.'

A History of Cannabis Use for Stress and Depression

CANNABIS CULTURE: A history of cannabis use for stress and depression - rough copies

'These are two rough copies of two pamphlets I'm working on ... please let me know what you think, how you think they may be improved and if I've missed anything. I'm basically attempting to show that all use is medicinal and that everyone is legitimate and protected by the constitution (we all have a right to medicine - the courts in Canada have affirmed that right).'

Strain Review: Super Lemon Haze

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Super Lemon Haze From Colorado Alternative Medicine (MileHigh)

'Overall: I am really pleased with this acquisition.  It’s certainly some of the best stuff I have ever smoked, and definitely worthy of the Cannabis Cup IMHO.  I just felt good the whole time.  I wouldn’t say I ever got giggly but I just felt content and happy. '

Medical-Marijuana Advocates Seek Society's Approval

'"We're not going to be taken seriously unless we have proof," said Michael Lee, the owner of the lab and its adjacent medical-marijuana dispensary, Cannabis Therapeutics.'

Marijuana Could Prevent Alzheimer's

'A puff a day might keep Alzheimer's away, according to marijuana research by professor Gary Wenk and associate professor Yannic Marchalant of the Ohio State Department of Psychology.'

America's Longest Serving Pot Prisoner

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Exclusive Interview: America's Longest Serving Pot Prisoner

'If you were an American pothead in the 1970s, you probably smoked some of Robert Platshorn's weed. His organization brought in tons of fine Colombian when it was considered some of the best pot in the world. And that's the reason Platshorn later became the longest serving marijuana prisoner in U.S. history, doing 29 years inside the federal prison system.'