Man Charged with Felony for Eating Marijuana

'A man who was pulled over for not using his turn signal wound up going to jail for allegedly trying to eat a handful of marijuana.

Gainesville Police said the man would have only been charged with a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana, but was charged with the a felony for tampering with evidence when an officer saw the man put it in his mouth and start chewing.'


  1. That's some funny shit... It's a shame that the prohibition of recreational drugs would force someone into that situation in the first place; but on the real i bust out laughing when I read that shit.

  2. thats so funny! i hate even getting a peice in my mouth it makes me want to throw up but where i live u get takein to jail not matter if u just have seeds or any trace of it, it needs to be legalize but then taxes would be to high we wouldnt be able to afford it!

  3. wow wat a damn shame at least let the man go his weed is going to be sh!ty in the end in the first place