The Stoner Jesus Show Moves to Podcasting

As some of you know, my live show on BlogTalkRadio has been riddled with technical problems. Tonight was the last straw as I struggled to even get the show on the air. BTR has the advantage of live broadcasting, but it's not fun to do anymore so I'm not doing it. I'm moving the show to Podbean podcasting.

The sponsor of the show - THCFinder - will remain so for as long as they choose to. The content of the show will remain the same, except that if you want to interact with the show, email us at stonerjesus420@gmail.com or hit me up on Twitter. You can send mp3's, prayers, or whatever else you got and we will continue to play the underground music you all send in.

I'm going to be posting shows from the archives on my new Podbean site. Work on our first new podcast is underway. I have no plans for a regular schedule, just bookmark the site and subscribe so you can know when a new show is posted, which will be as often as possible.

Live radio was cool, but the technical problems were overwhelming. You'll still get the same great show, just in a podcast format. It's all uncensored and anything can happen, so share the shows with all your social networking friends. We hope all our live fans will stick around and enjoy the podcasts. Thank you from all of us on The Stoner Jesus Show.

- Stoner Jesus

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PPnotTV: The Stoner Jesus Internet Radio Show 2/23/11

Had a rough show tonight, lot of technical problems, quite a buzzkill for Stoner Jesus. Had some good callers though, and some new music. We have two more shows this week, and if the technical problems don't clear up, we are moving to straight podcasting and foregoing live radio.

The Stoner Jesus Internet Radio Show 2/23/11

- Stoner Jesus


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