How to Hide Your Weed and Talk to Cops

Great stuff every stoner should know!


  1. Really interesting stuff that I didnt know. Thanks, who ever posted this videos. By the way, whats up with the whole 9/11 thing at the end?

  2. whoa that 9/11 shit was fucked, but anyway, you fuckin rock Barry!!! MUAH!!

  3. he talkin' like he black or somethin'.
    weed ain't got nothin to do with racism.
    pot has nothing to do with slavery.
    the govt. does tho'. COINTELPRO!!!

    ya'll call it the war on drugs,

    i call it the war on niggaz.

    what u call illegal'

    i call work.

    street piratez 4 l.i.f.e.

    what u call illegal, i call a work.