Baby Starts to Choke on Bag of Marijuana

'WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Waterloo police say they arrested two 18-year-olds after the couples' 7-month-old daughter began choking on a bag of marijuana.'

Wow, how fucking stupid can you be?

Sasha Hess Lampworking

Ever wonder how they make glass bongs? An amazing process.

Pot Goes Corporate as Entrepreneurs Seek to Profit From Legalization

'Like hip-hop, health food and snowboarding, marijuana is going corporate.

As more states allow medical use of the drug and California considers outright legalization, marijuana's supporters are pushing hard to franchise dispensaries and build brands; establish consulting, lobbying and law firms; set up trade shows and a seminar circuit; and construct a range of other marijuana-related businesses.'

Strain Review: Tangerine

JOHN DOE RADIO: Strain Review: Tangerine

'Tangerine is a strain we have been talking and raving about on the show for a while now.  This Colorado born strain is a favorite of all of ours.  If not our most favorite strain.  And, that’s saying a lot.  One of the most unique smelling, looking, and high lifting strains that can be found.  The official word on  the cross of this strain is a particularly interesting and deep purple pheno (Paissans Passion) of Cough crossed with Grapefruit.'

ME: Dispensing Marijuana

'The Bangor City Council is right to take a thoughtful approach to locating marijuana dispensaries here. What it can’t do — although many other communities have — is put up impediments and pretend the dispensaries will simply go away.

In November, 59 percent of Maine voters approved a measure to establish medical marijuana dispensaries across the state; 56.5 percent of Bangor votes approved the measure. There can be up to eight such facilities statewide.'

RI Judge Reviewing State Medical Marijuana Law

MIKE CANN: RI Judge reviewing state medical marijuana law


California Team Working To Defeat Marijuana Legalization

TOKE OF THE TOWN: California Team Working To Defeat Marijuana Legalization

'In 2008, they defeated an initiative that would have emphasized treatment over jail for non-violent drug offenders. Now, the same political campaign team is organizing anew to fight against the November ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in California for adults over 21.'

Nug Porn: Purple Barney

NUG PORN: Purple Barney

That crappy show would have been better if Barney smoked this.

Remembering Jack

CELEBSTONER: Remembering Jack

'Though I won't be able to attend Jack Herer's funeral tomorrow in Los Angeles, I will be there in mind, heart and spirit. As his casket is lowered at approximately 4:20 pm EST, I'll light up one of Jack's favorite wooden pipes and inhale deeply.'

Why California is Going to Pot

HATS RADIO: Why California is Going to Pot


Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Debate Continues

Sick people suffer while they debate.

Scooby Doo Bong

HAIL MARY JANE: Scooby Doo Bong

The name says it all.

Portable Pot Farm

The future is here, and it is good.

Closing The ‘Gateway’ To Drug Abuse — With Cannabis

NORML: Closing The ‘Gateway’ To Drug Abuse — With Cannabis

'For decades opponents of marijuana law reform policies have falsely argued that marijuana is a ‘gateway’ to drug abuse — a guilt-by-association charge that implies that because tens of millions of people have used cannabis and a minority of these tens of millions have also tried other drugs that somehow it must have been the pot that triggered the hard drug use.'

KottonMouth Kings Count Down to 420


International Cannabis and Hemp Expo

HAIL MARY JANE: International Cannabis and Hemp Expo

'First impressions on the event; I wish that it would have been held on the main floor of the Cow Palace, instead it was split into 2 (what seemed to be) large storage rooms, one on the North side of the building and one on the South side, and in fact I missed out on half of the even because I wasn’t aware that it was split into 2 sections and that the other section was on the other side of the building. The signs that they did have up weren’t very visible and I only knew they had it in 2 sections because I had grabbed the program guide as I was leaving and didn’t read it until I was back on the train headed home.'

Stuff Stoners Like is Giving Away Weed

STUFF STONERS LIKE: In Honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day Stuff Stoners Like is Giving Away Weed

'There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. You can plant a tree, ride your bike to work instead of driving, etc. But all that’s so ordinary, so in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day  Stuff Stoners Like are going to plant marijuana…and then give all of it away. We’re happy to announce our 2nd Annual Stuff Stoners Like Earth Day Weed Give-A-Way.'

Inside 'America's Most Stoned Cities'

CELEBSTONER: Inside 'America's Most Stoned Cities'

'The Daily Beast's list of stoner cities is flawed a best. Combining arrest and substance abuse data, the website created its list. They then asked me to rate each citys' "pot culture" on a scale of one to 10. The Top 40 list was posted on 4/20.'

Cannabis Activist Ed Forchion Releases Tell All Book, “Public Enemy #420″

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Cannabis Activist Ed Forchion Releases Tell All Book, “Public Enemy #420″

'“It is perhaps ironic that a man that the State of New Jersey labeled a criminal could now be considered a visionary, as New Jersey has just joined the ever-growing number of States legalizing marijuana.  A true freedom fighter, Edward Forchion was willing to lose everything he had ( including his own freedom) in order to promote a message that he knew was just and, he correctly maintained, was supported by the United States Constitution.  There are few men throughout history who have been willing to sacrifice as much as Edward Forchion for the principles he believes in and, in the end, his principles were totally vindicated…”
John Saykanic, Esq., from “Public  Enemy #420″'

CT: 21 Pounds Of Marijuana Mailed To House Seized

'Police on Thursday seized 21 pounds of marijuana that had been mailed to a Middletown house. Police said the street value was about $80,000.'

Jack Herer Memorial Service - This Sunday, April 25

For details, click here.

Marijuana Nation

THE DAILY SMOKER: Marijuana Nation

'Reporting from secret farms and not-so-secret grow houses of marijuana cultivators, Lisa Ling goes into their world - where marijuana is not just a drug but a way of life.'

Marijuana / Cannabis: Banned in the USA

Do you all remember 2 Live Crew?

BongTvLive Girls Get Nailed


NH: Marijuana Party Swarms State House Property

The fight continues.

Western Slope Cannabis Crown, Aspen, Colorado

Our movement grows every day.

Disabled Patients Take Pot Case To Federal Court

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Disabled Patients Take Pot Case To Federal Court

'A federal judge is expected on Monday to hear arguments on whether four marijuana patients can use the Americans with Disabilities Act to prevent two Orange County, California cities from closing medical pot dispensaries.'

Strain Review: Banana Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Banana Kush From South Coast Patients Center (IE420Patient)

'Overall: This is fire!  I enjoy medicating with this mostly for pain.  It hits the pain hard as if I took a Vicodin.  Just wished the banana flavor would come out more (like how you get that grape taste from purps).  Aside from that, this is one strain I would recommend keeping in the medicine cabinet when suffering from intense pain or having issues with sleep.  I even prefer it over some of the more expensive "OGs" I’ve had.  To really take this bud to the "next level," sprinkle a bit of top shelf kief on this and have a great trip!  If you see this, get it or regret it.  –IE420Patient'

Marijuana Will be Legal Soon (And if You Don't Like it, Move to Canada)

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marijuana Will be Legal Soon (And if You Don't Like it, Move to Canada)

'If I didn't want legal marijuana in America, I'd be seriously unsettled by the existence of a national marijuana holiday that gets more press than Thanksgiving.'


Set Your Weak Minds Free

Bet you didn't know all this.

Denver 4/20 Rally Photos: Best Of The Best [NSFW]

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Denver 4/20 Rally Photos: Best Of The Best [NSFW]

'Denver celebrated the year's highest stoner holiday, 4/20, in Civic Center Park -- and there were plenty of interesting things at which to look.'

Kumar Mugged on 4/20

CELEBSTONER: Kumar Mugged!

'Outgoing White House rep Kal Penn was robbed in Washington on, of all days, 4/20. When the actor who's played Kumar in the two "Harold & Kumar" stoner movies was approached by the pistol-packing assailant on 15th and S Streets in the Dupont Curcle district at 1:30 am, he surrendered his wallet and other belongings. Police called it a "simple street robbery."'

Marijuana, Media, and Music

'CALIFORNIA is on the forefront of a revolution, and in the works to make history as the first state to legalize the possession and distribution of Marijuana. A measure to decriminalize the drug has already qualified, and will be on the ballot for Californians to vote on, come November. Marijuana, although currently illegal, is surprisingly accepted throughout California, and often promoted in mainstream media, especially music.'

How to Start an Indoor Garden

NUG MAGAZINE: How to Start an Indoor Garden

'Ever wanted to start your own indoor garden? Just about every day I see and hear people wanting, or already trying, to start their own indoor garden. Unfortunately, many people get started with the wrong advice. It seems that everyone who has ever seen a garden, or has a friend that grows, thinks that they know everything about growing plants. The problem is this can lead you to using the wrong methods and techniques for indoor cultivation – everything from how to set up and build a grow room, and what is acceptable for ventilation and lighting, to what is good to feed your plants. So, if you’re looking at starting an indoor grow room, here are a few basic tips and facts about growing plants indoors.'

The President’s Pot Problem

'Now that an initiative to legalize marijuana is officially on the California ballot this November, President Obama should brace for a strong jolt from the west.'

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients Targeted By County Sheriffs, DEA

THE WEED BLOG: Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients Targeted By County Sheriffs, DEA

'Last week, two medical marijuana patients were arrested by Saginaw County sheriff’s deputies and the DEA. Saginaw County Sheriffs say the couple were running an illegal marijuana operation out of their home. The sheriff’s office said the homeowners were registered medical marijuana users, but they were exceeding state guidelines.'

Nug Porn: Black GDP


That looks sweet.

Colorado Chronicle Episode 9 -- 4/20!

Trimming and a strain review!

How to Roll A Cross Blunt

Weed and learning things go together.

How to Roll a Hash Oil Joint

Great info.

Traumatized Toronto Tokers Toke On

CANNABIS CULTURE: Traumatized Toronto Tokers Toke On

'I'm both devastated and elated about Apr. 20, 2010. By now you've read about a gang banger wielding a gun not ganja during Toronto's 420 smoke out. Sadly, it's national news. Up until that point Toronto Hash Mob 4/20 Yonge and Dundas Smoke Out was going more amazing than ever dreamed. The sea of green people is unlike Toronto has ever seen for a rally.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: nevaeh


Miss High Times 2010 has been picked, but there's always 2011 :)

Dismantling the 5 Big Talking Points of Marijuana Prohibitionists

'The war on drugs will be on the ballot in California this November. The nation will watch the state decide whether to tax and regulate marijuana or continue to arrest adults for possession of this plant.

The vote on the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 will impact many of the most important issues in the country today. Californians will express how they want police resources used, if adults who consume marijuana should be criminalized, how best to deal with the tragic violence in Mexico, and what our priorities should be in tough economic times. It’s no wonder that seven months out, this issue has already generated thousands of news stories around the world.'

Marijuana Users Leave Shadows Behind: THC Exposé Shines Light on Changing Attitudes

THE 420 TIMES: Marijuana Users Leave Shadows Behind: THC Exposé shines light on changing attitudes

'As novelist Victor Hugo once said, “there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Though he didn’t know it at the time, Hugo could have been talking about the marijuana legalization movement in the United States–and increasingly, Los Angeles is at its epicenter. Once a marker of fringe associations and counterculture ties, marijuana use has a new face, which is proudly on display at public events, such as this weekend’s second annual THC Exposé.'

Yoda Bong Is Awesome

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Yoda Bong Is Awesome

'I have never seen this bong anywhere. I have seen bongs like it in Montreal. They had custom ones like this except they were heads of Peter from Family Guy and Cartman of South Park.'

Florida Senate Unanimously Passes Bong Ban

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Florida Senate Unanimously Passes Bong Ban

'The Florida Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would ban the sale of glass smoking pipes at most stores that currently carry them.'

What total bullshit.

Colorado House Approves Marijuana Bill

'DENVER — The Colorado House of Representatives has approved and sent to the Senate a bill that would allow the state to license marijuana dispensaries, growers and people who make snacks with cannabis.'

Strain Review: Santa Clementina

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Santa Clementina From Spain (levelnext-)

'Overall: Very potent stuff, this one is definitely for when you’ve got something you need to put your mind into.  I wouldn’t smoke this herb at a party or with less experienced friends,  it’s more of a "focus" smoke.

This is clearly not any kind of Netherland’s haze or sativa hybrids.  I really welcome this pure sativa strain kept alive for a long time now and thank the breeder for his work as this is one of the most devastating smokes I’ve had the pleasure to sample.  –levelnext-'


Marijuana's Drug Status Should Change, Lawyers Say

ABC NEWS: Marijuana's Drug Status Should Change, Lawyers Say 

'On Wednesday, the New England Journal of Medicine published an editorial by two law professors arguing that the federal government should change the status of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act.'

Dr. Drew Controversy Over Lindsay Lohan Comments (With His Tweets to "Radical" Russ)

HUFFINGTON POST: Dr. Drew Controversy Over Lindsay Lohan Comments (With His Tweets to "Radical" Russ)

'Dr. Drew Pinsky, the Celebrity Rehab / Loveline guy, is getting a lot of flack for his recent comments about Lindsay Lohan. (If you're reading this, doctor, you are welcome any time on our show to defend yourself live.) You can imagine with my hectic 4/20-week travel schedule (2,000 miles in 6 days with LA this weekend) when I'm scanning headlines on the BlackBerry, my brain's spam filters drop anything with "Lindsay Lohan" in the summary.'

The Chronisseur

NUG MAGAZINE: The Chronisseur

'Chronisseur (chron-a-soo-er): An individual highly respected within the marijuana community due to his/her knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: growth and cultivation, medical marijuana and legalization advocacy, travel experience and the ability to convey all of these things to the general public.'

Mega Munchies - Nutella to Ravioli

BAKED LIFE: Mega Munchies - Nutella to Ravioli

'Chef Stoner Gourmand is the most creative toker in the kitchen. He uses the power of weed to break down flavor barriers, and create masterful juxtapositions. Today we're going to take a look at three of his more interesting, and yet simple recipe's.'

Nug Porn: Snow



Cross Joint - Rolled and Smoked

With one of my favorite classical songs.

Ganja Girl Kassi “BloodShot Brunette Gets Baked!”

HOW TO GROW BUD: Ganja Girl Kassi “BloodShot Brunette Gets Baked!” 

'Me and Dodger have been trying to get Kassi to take some Ganja Girl Pictures for a while now. The problem is that Kassi only occasionally smokes Herb. When we finally talked her into doing a photo shoot she was ecstatic about the results and so were we. Kassi got a bit more stoned than she planed on due to the fact that she only smokes once in a while, but that’s great for us here at HTGB because theirs nothing we like more than a hot girl with bloodshot eyes.'

Small Nugs vs. Big Nugs

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

California Dems Consider Marijuana Vote

November 2010.

How To: Cross Strains

MMJ Bootcamp.

Tell TV's Dr. Drew: It's NOT OK To Frame People For Drugs

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Tell TV's Dr. Drew: It's NOT OK To Frame People For Drugs

'Television personality and "addiction specliaist" Dr. Drew Pinsky recently prescribed framing people for drugs and getting them arrested as an acceptable treatment for addiction.'

Red Eyes @ Kristin Davis

New York, let's legalize weed - and prostitution too!

Review: Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

ANTISOCCERMOM: Review: Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

'Vaporizers are tricky, you really need to spend some quality time with one before you can accurately judge if you like it or not. Devoted to figuring out my personal preferences on how to toke, I gave the Zephyr Ion a complete week of my undivided medicating attention.'

CA: Ton of Marijuana Found in Van, 4 Arrested

'ROSEMEAD -- Four people have been arrested in Rosemead after they ran from a van containing more than a ton of marijuana, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies said.'

Border Patrol in Arizona Seizes More than $4.5 Million in Marijuana

'Tucson, Ariz. – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tucson Sector made four significant marijuana seizures in the past two days, seizing more than 5,600 pounds with an estimated street value exceeding $4.5 million.'

Medical Marijuana Collectives Sue LA Over New Law

That joke is getting pretty old, who cares how many medical marijuana dispensaries and Starbucks are in L.A.?

Medical Marijuana Inc Continues Expansion of The Hemp Network

'FOOTHILL RANCH, CA, Apr 22, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Medical Marijuana Inc (PINKSHEETS: MJNA) is exhibiting this weekend at the L.A. THC EXPOSE and is sharing The Hemp Network opportunity with thousands of attendees. This is a chance for attendees to meet with the principals of Medical Marijuana and hear about The Hemp Network and the opportunity. President Don Steinberg states, "The addition of The Hemp Network as part of the Medical Marijuana Inc family will add a national agent base of thousands of people to our company. As we continue development of MJNA products and services, this agent base will serve well for rapid, national distribution of new products and services."'

CBS Polls Finds Majority Of Western Voters, Californians, Back Legalization

NORML: CBS Polls Finds Majority Of Western Voters, Californians, Back Legalization

'A majority of west coast voters, and Californians specifically, believe that the adult use of marijuana should be legal, according to the results of a pair of polls conducted on behalf of CBS News.'

$2M Marijuana Bust in Edmonton

'Mounties say they've shut down three “large, sophisticated” grow-ops in Edmonton and Devon, taking about $2 million of weed off the streets.

Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams made the busts after searching three houses between April 19 and 21. Inside two of the houses in Edmonton, 1,589 plants were seized.'

Reefer Insanity

Reefer madness insanity never ends.

Purple PowerLESS


'This product retails in head shops for about 8 bucks and does not live up to it’s name by any means. Just because it says it’s a pipe cleaner, doesn’t mean it’s going to clean the pipe you smoke that sweet cheeba out of. It may work on your car, but definitely NOT on your favorite crusty glass bong.'

Hemp: Jurisdiction Should Move to USDA

THE BONG GIRL: Hemp: Jurisdiction should move to USDA

'Currently the DEA has jurisdiction over Hemp.  Hemp is not a drug.  Nor is it possible or practical to grow both varieties in the same fields (pollination would make the indica/drug variety worthless). What executive steps could be taken to have Hemp be under your jurisdiction so farmers could grow it domestically.'

L.A.'s Pot Hotel

'The Hotel Normandie, a stoic brick building weighing down a corner of Normandie Avenue and 6th Street, opened in the Roaring '20s as an elegant residence, promising in tasteful advertisements to "leave nothing to be desired by the most experienced and exacting."

Tuesday night, the hotel will host another grand opening, for a very different, experienced and exacting clientele: pot smokers.'

Strain Review: Hawaiian Buddha

MERNAGH.CA: Marijuana Review Hawaiian Buddha

'Who loves the sun?
Hawaiian Buddha is a fat tropical holiday just waiting to be explored. A tasty tropical toke with some indica thrown in to produce fat marijuana buds. Possibly one of the fattest buds of sativa I’ve seen.'

New Hampshire Senate Kills Decrim Bill

HIGH TIMES: New Hampshire Senate Kills Decrim Bill

'As reported last month, New Hampshire’s House approved a bill to decriminalize possession of up to a quarter ounce of pot – transportation of up to a quarter ounce would also have been decriminalized under the measure. At the time, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch vowed to veto the bill should it pass the Senate.'

Pot Smokers Out In Bay Area, Proud On High Holiday

'Forget "Hippie Hill." For thoroughly modern marijuana smokers in the San Francisco Bay Area, the hip place to celebrate their movement's high holiday this year was the inside of a stretch Hummer parked outside a pot gardening superstore.

It was one of the more unusual places where marijuana legalization advocates lit up during the annual observance of 4/20, the celebration-cum-mass civil disobedience derived from "420" — insider shorthand for cannabis consumption.'

Record Numbers Celebrate Cannabis on 4/20

CANNABIS CULTURE: Record Numbers Celebrate Cannabis on 4/20

'Four-Twenty, the international day of celebration for the cannabis culture held annually on April 20, saw record numbers of marijuana consumers and legalization advocates at huge rallies across the planet this year.'

Strain Review: Odyssey H2O Hash

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Odyssey H2O Hash From Berkeley Patients Group (chrisjd1116)

'Overall: So far this is the best tasting hash I have bought from BPG, it is difficult to pinpoint the taste of this hash because the flavors seem so complex.  The buzz is top notch and great for daytime or nighttime activities.  –chrisjd1116'


Nugporn: Purple Gorilla

NUGPORN: Purple Gorilla

This site is cool, so I'm going to post links to it from time to time.

Day of Marijuana Smoke-Ins Across Canada

'Pot advocates gathered across the country Tuesday and puffed en masse to protest the prohibition of marijuana.

Supporters of the legalization of marijuana celebrate the so-called 4-20 event every April 20, lighting up joints at 4:20 p.m. local time in various parts of the country.'

More From Canada, 4/20/10

Stoned Canadians.

Boulder, CO 4/20/10

Boulder, CO checking in.

Kayden420 Celebrates 4/20 with God's Gift

Thank the Baby Jeebus for chicks and weed.

Vancouver 4/20/10

Canada, eh.

Huge Marijuana Smoke Cloud Seen Over Denver

More from CA and Denver.

Palm Springs: 420 Marijuana Legalization Rallies

Cali representing.

4/20/2010 4:20 Boston Common

Boston in the house.

4:20 on 4/20, Denver Colorado 2010

Nice Denver.

Hemp Facts

420 MAGAZINE: Hemp Facts

'* Hemp Fuel: Hemp produces 10 tons of biomass in four months, 4 times the production of corn, which makes it the only legitimate cost competitive energy crop for charcoal, ethanol, etc.
* Global Warming: Hemp helps reduce global warming and the greenhouse effect if it is grown as an energy crop. Hemp charcoal is sulfur and acid rain-free, unlike fossil coal.'



'In case you haven't had a chance to check out the relaunch of High On The Air today, allow us to introduce you to our new Miss HIGH TIMES for 2010—Brittany from Colorado.'

A New 420 Meaning: Time for Pro-Marijuana Forces to Get Serious

'The push to legalize marijuana is gaining steam, with California voting in November on a measure that would be the nation's first to approve the plant for recreational use, and Oregon and Washington State are attempting to qualify initiatives.

It is becoming a pivotal moment in the countrywide acceptance of marijuana use, say both supporters and detractors, and many pro-marijuana advocates are hoping that 420 can become a moment of more serious public advocacy and education.'

Strain Review: Vermont Strawberry Cough

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Vermont Strawberry Cough From Private Dealer (Akomplice)

'Overall: Some of the best cough I have ever had.  Sadly, after a couple weeks of smoking it, I had to find a new strain just to give my lungs a break.  If you can find some cough, pick it up for sure, it’s some dank bud.  However, you might want another kind of weed to smoke so you can sparse the cough and give your lungs an easier time. I still have my cough and I haven’t smoked this bud in a week or so.  –Akomplice'


The HIGH TIMES Interview: Tommy Chong

HIGH TIMES: The HIGH TIMES Interview: Tommy Chong

'HT: I know there was a lot of pressure on you guys to reunite over the years. What finally made you guys say yes?

TOMMY CHONG: Well, our careers kind of petered out together, you know? It was kinda like Cheech never had any more Nash Bridges in the offering and suddenly my wife and I were looking for new venues, you know, new avenues of expressing ourselves and it just came up. My son actually orchestrated it.'

D.C. Council Approves Medical Marijuana

'The D.C. Council unanimously approved a bill Tuesday to allow chronically ill patients to receive a doctor's prescription to use marijuana and buy it from a city-sanctioned distribution center.'

Marijuana Fans Celebrate High Times on 4/20

'SACRAMENTO, Calif. (MCT) - Today is the Fourth of July of weed.

At places such as Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Porter Meadow at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and Redwood Park in Arcata, Calif., thousands will light up in celebratory smoke-ins.

The collective marijuana smoke, honoring April 20 and the “420” numeric nickname for pot, will thicken right around 4:20 p.m. PDT.'

Where Did 420 Really Come From?

THE 420 TIMES: Where did 420 really come from?

'The term first appeared in the early ‘70s. And yet its origin remains cloaked in mystery, legend, urban myth, misinformation, occasionally even outright weirdness. Literally thousands of articles, celebrity anecdotes, blog entries, media commentaries – even books – have dealt with the issue. And still the myths persist!'

The 420 Reader

CELEBSTONER: The 420 Reader

'Everyone's writing and posting about 420 today on the stoner national holiday, 4/20.'

From The Mail: America's Most Stoned Cities

THE DAILY BEAST: America's Most Stoned Cities

'But those aren’t the only cities with pot pride. The Daily Beast looked through data on more than 1,000 cities to find out which communities rate highest for getting high year-round. Many of the top 40 towns house large universities, where the habits of young students affect the overall atmosphere. Others are the places known for strong support of marijuana legalization and taxation, or are in one of the 14 states (six of which have dispensaries) that have legalized medical marijuana.'

Great link that was emailed to me at stonerwire420@yahoo.com.

It’s High Time to End Marijuana Prohibition

THE HILL: It’s high time to end marijuana prohibition

'By any objective standard, marijuana prohibition is an abject failure.
Nationwide, U.S. law enforcement have arrested over 20 million American citizens for marijuana offenses since 1965, yet today marijuana is more prevalent than ever before, adolescents have easier access to marijuana than ever before, the drug is more potent than ever before, and there is more violence associated with the illegal marijuana trade than ever before.'

420 Marijuana Smokeout - Denver, Boulder

They will be smoking marijuana.

The High Holiday of 4/20

HIGH TIMES: The High Holiday of 4/20

'Once again the supreme stoner holiday of 4/20 is upon us, meaning it’s time (even if it’s not 4:20) to fire up those super-sized fatty joints and take an extra long hit from the bong. Drab, depressing Tax Day is in the rearview mirror, meaning it’s OUR day to get high, buzzed, stoned or whatever level you plan on ascending to on this day of days, the one day of the year we consciously celebrate being stoners.'

What’s in a Name?

HAILMARYJANE.COM: What’s in a name?

'Kushes, Hazes, Skunks, and Purps. What do they all mean? Are these names legitimate or are they just haphazardly given by some 14 year old punk with a dime bag and a creative imagination?'

Origins Of 420: What Matters, And What Doesn't

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Origins Of 420: What Matters, And What Doesn't

'As a veteran of stoner culture who can remember the years before mass media latched onto the 420 phenomenon in general, and specifically the celebration of April 20 (4/20) as America's fastest-growing holiday and high celebration of all things cannabis, I have to admit I find the entire scenario a little strange.'

Happy 420 Smoke Out 2010 / R.I.P. Jack Herer

Happy Jack Herer Day!

Marijuana Man Music Video

A little weird, but looks like dude put some work in, and after all - it's 4/20!!

Happy 4/20/2010

Happy 420 stoners!

Free Downloads of ‘Marijuana is Safer’ to Be Offered on 4/20

MPP: Free Downloads of ‘Marijuana is Safer’ to Be Offered on 4/20

'In recognition of 4/20, Chelsea Green Publishing will be offering free downloads of this important book, which examines the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol and asks why our nation’s laws seek to punish people who make the sensible choice to use the less harmful substance: marijuana. April also happens to be National Alcohol Awareness Month.'

April 20th Weed Day

'Today is April 20, 2010 and April 20 is the National Weed Day. The day is also known as Marijuana Appreciation Day, National Smoke Day and Stoners Day. As the name depicts, it is a day on which the fans of Marijuana pay a tribute to it.'

CA: $3 Million in Marijuana Found on Boat

'Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies seized about 4,000 pounds of marijuana valued at about $3 million and detained three Mexican nationals after a flat-bottomed motorboat ran aground in a remote area off Catalina Island, sheriff's officials said Monday.'

Strain Review: AFPAK

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: AFPAK From Private Dealer (Rustee305)

'Overall: The overall effect of this indica is noticed from the moment you exhale the smoke.  Because it is an indica, you get the standard no movement body-type high.  It is short-lived however.  This is why an A- was awarded.  AFPAK is derived from two landrace strains, one being of Afghan origin the other of Pakistani.  The genetics scream ‘Kush‘ all over this strain.  –Rustee305'

What Does 4/20 Mean to You?

HIGH TIMES: What Does 4/20 Mean to You?

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

420 Event: US Celebrates and Consumes Marijuana

'This has evolved into a counterculture holiday, where people get together to celebrate and consume cannabis. In some areas this event goes with Earth Week. At events in the United States, it is normal to hear about Abraham Lincoln, one the American politicians popular for past use of cannabis, who stated that one of his “favorite things” was “smoking a pipe of sweet hemp“.'


Hot Chick Wake N Bake

A good morning.

First-Ever Marijuana Growers Convention in CO Town

'ASPEN, Colo. -- Organizers created something a little different this weekend in a town known for fashion, skiing, stars and scenery.

More than 1,000 people filled the ski town of Aspen this weekend for the first ever Western Slope Cannabis Crown Festival. Organizers say it is like a beer tasting festival, only with marijuana.'

Suspects Tunnel Into Marijuana Dispensary

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Can't Dig It: Suspects Tunnel Into Marijuana Dispensary

'Three men tunneled into a California medical marijuana dispensary, according to police -- the second burglary at the same location in two weeks.'

Jack Herer Memorial Service

HIGH TIMES: Jack Herer Memorial Service

'Celebrate Jack Herer's life! On Sunday, April 25 the memorial service for Jack Herer will be held at Eden Memorial Park located at 11500 Sepulveda Boulevard in Mission Hills, CA 91345-1133.'

Sasha Hess Putting Together a White Gridded Inline Bubbler

I love watching glass work.

US Permits On-site Pot Smoking For the First Time

STUFF STONERS LIKE: US Permits On-site Pot Smoking For the First Time

'If you’ve ever been to the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show, then you’ve pretty much already experienced the 1st International Cannabis and Hemp Expo which gets the credit of the first US trade show to permit on-site pot smoking.'

Vaporizer Health Animation

The more you know, the more stoned you can get.

From The Mail: The 10 Dumbest Anti-Drug PSAs (Plus A Smoking Game!)

RANKER.COM: The 10 Dumbest Anti-Drug PSAs (Plus A Smoking Game!)

Got an email today from the folks at Ranker.com, alerting me to this cool list. Plus each one comes with a smoking game! If you have a cool link for The Pothead Pundit, send it to stonerwire420@yahoo.com.

From The Mail: "420 Day" - The Really High Zone

I've seen stories on these guys on Bakedlife.com and Tokeofthetown.com, and received an email from them today, promoting their newest creation, "420 Day." It seems pretty funny, especially if you're high. Feel free to let everyone know what you think in comments.

HIGH TIMES Radio Returns!


'HIGH ON THE AIR, the long-time radio show of HIGH TIMES magazine is making a comeback! We’ve brought Callum Francis out of retirement in order to resurrect HIGH ON THE AIR, the hugely popular Internet radio show that smoked out the Web for years.'

The Marijuana Lobby: All Grown Up

CNBC: The Marijuana Lobby: All Grown Up

'What a difference 20 years has made for the head of the pot lobbying group, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Norml.'

The Tire Meets The Road

ED ROSENTHAL: The Tire Meets The Road

'I was recently in Los Angeles for business, and decided to fly back to Oakland a day early. I had originally planned to visit Eddy Lepp who is incarcerated in a federal prison in Lompoc, CA for at least eight years-- for the heinous crime of growing and giving away an incredible amount of marijuana to medical patients in need.'

Reports: Southern Cal TE McCoy Tested Positive for Marijuana at Combine

'NEW YORK (AP) — A person familiar with the result tells The Associated Press that Southern California tight end Anthony McCoy tested positive for marijuana at the scouting combine.'

Update on Sponsors 6: Featured Reviews

A few weeks ago I premiered Monster Ads. Now The Pothead Pundit brings you: Featured Reviews.

If you have a website that sells products you would like featured on this blog (like the Mellow Monkey above) then contact me at stonerwire420@yahoo.com. You'll send me your product, for free of course, and I'll do a review of it that will stay at the top of this blog for a full month. The last 30 days saw over 47,000 page views for The Pothead Pundit.

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Willie Nelson Smoked Pot Before This Interview

A true American Legend, Willie Nelson.

Juicy Jay’s Super Blunt

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Juicy Jay’s Super Blunt (EdmNugs)

'Comments: These wraps come individually boxed around a conic tube.  As guaranteed by Juicy, these things are just that.  In fact, the past two I’ve bought have almost been damp.  Be careful when unraveling the wrap from the tube as it may sometimes cling and tear a diagonal into your precious beauty.

These wraps make for nice twisting on the scale of 14 to 34-35+ g’s, depending on the skill of the roller.  I have found mine to burn fairly evenly with no to almost no canoe.  Included in the pics was my last birthday blunt, a nice ‘ol 19′er.  –EdmNugs'


CO: Medical Marijuana Comes With Strings Attached

'Parts of Colorado’s growing medical marijuana industry remain shrouded in smoke, including who can sell the marijuana and how it can be distributed.

But much is clear.

Legally obtained marijuana can get users fired, jailed or turned down for foster parent jobs.

Restrictions on medical marijuana use abound, even as dispensaries sprout up in nearly every neighborhood in Colorado Springs and as the state processes 1,000 applications per day for legal marijuana use.'

Strain Review: Asteroid OG Kush

KINDREVIEWS.COM: Asteroid OG Kush (The Breck Loft)

'Overall:  I went to two distinct states while on the Asteroid, one of complete somatic state that rose to one of capability (a nice mixed bag).  I also appreciated that I experienced zero paranoia from such a powerful strain.  This is a very potent indica that possesses enough sativa qualities to keep from locking you to the chair. '

Homemade All Ice Bong

Pretty sweet.

The Dutch Coffeeshop Experience

A ton of great info, whether you're planning a trip to Europe, or just live through travel videos.

'Auditors With Guns' In Colorado? Pot Bills Gut Protections

TOKE OF THE TOWN: 'Auditors With Guns' In Colorado? Pot Bills Gut Protections

'Two law enforcement bills are now working their way through the Colorado Legislature that would, according to Cannabis Therapy Institute, seriously harm medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. According to CTI, both of these bills have seen strong support from legislators, both Democrats and Republicans. '

NH Senate To Vote On Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana

'CONCORD, N.H. (AP) ― New Hampshire's Senate votes Wednesday whether to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults.

The Judiciary Committee recommended unanimously that the Senate kill the bill passed by the House. The bill would allow adults to possess one-quarter ounce or less of the substance. It also would decriminalize transporting less than one-quarter ounce of the drug.'

Advocates, Pot Brownies on Hand at Marijuana Expo

'DALY CITY, Calif. — Medical marijuana users near San Francisco lit up Saturday at the opening of the two-day International Cannabis and Hemp Expo, where vendors displayed bongs, vaporizers, hash brownies and other marijuana-related products.'

The Biggest Protest on The Planet (May 1st & 8th 2010)

Be there.

More From a Hot Chick With a Bong

Hot chick + Bong = Awesome website traffic. There's a song playing too, I think.

Cheech & Chong Show Off Their Medicinal Marijuana Cards

'Cheech & Chong are back, and now they have medicinal marijuana cards. Their original films and stage shows were rebellious with pot humor in a “straight” world. Now Tommy Chong just takes his card out of his wallet to show the press he qualifies for medical weed.'

The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 3

JOHN DOE RADIO: The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 3

'An EPIC Strain Review consists of Bubba Kush and the insightful thoughts it brought to Derek and I. We discuss in depth some inspired Cannabis thoughts and had good times. The Primal Glasswerks Mellow Monkey used as a weapon loaded with connoisseur Bubba Kush is no joke.'

Hemp, From Hippie to Hip

'It’s not just for the stoner set. Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein are among the designers incorporating hemp textiles into their fashions. It’s a versatile material said to be easy on the environment.'

Strain Review: Purple OG

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Purple OG From Private Dealer (ipistolwhipblindkids)

'Overall: The most debilitatingly beautiful strain of marijuana I’ve ever smoked.  A .75g bong hit of this stuff is pretty damn close to being as potent as a small bowl of bubble hash.  That being said, a half gram bowl of this or plain OG, topped off with some bubble hash is how I like to put an end to my nights…or days :P   –ipistolwhipblindkids'

Cheech & Chong Return to the Screen in Hey, Watch This!

HIGH TIMES: Cheech & Chong Return to the Screen in Hey, Watch This!

'April 20 is a day of celebration for stoners throughout the world, and this year the High Holiday will be made even more special by the cinematic return of the most popular comedy act in marijuana history. Cheech & Chong’s first movie in 25 years, Hey, Watch This!, is being released in select theaters over the weekend and on DVD, Blue Ray, Video On Demand, and digital download the following Tuesday on – you guessed it! – 4/20.'