VA: 2 Busted for Possession of 700 Lbs. of Marijuana

'Federal authorities in Virginia say they have charged two people with possessing about 700 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of more than $1 million.'

Strain Review: Sour Diesel x Trainwreck

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Sour Diesel x Trainwreck From Trinity Gardens (NorCal_Cyclist)

'Overall: This is definitely a night time medicine, as each time I’ve used it, it was smoke for a while and then "out went the lights" – 4 for 4 my wife had to wake my snoozing ass up to get up from the couch and head for bed. I’m going to have to try this strain out this weekend, so I can smoke earlier in the day. –NorCal_Cyclist '

More Colleges are Becoming Anti-Medical Marijuana

THE WEED BLOG: More Colleges are Becoming Anti-Medical Marijuana

'More and more college campuses are creating anti-medical marijuana rules for their students and staff. This last week, the University of Montana (Missoula) banned medical marijuana on campus.'

Court: Coffeeshop Owner Broke Cannabis Laws

HIGH TIMES: Court: Coffeeshop Owner Broke Cannabis Laws

'The owner of Checkpoint, a Dutch coffeeshop in the town of Terneuzen, was fined 10 million euros ($13.3 million) and sentenced to 16 weeks in prison when a court decided that his business broke drug laws.'

Strain Review: Headband

MERNAGH.CA: Headband Marijuana Strain Review

'A potent Headband sample came my way via a dear doobie friend.
Fresh from their marijuana grow room.
Very fresh actually.'

Steal Cannabis From the Police

THE DAILY SMOKER: Steal cannabis from the police

'Too bad he got caught though, better luck next time.'

Will California Legalize Marijuana? - Debate

Vote yes.

Goodbye 99 Problems and Hello Mendicino County

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Goodbye 99 Problems and Hello Mendicino County

'Under the new ordinance you will be able to grow 25 plants per parcel or you can apply for an exemption which would then allow you to grow up to 99 plants as long as you can get a permit from the Mendocino County Sheriffs Department.'

Marijuana Is SAFER

Stop believing the government's bullshit.

California Pot Push Creates Unlikely Allies

Seems Jerry Brown has always been a dick. Big ups to The Men's Warehouse dude though.

TX: El Paso CBP Officers Seize Marijuana, Bologna

'On Wednesday, CBP officers at the Stanton Street international bridge made an 87-pound marijuana seizure from a SENTRI program participant. Earlier this month, officers at the Ysleta SENTRI lane seized more than 4 pounds of prohibited bologna from another participant.'

I love that phrase, "Prohibited Bologna."

Legalizing Marijuana: The Golden State’s Pot Of Gold?

'This week, a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana possession by adults qualified for the California ballot. The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 is coming up for a vote.'

After the Harvest

HIGH TIMES: After the Harvest

'The final stage of cannabis growing – from cutting and trimming your branches to drying and curing your buds – determines the quality of the pot you produce.'

Boston 4:20pm Party with Rick Cusick of HIGH TIMES

Party up.


Montage: Medical Marijuana

Awesome video, with great music.

Marietta Bakery Gets Marijuana Shipment

'The Flowers Baking Company, located on Powers Ferry Road, received a large package of marijuana at about 11:05 a.m. Friday, Marietta police confirmed to Channel 2 Action News.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: megamegz420

MISS HIGH TIMES: megamegz420

'Hello there! I am Mega-Megz, the one and only. A nickname I have lived up to since I first let Miss Mary into my life 7 years ago.'

Broadway Wellness Dispensary Tour

Tokin Daily.

Tell Your Friends, 2010 is Our Year

Register to vote, and fight in your state.

Mile High Madness


'As we boarded the plane to Denver I could hear the late singer John Denver singing in my head "Rocky Mountain High Colorado" and it just seems so fitting. The beauty of the snow-capped vistas took my breath as we started the approach into Denver and I could barely contain my excitement about my first visit to the wild, wild west Cannabis frontier that is Colorado.'

One Small Toke For Man, One Giant Fish Bowl For Mankind

HAILMARYJANE.COM: One Small Toke For Man, One Giant Fish Bowl For Mankind

'Big news for Californians, a measure to legalize marijuana and allow it to be sold and taxed will be on the ballot in November. In order for the measure to be put on the ballot it needed to get 433,971 signatures to be certified. Marijuana supporters managed to gather 694,248 signatures, this just goes to show you how much people in California want pot to be legalized.'

Arizona: Sen. Votes to Tax Marijuana if Legalized

Baking in the sun of AZ.

New York: Medical Marijuana Clears Key Hurdle

A NY state of mind.

Strain Review: El Diablo

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: El Diablo From Easy Going Coffee Shop (valluco956)

'Overall: Got a couple grams cause they said it was the strongest on the menu, they lied! It was good but I don’t really like the pine taste. –valluco956'

CA: Legal Marijuana One Step Closer


MPP's Aaron Smith Debates TaxCannabis2010

If you live in California, be sure and register to vote asap.

Top States to be a Stoner

Pretty interesting.


Trailer Park Boys - The Water Bong Is So Smooth

Lol dude.

Victory In San Diego: Medical Marijuana Patient NOT GUILTY, All Counts!

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Victory In San Diego: Medical Marijuana Patient NOT GUILTY, All Counts!

'San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis's war on medical marijuana patients and providers suffered another crushing defeat Thursday afternoon, as activist Eugene Davidovich was acquitted by a jury of all charges stemming from his arrest last year as part of Operation Green Rx.'

Mexico Bristles as Some U.S. States Relax Marijuana Laws

' As more U.S. states permit medical marijuana, and California considers legalizing cannabis sales to adults, Mexico is voicing irritation at the gap between drug laws north and south of the border and saying it undercuts the battle against Mexico's violent drug cartels.'

Awww, well isn't that tough shit, huh Mexico? Maybe you're failed policies are the reason for the violence, not us.

Medical Marijuana Looks Delicious

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Medical Marijuana Looks Delicious

'Medical marijuana is a beautiful thing. For me, it is reason enough to move to a state like California or Colorado where people already have access to it. Either way, I think within our lifetime you will be able to go into a store and purchase your own weed (for medical purposes or not) but in the meantime it is classified as medical (COME ON PEOPLE!).'

Transplanting Marijuana Clones

Great info.

Michigan Police Are Ignoring Medical Marijuana Law

THE WEED BLOG: Michigan Police Are Ignoring Medical Marijuana Law

'A trend is growing in the State of Michigan; police are arresting patients, confiscating their property, and turning their lives upside down, despite the fact that the patients are legally registered in the State of Michigan’s medical marijuana program.'

Medical Marijuana Card Arrives More Than Two Months After Cancer Patient Died

'That card finally arrived a few days ago -- more than five months after Elaine had applied, and over two months since she died.'

Strain Review: God Bud

BAKED LIFE: God Bud- Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

'God Bud is an Indica dominant hybrid, though it can simply be called an Indica. Most strains are mixed with both Indica and Sativa. This one is and Indica dominant with an overwhelming 75% Indica Genetics, which leaves only 25% as Sativa. It's only been in widespread use for about 5 years.'

Pardon Sought in NJ Medical Marijuana Case

'TRENTON, N.J. (AP) —Two New Jersey lawmakers are asking Gov. Chris Christie to pardon a man with multiple sclerosis who grew marijuana he said he needed to treat his condition.'

Legalized Marijuana: The Time Has Come

It's coming, November 2010.

TX: Million Dollar Marijuana Factories Disguised as Ordinary Austin Homes

'AUSTIN, Texas -- Two people have been taken into federal custody after a year-long investigation by the Williamson County Sheriff's Office and Texas Department of Public Safety netted up to $7 million worth of marijuana.'

Lets Continue Funding A Failed Drug War

A political gesture.

Marijuana Industry Divided on California Legalization

SPARK REPORT: Marijuana Industry Divided on California Legalization

'Jack Herer, a well know activist and author who also has popular strain of marijuana named after him, has urged people to vote against the “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010″. Herer’s main complaint about the initiative is that it will unfairly tax marijuana consumers.'

I can see the points against it, but we cannot go all or nothing with this. The opportunity here is so massive, we cannot let it pass us by. Vote yes on Cannabis Tax 2010 in November!

Wisconsin: Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana

We must push on all fronts, in all states.

The Drug War is Doomed

Juarez, Mexico.

The Failure of the Drug War

Utter failure.

This November Is Going To Be Very, Very Interesting

NORML: This November Is Going To Be Very, Very Interesting

'This coming November’s mid-term election is going to have major implications for cannabis law reform.'

Jesse Ventura on Marijuana

It's time.

It´s Official: California Voters to Decide Whether to Legalize Marijuana

Be sure to register to vote Cali stoners.

Cannabis Facts

Did you know?

Blog Post #1,000: Smoke Break at Pike's Peak

Marijuana TV

Whoa, dude.

Strain Review: Casey Jones

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Casey Jones From Private Dealer (InGrowingWeTrust)

'Overall: Very Amazing! I really am enjoying this stuff. Kinda disappointed he would only get me 3 grams. He had said he was already losing money because it was going to be sold for $30 a gram. So all in all I am very satisfied and looking forward to smoking some more soon. –InGrowingWeTrust'


Medical Marijuana Center in Michigan Brings Relief to Patients

'The Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center, (MMMCC). is making it a little easier for citizens to obtain documents necessary to receive medical marijuana for certain medical conditions according to an article issued by Hermanoff Public Relations through Newswise on 3-22-2010.'

3 Arrested at 2 L.A. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

'LOS ANGELES—Police say three people have been arrested following a raid on two medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.'

Never Get Busted: Back Talk 3

Fighting back!

Strain Review: OG Kush Kief

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: OG Kush Kief From Go Green Bear (mundane)

'Overall: They had green and brown OG Kush Kief there and the budtender told me that the green was kief harvested first (I guess the brown kief is harvested second, though she said they had the same potency). At least I think that’s what she said. I dunno – I’ve put this stuff on a lot of bowls. When I want to get to sleep, I just put some of this on a bowl or between some layers of leaves in the vape, and I’m out cold pretty soon thereafter. –mundane'

Los Angeles Pot Dispensary Crackdown Expected In May

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Los Angeles Pot Dispensary Crackdown Expected In May

'Councilman Ed Reyes is predicting that "noncompliant" shops -- which means all of them, other than the 187 that were in business before the city imposed a moratorium -- will start being shut down in May.'

If You Don't Care Whether Pot is Legal: Read This

EMERALD HERB: If You Don't Care Whether Pot is Legal: Read This

'If you don't care about pot, at least care about someone else's quality of of life that you are limiting. Think about the people that drives to drink, or become addicted to pain pills with severe side-effects and withdrawals that are bone crippling. Do you not care about that either? Do you like your ibuprofen or advil, 4 at a time - 3 times a day? Do you know how many people that kills per year? More than pot.'

South Texas Border Patrol Agents Find Nearly $1 Million Worth of Marijuana

'Agents seized a total of 54 bundles of marijuana with an estimated value of $939,200.'

NASCAR is Down With Medical Marijuana Car

THE WEED BLOG: NASCAR is Down With Medical Marijuana Car

'If you plan on watching NASCAR this Saturday, you will see a new kick ass car on the track. Cannabis Planet Television is sponsoring a race car at the ‘All-American Speedway’ in Roseville, CA this coming Saturday, March 27, 2010.'

High Times May 2010 Issue Preview


'Holy sativa, did you hear that HIGH TIMES will be hosting a Medical Cannabis Cup this June in San Francisco?'

Miss High Times Hopeful: miss_alicia_420

MISS HIGH TIMES: miss_alicia_420

'I may be small but I smoke like a freight train.'

Marijuana's Untold Side Effects

Marijuana TV

Wow, who knew?

Marijuana Legalization Officially Qualifies for California Ballot

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marijuana Legalization Officially Qualifies for California Ballot

'It’s official. Tax Cannabis 2010, the most far-reaching state effort ever, would legalize the consumption of cannabis for all adult over 21 — and would finally take the industry that serves those consumers out of a legal gray area — will qualify for the November mid-term ballot later today.'

Cannabis Use Around The World

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Cannabis Use Around The World

'Here is an awesome chart that my bro over at The Dope Smoker sent over to me. It shows the percentage of pot smokers from the populations from different countries around the world.'

My Life's Quest: To Write for High Times Part 3

HIGH TIMES: My Life's Quest: To Write for High Times Part 3

By The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

Strain Review: LA Confidential

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: LA Confidential From Go Green Bear (mundane)

'Overall: If I hadn’t bought the last 8th, I would’ve driven back for more. I cannot put the whip down when I vape this. I end up with cotton mouth, but the taste was so wonderful that I don’t want to drink anything.

It reminds me of salted sunflower seeds, and not necessarily how they taste, but more how they make my mouth feel after I’ve spent a while eating them. I think my favorite part of it is just inhaling it and getting that taste in my mouth. –mundane'

Monster Marijuana Plant

Video from 2007.

Senior Citizens Are Starting Medical Marijuana Businesses to Replace Lost Retirement Funds

'Seniors have been hit particularly hard by the downturn in the economy. Their retirement funds have been decimated and social security is no longer keeping up with the cost of living. With few options available to them, more and more senior citizens are starting medical marijuana business as a viable way to make ends meet.'

NFL Personnel Men Concerned by Marijuana 'Epidemic' in Draft Class

'ORLANDO -- There's a widespread belief within the NFL that the 2010 draft represents one of the deepest and most promising pools of collegiate talent in years. But in addition to the vast potential of this year's draft class, numerous NFL personnel evaluators told SI.com they are concerned about the increased number of prospects who have a history of marijuana use in their background, with players often acknowledging a failed drug test for pot in college in interviews with team executives.'

PH Perfect Case Study

The Urban Grower with 7 foot tall Bubba Kush plants.

California Initiative Would OK Use of Nonmedical Marijuana

'LOS ANGELES—Fourteen years after California decided that marijuana could be used as a medicine, the state is likely to vote on whether to take a decisive step into the vanguard of drug liberalization: legalizing the controversial weed for fun and profit.'


Marijuana Discussion Urged At Clinton's Drug Policy Summit

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Marijuana Discussion Urged At Clinton's Drug Policy Summit

'​The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) on Tuesday urged U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to include a discussion of marijuana prohibition -- and effective alternatives to it -- at a major drug policy summit in Mexico.'

D.C. Looks to State Programs for Answers on Medical Marijuana

'And in the District, elected officials are trying to learn from what they consider cautionary tales from other jurisdictions as they try to create a program that strikes a delicate balance: allowing safe access to the drug for those who need it, while avoiding the kind of abuse by recreational users that would attract a backlash from Congress.'

WI: Crunch Time for Medical Marijuana Supporters

'With less than a month remaining before the end of the legislative session, supporters gathered outside the Capitol Tuesday in an effort to make Wisconsin the 15th state, along with the District of Columbia, to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes.'

Debate Continues Over What Is And Isn't Fake Marijuana

'ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI-FOX2now.com) - There are new developments in a story we first brought you Monday. Texas Gold, a product being marketed as a substitute to marijuana, was pulled from store shelves in St. Charles County after investigators say it violated a recent county ordinance banning K2 or fake pot. "That is a prohibited product," said St. Charles County Sheriff Tom Neer talking about Texas Gold.'

Long Live The Kings

The Kings return on 4-20-10.

Tennessee Cave Of Weed

Older video, but so cool.

Medical Marijuana Law Returning to Arizona Ballot

'The initiative would allow doctors to essentially prescribe marijuana to patients who are suffering from any one of a specific set of conditions. It also would allow creation of a network of nonprofit shops that would sell marijuana to those who have those prescriptions and let those not within 25 miles of a shop to grow their own.'

Breeding in B.C.

HIGH TIMES: Breeding in B.C.

'You may have heard such terms as Beasters or beasty buds once or twice before, phrases referring to the thick, heavy sinsemilla grown in western Canada, in the Canadian province of British Columbia, or BC (hence the name).'

Strain Review: Plum Kush

KINDREVIEWS.COM: Plum Kush (Cherry Creek Health)

'Overall: This is one of the better Indicas that I have smoked. It looked, smelled and tasted exactly as it should. And the buzz was just right. This is a strain for anyone who says they don’t think purple varieties are as good as green.'

Study of Studies: Drug Prohibition Key Source of Violence and Crime

CANNABIS CULTURE: Study of Studies: Drug Prohibition Key Source of Violence and Crime

'The peer-reviewed study analyzed 15 international reports examining "the impact of drug law enforcement on violence", according to the UHRI. "Contrary to the prevailing belief that drug law enforcement reduces violence, 87% of the studies (13 studies) observed that drug law enforcement was associated with increasing levels of drug market violence," the group reports.'

L.A. Taking Steps Toward Enforcing Marijuana Dispensary Law

TOKE OF THE TOWN: L.A. Taking Steps Toward Enforcing Marijuana Dispensary Law

'Two Los Angeles City Council committees were poised Tuesday to take a major step towards enforcing a new ordinance that would shut down hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries around the city within months.'

Marijuana a Growth Industry for California Mag Publishers

'Amid slick pages and artsy, up-close photography of flowering marijuana buds, Humboldt Grow magazine raises some serious questions.'

How Marijuana Is Sent Through the U.S. Mail

ABC NEWS: How Marijuana Is Sent Through the U.S. Mail

Slide show.

Short History of Weed

Old school.

Marijuana on TV - Debate

Everything is better with a bag of weed.

Lucy and Her Weed (Nudity)

CHRONIC BABES: Lucy and Her Weed

Some of you only like those skinny girls, but I like chicks who get the munchies, or as my dad says, a little meat with my potatoes.

Strain Review: Grand Master Purple

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Grand Master Purple From Private Dealer (BluntedatBirth)

'Overall: The high is alright, nothing special as far as purps. I don’t know what is going on with these, everyone else smoking them with me gets way higher than I do. –BluntedatBirth'


The Dutch Among The Lowest Cannabis Users in Europe

THE DAILY SMOKER: The Dutch among the lowest users in Europe

'Probably the most favourite argument of prohibitionists: If you make cannabis legal, the amount of users will rise. But is that so? Uh, no... The Dutch already know for 30 years that's definitely not the case.'

Back at Medi Grow

Another great video from Urban Grower.

Strain Review: Chocolate Chunk

KINDREVIEWS.COM: Chocolate Chunk (Urban Dispensary)

'Overall: If you are looking for a strain with head to toe effects and great pain management, the Chocolate Chunk is one to look for.'

Colorado Medical Marijuana Bill Passes the First Vote

THE WEED BLOG: Colorado Medical Marijuana Bill Passes the First Vote

'The Colorado House Judiciary Committee approved a highly amended version of HB 1284 today, and sent it to the House Appropriations Committee for further debate.'

Smoking The Vaporgenie

Marijuana TV

Looks cool.

Humboldt County Plans To Be Ready For Pot Legalization

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Humboldt County Plans To Be Ready For Pot Legalization

'In what is being described as an unprecedented event, residents, local business people, officials, and industry leaders plan to meet in Humboldt County, California Tuesday night to talk about the potential economic effects of the legalization of marijuana, reports Donna Tam of the Eureka Times-Standard.'

Majority of New Yorkers Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana

'A new Siena Research Institute poll [pdf] of 810 New York State voters found that 50 percent support legalizing the use of medical marijuana in New York, while 41 percent oppose it.'

Medical Marijuana Inc Continues the National Educational Symposium Series

'Medical Marijuana Inc (PINKSHEETS: MJNA) is proud to announce the latest of its National Educational Symposium Series at the San Diego Convention Center on March 27, 2010.'

Marijuana As Charity

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Marijuana As Charity

'Someone left $8,000 worth of grass in a donation bin in Boulder, Colorado.'

Giving is the greatest gift you can receive.


Marijuana TV


The Kief Box

Marijuana TV

Kief it up!


MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: ProtoPipe (cxerophim)

'Overall: In my opinion, this is *the* most versatile pipe on the market, is small enough to take anywhere and (when closed) is relatively odor-proof. –cxerophim'

Fast Food Joint Serves Up Marijuana Roaches

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Want Highs With That? Fast Food Joint Serves Up Marijuana Roaches

'"This is not a cigarette; this is weed," her cousin, Jewelelle Washington replied. "This is very serious."'

CO: Medical Marijuana Debate Lights Up Monday

'Veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder would be allowed to use medical marijuana in an amendment to legislation already being debated at the State Capitol.'


2 Arrested at NH Rally to Protest Marijuana Laws

'NASHUA, N.H.— Charges are pending against two people who were arrested at a rally in Nashua, N.H., to protest marijuana laws.'

That's crazy.

Love to Smoke

Marijuana TV

The Individuals.

Indoor Grow Info

Get to growing.

NJ: Ailing Await Medicinal Marijuana

'COLLINGSWOOD — Donna Doak anxiously awaits the day when she can get a prescription for marijuana.'

Educate Your Kids About Marijuana

SUCCESSFUL STONERS: Educate Your Kids About Marijuana

'I was never educated as a child about Marijuana. Then one day when I was about 10 years old, my friends older brother approached us with a pipe and lighter, asking if we wanted to smoke some “pot.”'

MassCann/NORML Members Meeting 2010


Medical Marijuana Advocate Extends an Olive Branch to DEA Agent

'But along with her criticisms, Corry, the wife of fellow attorney/advocate Rob Corry, also saw some positives in Sweetin's rhetoric, which was far less strident than in some previous interviews.'

Strain Review: All of The Above

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: AOTA From The Herbal Center and Tea Lounge (zdub27)

'Overall: Great bud – really good wake-n-bake high but don’t make any plans for at least a couple hours. There wasn’t really much of a crash either. –zdub27'

CO: Lawmaker Says Marijuana Should be Allowed for PTSD

'DENVER—A state lawmaker wants veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder to be able to use medical marijuana.'

The Bong of the Day: Baccus

HAILMARYJANE.COM: The Bong of the Day: Baccus


Man Arrested for Manufacturing Marijuana

'Wilberding is in the Lincoln County Jail on charges of manufacturing marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. Wilberding will have a bond hearing today in the Lincoln County Courthouse.'

Marijuana is a plant, it is not manufactured, it is grown.

The Best Way to Add Moisture to Over-Dry Marijuana

THE WEED BLOG: The Best Way to Add Moisture to Over-Dry Marijuana

'A problem that some growers and distributors run into is over dried marijuana. This can be due to many factors; the grower left it hanging too long, or you took the marijuana from a moist climate (like the Willamette Valley of Oregon) to a dry climate (like Reno, Nevada), or whatever the reason.'

Woman with Marijuana Prescription Charged in Wyo.

'CASPER, Wyo.—A Colorado woman has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug possession in Wyoming after Casper authorities arrested her for possessing less of an ounce of marijuana that she said a doctor prescribed her.'

Harvest Party

Trimming his winter grow.

King of Pot Likes Public Civil Disobedience

King of Pot and MikeCann.net.

Medical Marijuana - Profiles - Rick Morse

Fighting the good fight.

Strain Review: Luna Uno

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Luna Uno From The Herbal Center and Tea Lounge (zdub27)

'Overall: It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it was a pretty good high. Really beautiful buds. –zdub27'

MS Patient Gets 5 Years For Medical Marijuana

HIGH TIMES: MS Patient Gets 5 Years For Medical Marijuana

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.