East St. Louis Man Gets 10-Year Sentence for Marijuana Offenses

'An East St. Louis man has been sentenced to 121 months in prison for marijuana offenses.'

TX: Nearly 900 Pounds of Marijuana Found During Raid

'SAN ANTONIO - Nearly 900 pounds of marijuana was found during a police raid in a Northwest side house Friday evening.'

Los Angeles Destroys Functioning Businesses in a Recession

REASON: Los Angeles Destroys Functioning Businesses in a Recession

'Los Angeles has lost over 150,000 jobs in the past year, is on the brink of bankruptcy, and experienced an unexpected 16 percent decline in sales tax revenue last year. And it’s located in a state with its own dire fiscal situation that is also facing unexpected gaps in tax revenue. Yet this week the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office made a move that's certain to make things worse for its citizens: forcing over 400 functioning businesses to close shop, under threat of jail time.

Don’t worry, though. It’s no big deal. Those businesses are only selling medicine.'

The Awful Drug War

Legalize now!

RooR Bongs History


'Since being established in the 1980's, roor has continued to create quality innovative bongs and other smoking accessories. All roor glass is hand blown and made in limited numbers in order to maintain high quality control.'

CO Attorney General Objects to Keeping Locations of Medical Marijuana Grows Secret

'DENVER (AP) — Colorado's attorney general is objecting to plans to keep the locations of medical marijuana grows secret.

The state Senate this week voted to keep that information off-limits to protect grow operations from being burglarized.'

Nug Porn: Sugar Plum

NUG PORN: Sugar Plum

Looks incredible!

Marc Emery Goes to Jail on Monday Morning, May 10th

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marc Goes to Jail on Monday Morning, May 10th

'...but we hope to have him out on bail again the same day. Marc's bail conditions require that he turn himself in at 9am on May 10th, or when the Justice Minister makes a decision about the extradition. The prosecutor claims that the Justice Minister has all day on the 10th to make a decision, so Marc can get out on bail after 1pm our time (4pm Ottawa) unless he's ordered extradited.'

CO: First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Off to Slow Start

'Telluride’s first medicinal marijuana dispensary opened last Wednesday, but no medicine has gone out the door yet.

One day, owner Neal Elinoff hopes to have 12 to 31 varieties of marijuana in the store, called Legally Supplied Marijuana For Telluride — or L.S.M.F.T.

But the most activity the shop has seen for now is the occasional curious passerby stopped by the two-foot sign with a pot leaf in the window.

Elinoff, who also runs the posh Elinoff Gallery located in the same building as the dispensary at 204 W. Colorado Ave., said he’s cautiously dipped his toe in the medicinal waters.'

CO: Medical Marijuana Discussed on 'Hot Button'

Let's get real, just legalize it.

The Prohibition of Marijuana: That's the Problem

'D.C. Assistant Police Chief Peter Newsham might be an unlikely advocate for overhauling our nation's broken marijuana laws, but he articulated a central truth about the harms associated with marijuana and marijuana prohibition ["As D.C. votes on marijuana, seeds already firmly planted," front page. May 4]. "People don't feel marijuana is dangerous," Newsham said, "but it is, because of the way it is sold."'

Wake n Bake with Grandma

Hempy Mother's Day!

Cheech & Chong on Lopez Tonight

The Kings.

Ban on Industrial Hemp Results in High Prices and Lost Jobs

HEMP NEWS: Ban on Industrial Hemp Results in High Prices and Lost Jobs

'Statement on Hemp History Week by Congressman Ron Paul United States House of Representatives

May 6, 2010 – Madam Speaker, I rise to speak about Hemp History Week. To celebrate the American heritage of growing industrial hemp, the Hemp Industries Association, Vote Hemp, several American manufacturers, and allied companies and organizations have declared May 17 to May 23 to be Hemp History Week. Throughout the week, people will recognize America’s legacy of industrial hemp farming and call for reinstating respect for farmers’ basic right to grow industrial hemp.'

Roll a European Style Spliff

HOW TO GROW BUD: Roll a European style spliff 

Don't know how accurate this is, you Euros can judge for yourself.

A Mary Jane Mother’s Day

NORML: A Mary Jane Mother’s Day

'A lesson of history is that people enjoy altering their state of mind. History has also shown us that the prohibition of any substance is not beneficial to society and creates a violent and dangerous black market; which opens a gateway that allows our children to easily obtain these substances.'

Police Beat and Bloody Wrong Man in Botched Drug Raid

CANNABIS CULTURE: Hamilton Police Beat and Bloody Wrong Man in Botched Drug Raid

'Hamilton's police chief admits they got the wrong apartment and the wrong man when officers burst into the home of an unsuspecting refugee from Myanmar who was left terrified and bloodied.

Heavily armed officers were looking for an alleged cocaine dealer who lives in a different unit in the same apartment building as 58-year-old Po La Hay and his two adult children.'

Product Review: Smoke Buddy

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

AZ: Border Patrol Seizes $1.1 Million in Marijuana

'TUCSON - Border Patrol agents from the Tucson sector seized more than 1,300 pounds of marijuana in one day during four separate vehicle stops. The marijuana is valued at $1.1 million.'

Strain Review: NUGGETRY Super Green Haze


'Overall: It’s just lovely when you come across a strain that takes some of the best herb the sativa world has to offer and mixes it up. I must say that I am really impressed with the outcome. (There were some haters on this one as it grew). WRONG!'

Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Bill Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

'When Pennsylvania law makers proposed legalizing medical marijuana in the Commonwealth, they weren't just blowing smoke. State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Delaware County) announced in a press conference today at the Capitol to introduce legislation that would allow the sale medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.'

CA: Sonoma Authorities Seize $21M in Marijuana Plants

'CLOVERDALE, Calif.—Sonoma County authorities say they have seized more than 10,000 marijuana plants valued at $21 million.
 The pot was taken from a garden west of Lake Sonoma on Thursday.'

Map Shows L.A. Pot Dispensaries Slated to Shut Down

'The interactive map shows the 439 Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries that must shut down by June 7, when the city's ordinance to regulate the stores takes effect.

The city attorney's office has begun notifying the dispensaries, warning them in letters that violations of the city's laws are a misdemeanor and could lead to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.'


Top 25 Marijuana Smoking States

HAIL MARY JANE: Top 25 Marijuana Smoking States

'The part that immediately jumps out to me is the fact that California is number 18. If you would have asked me before seeing this my guess would be that they would be at least top 3, if not number 1. That actually shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though because the Netherlands have one of the lowest smoking populations in the world despite the fact that everyone’s favorite smoking city (Amsterdam) is there.'

Kentucky Pothead Runs For Sheriff; Calls On Others To Do So

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Kentucky Pothead Runs For Sheriff; Calls On Others To Do So

'Ronnie Lee Smith wants to be sheriff of Gallatin County, Kentucky. Which is not that unusual, until you realize that Smith is better known as pot comedian and social media personality Roland A. Duby.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: Romana


'My name is Romana and no I don't have bright colorful dreads, huge tits, or pot leaves covering my goodies, but I have a great stoner personality that you would kill for.'

Marijuana and Dogs are More Dangerous than Assault Rifles...Duh!

HIGH TIMES: Marijuana and Dogs are More Dangerous than Assault Rifles...Duh!

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

Colorado Man Facing 10 Years To Life In Pot Case

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Colorado Man Facing 10 Years To Life In Pot Case

'Chris Bartkowicz is facing 10 years to life in federal prison -- and up to a $4 million fine -- for growing more than 100 medical marijuana plants in his Highlands Ranch, Colorado basement.'

Smoking Weed with Grandpa is Fun

Stoned everyday since 1967!

DC Marijuana Reform

Legalization marches on.

Missouri SWAT Criticized for Killing Dogs. Finally. (With Video)

MPP: Missouri SWAT Criticized for Killing Dogs. Finally. (With Video)

'Watch the video, keeping in mind that police later tried to charge Whitworth with child endangerment, as if having a little marijuana in the home is more dangerous to a child’s wellbeing than storming into their house with automatic weapons and killing their dogs.'

SC: Ice Cream Man Arrested with Marijuana

'Gaffney police arrested an ice cream truck driver Wednesday night after confiscating marijuana from the truck. Michael Andrew Mulligan, 41, of 151 Johnson Road, Boiling Springs, was charged with simple possession of marijuana and taken to the Cherokee County jail.'

Marijuana Far Safer Than Other Drugs

'Here are some facts that substance abuse and prevention counselor Darcy Jensen overlooked in her April 19 Argus Leader column opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is not the only drug being used in the workplace. Employers have the same liability with narcotics prescribed by physicians, which, by the way, have a long and proven history of addiction, accidents and deaths associated with their use.

There are laws on the books for operating motor vehicles under the influence of drugs. If faced with the choice of meeting a driver or teacher under the influence of marijuana or prescription narcotics, I'd much rather be on the road or in the classroom with the person using marijuana.'

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Marijuana Not ‘Rolled Up’ In Limited Partner Side Letters…Yet

'Some limited partners make sure to keep their distance from investments in a handful of controversial or politically touchy industries. Given a recent financing round by Trilogy Partners in a decidedly non-traditional portfolio company, some may consider adding another type of deal to the “don’t touch” list.'

TaxCann 2010 Flush, Opponents Low On Dough

CANNABIS CULTURE: TaxCann 2010 Flush, Opponents Low On Dough

'The November ballot initiative to tax and regulate cannabis for personal use received more than $200,000 in campaign contributions between January 1, 2010 and March 31, according to newly published electronic campaign finance records. All groups opposed to the measure — like the Committee Against the Legalization of Marijuana — failed to electronically file their contributions by the April 15 deadline, indicating that they did not raise at least $50,000, the minimum contribution amount that triggers mandatory e-filing. This may be good news for reformers.'

This Saturday: Dr. Greenthumb & Tommy Chong's Spring Gathering

CELEBSTONER: This Saturday: Dr. Greenthumb & Tommy Chong's Spring Gathering

'CelebStoner is proud to part of the the Spring Gathering Music Festival & Medical Marijuana Expo tomorrow at the National Orange Center in San Bernardino, headlining Method Man & Redman and the Kottonmouth Kings and being hosted by B-Real and Tommy Chong. CelebStoner's Steve Bloom is producing and moderating the Expo panel discussions.'

CO: Mothers For Marijuana Take Message to Capitol

Happy Mother's Day!

Mixing Mother's Day With Marijuana

'Here's a new twist on the Mother's Day marketing: The newly formed Women's Marijuana Movement wants you to send mom an e-card to ask her support for legalizing marijuana.

The Denver-based group is the latest effort to build coalitions to support legalizing pot. While Colorado and 13 other states allow marijuana for medical purposes, California and possibly Colorado voters could consider outright legalization this fall.'


Cops Shoot Dogs with Children Present

Fucking pigs. Did that seem like a dangerous situation they were entering? I love how the one cop keeps saying "You're fine." If by fine he means we haven't put a bullet in you yet, then I guess he's right.

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show - Test

The Pothead Pundit hits the airwaves today with a test show. Marijuana news and tunes! It went pretty well, check it out:

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show - Test Show

Oxygen Joint

NUG PORN: Oxygen Joint

I'm going to need to try that.

Letters To Mommy - The Real Potheads

'Happy Mother's Day from The Real Potheads of North Hollywood.'

Medical Marijuana in Idaho?

Every state adds to our momentum.

NJ: MS Patient Interview

Let us not forget the faces of the suffering.

What is Sativa?


'Sativa marijuana strains are just about the opposite of Indicas.

They are tall, thin marijuana plants, with much narrower leaves and grow a lighter green in color. Sativas grow very quickly and can reach heights of 20 feet in a single season.'

Detroiters May Vote on Legal Marijuana

'A Detroiter who helped lead the drive to allow medical marijuana in Michigan is pushing for something bound to be equally controversial: legalizing pot in the city of Detroit.

"You've done a great job," meeting the detailed filing requirements, City Clerk Janice Winfrey said Wednesday as Tim Beck handed over more than 6,100 petition signatures.'


Strain Review: NUGGETRY Sour Diesel


'Overall: A healthy specimen of what is becoming one of my favorite sativas (when grown correctly). A must see.'

The Daily Show Looks At Denver's Pot Dispensary Scene

TOKE OF THE TOWN: The Daily Show Looks At Denver's Pot Dispensary Scene

'The Daily Show's Jason Jones takes an up-close but light-hearted look at the increasingly tough competition going on in Denver's medical marijuana dispensary scene.'

CO: Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill

'State senators passed a bill Wednesday afternoon that would allow local voters or governments to ban dispensaries and impose regulations.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Chris Romer, a Democrat from Denver, said state regulation is needed because too many dispensaries are selling medical marijuana to anyone who walks in the door.'

NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

NORML: NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

'NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up is your one-stop guide to pending marijuana law reform legislation around the country, along with tips for influencing the policies of your state.'

Egypt's Pot Problem? A Marijuana Shortage

'Forget about the economic crisis, deficits, debts and country bail outs, Egypt is facing a huge problem of its own.  A marijuana problem.  And it’s not what you’re thinking. 

In a country where smoking the drug is part of everyday life for many here, a shortage of the stuff is a problem and it’s one that some are calling ‘’unprecedented.’’  The hash shortage is not due to consumers smoking the country’s stash up and bleeding it dry, it’s thanks to the vigilance of the interior ministry’s anti narcotics squad.' 

Medical Marijuana Cooking 101

HAIL MARY JANE: Medical Marijuana Cooking 101

'This is a great instructional video on cooking with weed.  Enjoy!'

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Ganja Girl Megan - Bikini Bong Rips

Yeah, you're welcome.

Burning Plants

HIGH TIMES: Burning Plants

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

420 University Kick Starts Cannabis Education In Michigan

TOKE OF THE TOWN: 420 University Kick Starts Cannabis Education In Michigan

'Michigan's growing medical marijuana industry will have available an instructional series of classes on compassionate care and the cultivation of cannabis at a July seminar.

On July 10 and 11, Kalamazoo, Mich., will host 420 University's first-ever weekend seminar, with instruction from prominent industry educators including cannabinoid scholar Dr. Robert Melamede, who is CEO and president of Cannabis Science, Inc., and the celebrated Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal of Quick Trading.'

OG Queen


'When did you lose your 420 virginity: I was 13 and my brother was so sick of me ratting him out he made me smoke a bowl. Its been love ever since.'

Nug Porn: Pot of Gold

NUG PORN: Pot of Gold

Gives rainbows a whole new meaning.

Smarter Approach to Drug Use

Prohibition doesn't work, and enriches the biggest of the drug dealers.

Judge Judy - Drug Users Don't Go to Jail

The only thing Judge Judy is an expert on is being a bitch.

The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 5

JOHN DOE RADIO: The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 5

'We bring you Marc Emery and he tells us where he stands in his fight against extradition to the United States. We also talk about what the availability of greens are like in Vancouver this time of year, and more.'

Becoming a Pot Critic - Leaving Wine Behind

BAKED LIFE: Becoming a Pot Critic - Leaving Wine Behind

'Wine drinkers have long enjoyed being part of a sophisticated cultural element. With practice a wine drinker can go from being awed at the selection in their local grocery store to impressing friends at a dinner and on to tasting elite crops from around the world. Well its about time the pot smoking community cemented it's own connoisseur culture.'

Review: ESPN's 'Run Ricky Run'

CELEBSTONER: Review: ESPN's 'Run Ricky Run'

'Finally, we know what makes Ricky Williams tick. Sam Pamphilon and Royce Toni's ESPN doc Run Ricky Run chronicles the former Heisman Trophy winner's rise to fame, his fascination with marijuana, possible child abuse at the hands of his father and redemptive comeback.'


General Hydroponics Nutrient Mix

Growing isn't easy. If you're going to do it, do us all a favor and learn about it.

Police Seize Grow Equipment, HIGH TIMES Magazines in New Zealand Raids

HIGH TIMES: Police Seize Grow Equipment, HIGH TIMES Magazines in New Zealand Raids

'Some of those arrested were charged with, among other things, selling grow equipment, lights, and HIGH TIMES magazine.'

Why Do Hot Girls Love Weed?

And we love them.

Three Arrested After 300 Pounds of Marijuana Found at Airport

'PONTIAC -- Three people may face federal drug-trafficking charges after police found more than 300 pounds of marijuana in a small commuter plane Monday afternoon at Pontiac Municipal Airport.'

April 2010 THMQ


'Once again, it’s Kush in the top pot spot for the month. Perennial runners-up Diesel and Purps were also well represented in April, and after a two-month absence, Haze returned to the list of most-submitted strains this month. Meanwhile, White Widow cracked the top five for the first time in 2010 (last appearance: November 2009).'

Washington D.C. Legalizes Medical Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Washington D.C. Legalizes Medical Marijuana

'The D.C. Council on Tuesday approved amendments to a medical marijuana law first passed in 1998 by 69 percent of District voters. Congress had blocked implementation of Initiative 59 for more than a decade, until it lifted its ban last year.'

Dogs & Marijuana

Free Pot.

Marijuana Legalization Has Become California Man's Crusade

'For much of his life, Richard Lee needed neither liberation nor a cause.

The Oakland medical pot entrepreneur, who spent $1.3 million to qualify this November's initiative to make recreational pot use legal in California, once lived for thundering his Harley-Davidson motorcycle down Texas highways.'

MDs, Patients Back Marijuana Compassion Clubs

CANNABIS CULTURE: MDs, Patients Back Marijuana Compassion Clubs

'Compassion clubs offer a range of medical marijuana products to fill a void in Health Canada's legal supply channel, doctors and patients say.'

Marijuana Advertiting - Sacramento

It's imperative that those of you in CA register to vote in November.

Censored: Ad Criticizing Mayor Bloomberg for Out of Control Marijuana Arrest Policy is "Too Controversial"

HUFFINGTON POST: Censored: Ad Criticizing Mayor Bloomberg for Out of Control Marijuana Arrest Policy is "Too Controversial"

'Driving along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE), you'll see advertisements for just about everything, including alcohol, strip clubs and casinos. But there's one ad you won't see: a rejected billboard highlighting Mayor Bloomberg's marijuana arrests policies in New York City.'


Endocannabinoids: Could Marijuana be Good for You?

BAKED LIFE: Endocannabinoids: Could Marijuana be Good for You?

'The research being done on marijuana has grown exponentially along with the growth of the medical marijuana field. Most of the myths being propagated about the negative affects of marijuana have been busted. New studies of Endocannabinoids by companies like Cannabis Science Inc. are making some people think that weed just might be good for you.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: Annesimilla

MISS HIGH TIMES: Annesimilla

'I am ALL natural & that's how I keep it...fresh! Who needs anything else when the sweet sense' has the answers.

From ganja butta'tea..cakes..2 cookies...blunts & joints ~ I'm always rockin that Mary Jane!'

Strain Review: NUGGETRY Sour Skywalker OG


'Overall: Not as available as I’d like it to be, NUGGETRY Sour Skywalker OG works wonders both in the morning when having a fresh wake-n-bake and at night when chilling out listening to some Pink Floyd.'

L.A. to Tell More than 400 Medical Marijuana Stores to Close

'Los Angeles' medical marijuana ordinance was signed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa last Friday, meaning city workers today began the process of informing unauthorized storefronts to close. "The letters will start going out Tuesday to more than 400 marijuana retailers in the city that are alleged to be in violation of the law, which prohibits the outlets from being within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and other 'sensitive use' sites," explained the LA Weekly.'

Oakland Faces Weed Shortage; City Council Declares Emergency

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Oakland Faces Weed Shortage; City Council Declares Emergency

'​I can remember weed droughts in the 1970s, and it was only the hippies complaining. Now the City of Oakland, California is prepared to renew its declaration of a "local public health emergency" stemming from a shortage of medical marijuana.'

Global Marijuana March Smokes Out Cannabis Support in Madison

'MADISON: Saturday's Global Cannabis March - Madison found great support as it snaked through downtown Madison from the N. Hamilton entrance of the State Capitol all the way to the Mifflin St. Block Party. March organizer Ben Masel, from the Madison chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), estimated that by the time the GCM - Madison reached the Mifflin Block Party that at least 250 were marching. The march grew quickly, attracting supporters from the Capitol Square Farmer's Market as it departed the Square.'

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show

Have you ever been checking out The Pothead Pundit and wish you didn't have to do so much reading? Wouldn't it be easier to blaze up, sit back, and have someone deliver the marijuana news to your ears?

Well, you're in luck. The Pothead Pundit Radio Show will hit the air with a test show at high noon EST on May 6th. Marijuana news, opinion, and music, all live. Come to the chat room during the show, or call in. If you're not around at show time, no worries - The show will be in podcast form, and available on Itunes.

A regular schedule will be forthcoming, tell your friends.

List of Marijuana Documentaries

HAIL MARY JANE: List of Marijuana Documentaries

'These are by far some of the best marijuana documentaries to date. All of them are eye-opening and most of them make a serious case for the legalization of marijuana and/or medical marijuana.'

THC Expose 2010 Day 1

Bong TV Live.

30 Medical Marijuana Hash Kief Oil Pics

Slide show.

Global Marijuana March Boston 2010 Photo Gallery

MIKE CANN: Global Marijuana March Boston 2010 Photo Gallery

'Thank you Andrew Hutchinson for posting to 420mass.com!'

Arizona Medical Marijuana Petitions Delivered 04/16/10

Go AZ!

Isn't Bloomberg Proud of His Pot Crackdown?

REASON: Isn't Bloomberg Proud of His Pot Crackdown?

'Nearly half of all New Yorkers have tried marijuana—including Mayor Bloomberg. We can't arrest them all, but Bloomberg is trying.
Marijuana arrests last year: 50,000.
Cost to taxpayers: nearly $100 million.'

IL: Police Oppose Medical Marijuana

'CHICAGO - Some top law enforcement officials are coming out against a bill that would legalize marijuana in Illinois for medical use.'

Who thinks that cops making medical decisions is a good idea?

Global Marijuana March 2010 - Toledo, Ohio

We are everywhere.

29 Purple Medical Marijuana Strains

Purple power.


CO: Romer Backs Lower Fees for Marijuana Dispensaries

'A lawmaker trying to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries is backing off a proposal to charge high fees to weed out operators who may have criminal ties.
Sen. Chris Romer said Friday that strict regulations, enforced with armed auditors, is the best way to make sure that dispensaries are following the law.'

Stoner Sundays: 8 Types of Hash

Hash oil.

CTV: Global Marijuana March in Toronto 2010

Huge crowd smoking pot.

Canadian Press: Global Marijuana March in Vancouver 2010

No prison for pot.

Interview: Celebstoner.com founder/publisher, Steve Bloom

THE BONG GIRL: Interview: Celebstoner.com founder/publisher, Steve Bloom

'Steve Bloom is the publisher/blogger/super G of the #1 celebrity marijuana website: celebstoner.com.  He has been active in the movement before most of you cats graduated grammer school and was one of the leading editors/journalists for High Times Magazine and the author of two must read books about Cannabis and culture.  Check out his take on cannabis and legalization.  The Bong Girl says ‘He’s one cool dude’.'

OK: Hidden Marijuana Farm Had 32,000 Plants

'They first estimated that 5,000 marijuana sprouts were present. After crews pulled and counted each baby plant, more that 32,000 plants were growing in rows each planted, fertilized, cultivated and irrigated all by hand.  The suspects even cut down trees to allow for sunshine.'

Marijuana Prohibition Is Alive And Well in Florida

NORML: Marijuana Prohibition Is Alive And Well in Florida

'Despite this amazing era of increased cannabis awareness and acceptability in America, there are still strong pockets of political resistance. One of the most important states that needs to exit the era of Reefer Madness post haste is the political bellwether Florida. Of America’s political behemoths–CA, IL, OH, TX, PA and NY–Florida is the state that has least embraced cannabis law reforms, defers way too much to law enforcement’s self-interests and it’s political leadership–Democrat and Republican–are lockstep prohibitionists.'

Strain Review: NUGGETRY Bubba Kush


'Overall: One of my favorite indicas from back in the day. While there may be some that are heavier, I know when I light a bowl of Bubba Kush that the day is about to get a whole lot better.'

Legalizing Marijuana Not Really a Dopey Idea

'A referendum will be on the November ballot, permitting personal use of the drug for those 21 and over. Cities or counties could allow for its sale and tax it. (Or not, it’ll be up to them.) It’ll also be OK for people to grow small amounts of it.

“It would free up prison spaces for really, really bad guys,” said Aaron Smith, California policy director for the Marijuana Policy Project.'

VIDEO: 2010 Global Marijuana March

CANNABIS CULTURE: VIDEO: 2010 Global Marijuana March

'The 2010 Global Marijuana march, also known as the Worldwide Marijuana March, was recorded on video by media organizations and thousands of viewers like you - here are the videos.'

For Those That Torch Bowls, Pay Attention

HAIL MARY JANE: For Those That Torch Bowls, Pay Attention

Don't torch the bowl.

Global Marijuana March 2010 - Missoula, Montana

Mountain march.

Global Marijuana March 2010 - Texas Cannabis Crusade 2010

Crusade in TX.

Global Marijuana March 2010 - Raleigh, North Carolina

Tar Heel march.

Global Marijuana March 2010 - Portland, Oregon

West coast!