OR: Marching for Marijuana

'EUGENE, Ore --- Dozens of supporters of the 2010 Oregon Cannabis Tax Act  took to the streets to raise awareness about two initiatives.

Organizer of the event Jim Greig said he hoped people at the event would walk away with more knowledge about marijuana and its many uses.'

Jack Herer Memorial Service – Photos and Commentary

420 MAGAZINE: Jack Herer Memorial Service – Photos and Commentary

'“I bet you’ve never seen a service like this before,” Dan Herer quipped.

The crowd erupted in laughter as everyone simultaneously acknowledged the situation: 420 plus people, old American Hippies and yuppies alike, jam-packed in a pristine Jewish chapel, an old discerning Rabbi quietly waits in the background while people take turns raving about the unjust persecution of Cannabis users, and billows of savory and balmy smoke waft in from the mourners ’sparking one up’ outside.'

Strain Review: Train Wreck


'A brain thumping, Sativa, soaring high. Comes on strong as a freight train, finishes in the typical ultra-heady Sativa manner. Very medicinal.'

Nug Porn: Tommy Frazier

NUG PORN: Tommy Frazier

The dude from Nebraska? Random.

Dodgers' Lambo Suspended 50 games

'The news release from Major League Baseball announcing the suspension didn't specify what the drug was, but there were strong indications it was marijuana, a drug that has caused Lambo troubles in the past.'

Strain Review: NUGGETRY Mace Windu


'Overall: A top shelf indica that is one of the few that can go toe-to-toe with some of the popular OG’s on the market right now.'

Global Marijuana March, Porto, Portugal - May 1st, 2010

I would put something clever here, but I don't know any languages except English...that's how I roll.

How to Smoke Cannabis

Animation fun.

More Than Half Of CA Voters OK With Candidates Smoking Pot

TOKE OF THE TOWN: More Than Half Of CA Voters OK With Candidates Smoking Pot

'​A new poll shows that as many California voters are fine with candidates for political office smoking pot recreationally, as those who aren't.

The 41-page poll (PDF), from Capitol Weekly and Problosky Research, found that 50.6 percent of likely primary election voters were either "much more likely" to vote for a candidate who was a recreational user of marijuana (4.3 percent), "slightly more likely" (2.5 percent), or, with the largest group, marijuana use would make no difference (43.8 percent).'

Global Marijuana March, Chisinau, Moldova - May 1st, 2010

Don't know where this is, but they like weed.

CO: DCAT to Air Marijuana Cooking Show

'For an appetizer, it was jalapeño poppers, with marijuana bud ground into the cream cheese and bacon sautéed in marijuana butter.

The entrée was pineapple-chipotle double-roasted swine that had been sitting in a marijuana marinade for 12 hours.

On the side: mashed potatoes made, of course, with marijuana butter, and asparagus seared with marijuana-infused olive oil.

Dessert came in the form of a chocolate chili tart whose graham cracker crust contained marijuana butter. It was topped with “Gooey Ganja Mango Sauce."

It isn't quite Rachel Ray, but a group of Durango marijuana advocates has developed this menu to film a pioneering marijuana cooking show for public-access TV.'

420 Disaster

WTF dude?

Denver Global Marijuana March 2010, May 1st

Legalize freedom.

Global Marijuana March, Toronto, Canada - May 1st, 2010

Canada, eh.

Chris Rock Talking About Pot

The government don't care about your safety.

Toronto: Thousands March for Legal Marijuana

'Thousands gathered downtown Saturday afternoon in support of marijuana legalization in the city’s annual global marijuana march.

The march, led by pot advocate Marc Emery, kicked off around 2 p.m. with the masses converging on Queen’s Park about an hour later.'

AZ: Georgia Trucker Arrested with More Than 480 Pounds of Marijuana

'PHOENIX — Arizona authorities say a Georgia man has been arrested after more than 480 pounds of marijuana were found in the commercial vehicle he was driving.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety patrol officer stopped the truck Thursday afternoon on Interstate 17 north of Phoenix for an equipment violation and safety inspection.'

Happy Global / Worldwide Marijuana March - TODAY, MAYDAY - List of 308 cities

Happy marijuana march day!

Medical Marijuana Patients: Medicated or Intoxicated?

PATIENTS FOR MEDICAL CANNABIS: Medical Marijuana Patients: Medicated or Intoxicated?

'If one reads any U.S. Government hogwash, it says ALL marijuana users are INTOXICATED. I presume that this comes from the same source that says an alcoholic drunk is intoxicated. Tipsy comes in there someplace like maybe ¼ drunk.'

San Diego Man Getting His Weed Back From The Cops

TOKE OF THE TOWN: San Diego Man Getting His Weed Back From The Cops

'A judge Friday morning ordered the San Diego Police Department to return all property seized from medical marijuana patient and provider Eugene Davidovich, including the dried marijuana and concentrated cannabis seized more than a year ago, in February 2009.'


420 Girl: Miss Meadow (nudity)

420 GIRLS: Miss Meadow

'Let's give a warm welcome to Miss Meadow from Idaho who is a Medical Marijuana Patient and smokes Weed every day..

Meadow says, "You know how it is when you smoke a bowl after something really stressful? The sense of clarity and balance you suddenly feel makes whatever problem you had seem managable and they just drift away in the cloud of smoke. People assume marijuana alters your reality, but us stoners know it's actually what keeps us grounded."'

Marijuana: Holy Smoke?

'Marijuana smokers may enjoy soaring moods and hearty appetites but they also can suffer short-term memory loss and reduced intellect, an expert testified Friday.

Dr. Harold Kalant was providing his expert testimony on both the adverse effects and benefits of pot at a constitutional challenge by a Toronto church — the “Church of the Universe.”'

CO: Club 420 Welcomes Marijuana Users

'BRECKENRIDGE - Club 420 doesn't sell medical marijuana. It simply sells memberships for people who want to use marijuana using club vaporizers.

The Breckenridge club opened last week and sells memberships for $20 a month. But Club 420 has some town officials concerned. Breckenridge Councilman Jeffrey Bergeron says the pot club is bad for neighbors.'

All Known Marijuana Related Twitter #HashTags

HOW TO GROW BUD: All Known Marijuana Related Twitter #HashTags (UpDated)

'A List Of All Known Marijuana Related Twitter HashTags , Or at least all the ones i could find. If you know of some more that i didnt mention here please feel free to tell us about it in a comment.'

Strain Review: Lavender Diesel

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Lavender Diesel From Private Dealer (umphmcgee)

'Overall: This is my new favorite strain.  This bud came straight from California and it is apparent in the quality of the weed.  It’s perfectly trimmed, dried, and cured, exactly what you expect from the best weed grown in the world.  I would buy this again in a heartbeat in as big of a quantity as I could get.  If you hear about this bud around your area…do the same!  –umphmcgee'

Group Fighting to Legalize Marijuana in Louisiana

'Medical marijuana is legal in 14 states, now a group right here in North Louisiana wants to legalize it here. A true believer in the drug calls pot a solution to his pain. Robert Delaney says pain has been just another part of his day since 2005. "When I am able to walk I can only do so with a cane or crutches,” said Robert Delaney. That’s when he injured his spine, making a wheelchair his main mode of transportation. "Spinal fusion surgery to correct the problem, unfortunately their surgery was a failure and then I go back in for a second surgery was a failure,” said Delaney. Delaney says the doctor's solution to his pain was legal prescription drugs. At one time he was on 37 different medications.'

Athletes Highlight Absurdity of Marijuana Laws

MPP: Athletes Highlight Absurdity of Marijuana Laws

'In breaking news out of North Carolina today, four members of the NC State football team were cited on “drug charges” for hanging out in an apartment smoking a little marijuana. Apparently, an off-duty police officer working in the apartment building smelled marijuana and decided he needed to protect the community by busting in and arresting as many people as possible.'

AZ: Border Patrol Finds 1,400 Pounds of Abandoned Marijuana

'TUCSON - Border Patrol agents found more than 1,400 pounds of marijuana in the west desert on Thursday.'

NUG Magazine at the THC Expose 2010

NUG MAGAZINE: NUG Magazine at the THC Expose 2010

'NUG Magazine covers the THC Expose 2010 in Los Angeles California. Check out the NUG Magazine booth, live music by Los Marijuanos and interviews. Video produced by Chris Gabriel.'

Canna Babe: Khristy Creams

CANNABABES: Khristy Creams

'I'm simple and complicated, fun and serious, goofy and guarded, I kissed a girl and I liked it - NO... wait... I kiss girls and I LOVE it!!! I do like you guys too... don't worry! I love chocolate and a girl can't ever get too much pleasure can she!!!'

Happy Birthday, Willie!

CELEBSTONER: Happy Birthday, Willie!

'In honor of Willie Nelson's 77th birthday (today), we've compiled a bonanza of Willie links. America's most famous pot advocate and an original Top CelebStoner, Nelson continues to tour and record at a pace befitting someone half his age. He's always on our mind.'

Medical Marijuana: How It Works In California

Vote, November 2010.

Federal Judge Suggests Reclassifying Medical Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Federal Judge Suggests Reclassifying Medical Marijuana

'A federal judge issued a sentencing order Thursday stating that medical marijuana provider Charles C. Lynch was "caught in the middle of the shifting positions" on the issue. "Much of the problems could be ameliorated... by the reclassification of marijuana from Schedule I," the judge wrote.'

Schwarzenegger on Leno Talks Legal Marijuana in California

'Schwarzenegger does discuss the Arizona immigration policy and marijuana legalization in California.

As you know, these are two very hot button issues recently so it is interesting to hear him addressing them in this forum.'

Pot Activist Unrepentant Despite Pending Jail Term

CANNABIS CULTURE: Pot Activist Unrepentant Despite Pending Jail Term

'Although he could be facing a trip to a U.S. prison next week, marijuana activist Marc Emery is unrepentant.

"No government has the right to outlaw and put people in jail for a peaceful, honest lifestyle choice," Emery, who has been arrested 26 times on marijuana or related charges, told CTV's Canada AM Friday. "And that's how we think of marijuana."'

Strain Review: Jack The Ripper

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Jack The Ripper From Trinity Gardens (NorCal_Cyclist)

'Overall:  Other than one other strain that was either poorly flushed or just didn’t agree with me, this is the only real disappointment from this dispensary (and the owner made it good on my next pick-up without me asking). 

I picked this up based on the grower – same guy that did such a wonderful job on the C-99 I reviewed.  I was shocked/surprised to find several immature seeds in the first bud I broke up.  I say immature, based on appearance of the seeds and also lack of crystal/trich coverage. 

I think this plant was pulled early due to stress causing it to herm….bummer because the mind buzz was decent (but short) even for the immature buds.  –NorCal_Cyclist'

Hemp History: 12 US Presidents smoked Marijuana / Cannabis

Weed is patriotism.

The Police Harass Marijuana Woman

Plus Marijuana Man recaps his 4/20.


Nug Porn: God’s Gift

NUG PORN: God’s Gift

Thanks Stoner God.

Moms Unite to End the War on Drugs

CANNABIS CULTURE: Moms Unite to End the War on Drugs

'This is an appeal to mothers who have seen first hand the devastation of the drug war.

Please join together now and lead the charge to end drug prohibition, just as a previous generation of mothers did to end to alcohol Prohibition in the 1930s. Now is the time to demand an end to the pointless and punitive criminalization of people who use drugs -- whether they are our children or our neighbor's children -- and the needless violence and death caused by the illegal drug trade.'

Questioning Colorado HB1284 on Medical Marijuana

'Well it's been two days since the committee on HB1284 held its public hearing. Yesterday was spent in committee, likely reviewing the eleven hours of testimony and handouts from officials and citizenry alike.

This bill just doesn't seem to have many supporters…from either side of the equation. Most people recognize that this is an industry that badly needs regulatory direction, but they also agree that it doesn't come from this bill.'

An Ounce of Cure?

'Paul Stanford wants to turn Oregon into the Anheuser-Busch of the United States, with companies legally supplying marijuana products to the entire country. Outside of a few law enforcement officials, nobody is objecting.'

Strain Review: Hindu Skunk

Master Bong.

Miss High Times Hopeful: Lataya Hall


'My name is Lataya and I am 19 years young. I grew up with parents who believed that as long as you take care of yourself and were responsible then you could smoke herb.'

The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 4

JOHN DOE RADIO: The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 4

'We have an awesome show for you and we talk with filmmaker and co-creator of The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, Adam Scorgie. We talk with him about the great film and also upcoming work he is planning.

We also talk with NORML’s Outreach Coordinator, and host of NORML SHOW LIVE “Radical” Russ Belville. He tells us a little about the “Hemperor” Jack Herer’s memorial service and what Jack meant to Russ and other activists. We wish nothing but the best in support for Jack’s family from the movement.'

New Zealand Sweep Targets Cannabis Cultivation Industry

TOKE OF THE TOWN: New Zealand Sweep Targets Cannabis Cultivation Industry

'A nationwide "drug bust" went down in New Zealand Tuesday, as police shut down all 16 branches and the distribution center of hydroponic cultivation chain Switched On Gardener.

Hundreds of people ranging in age from 20 to 60, including customers of the stores, were arrested, with many facing charges for selling equipment for growing marijuana, reports the New Zealand Herald.'

Employees Should Be Judged By The Quality Of Their Work, Not On The Quality Of Their Urine

NORML: Employees Should Be Judged By The Quality Of Their Work, Not On The Quality Of Their Urine

'Workplace urine testing programs are a poor method for identifying employees who are under the influence, and do not significantly reduce job accident rates, according to a study published in the scientific journal Addiction.'

Cannabis Medical Solutions Discusses "Marijuana and Money" a CNBC Special Report

'LOS ANGELES, Apr 28, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc. /quotes/comstock/11k!cmsi (CMSI 0.16, 0.00, 0.00%) , a leading company specializing in both brick-and-mortar and online merchant payment solutions and financial security products for medical marijuana dispensaries and high-risk merchant accounts and services, today announced "Marijuana And Money", a special report by CNBC to its shareholders and investment audience. The special report now available online at http://www.cnbc.com/id/36022433/ covers the entire spectrum of the medical marijuana debate including legalization, state by state coverage, enforcement and the Wall Street perspective.'

Bong of the Day: Crazy Pipe

HAIL MARY JANE: Bong of the Day: Crazy Pipe

'So sick.'

CO: Pot Bill Sparks Rift

'As the heated battle over medical marijuana reform enters its fourth month at the state Legislature, ideological disagreements between competing pro-marijuana groups are starting to blow into the open.'

Strain Review: Strawberry Diesel

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Strawberry Diesel From Beach Cities Marijuana (Merkaba)

'Overall: I’m extremely impressed to say the least.  This was my first delivery service order and the owner came and was super cool and light hearted.  Great guy! 

For the quality and the price, this is hard to beat without ever leaving your home for medical marijuana.  If you live in the South Bay, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this delivery service!  It was well worth my donations and rarely am I close to 100% satisfied.  I’d say I’m about 99% satisfied.  But that other 1% is on me.  –Merkaba'


Smoking Whole Nug vs. Grinded Nug

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Paul Armentano on Cause of Drug Violence

From Freedom Watch.

Does Resin Get You Higher?

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Man Tries To Force Down Marijuana With Double Cheeseburger

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Man Tries To Force Down Marijuana With Double Cheeseburger

'When a Pasco County, Florida sheriff's deputy walked towards Samuel Collins' Honda Del Sol about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, Collins had a bag of marijuana in his mouth, the deputy reported.'

Not A Toke Unless You Choke?

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Cop Arrested After Smoking Pot in Patrol Car

HIGH TIMES: Cop Arrested After Smoking Pot in Patrol Car

'A Fort Worth police officer was arrested Wednesday morning after an undercover operation that resulted from an anonymous tip. Earlier this week, a resident told police that he observed officer Wesley D. Lamb smoking pot while on duty in his patrol car.'

ABC News Sound Man Busted For Pot At Obama Appearance

TOKE OF THE TOWN: ABC News Sound Man Busted For Pot At Obama Appearance

'The Secret Service arrested an ABC News sound engineer covering President Barack Obama's Iowa trip after marijuana was discovered in his backpack Tuesday, ABC News confirmed, reports UPI.'

MJR Radio: Miss High Times 2010

MARIJUANA RADIO: Miss High Times 2010

'Once again, tonight the good times rolled joints. Early on we heard the most amazing story from McKenna’s weekend. Then we talked about the new SUPERProhibition MMJ Bill 1285 being debated by the State Judiciary Committee, during which Paul the Producer went ballistic. Our friend, Miss High Times Brittany stopped in to tell us about her first glorious week.'

Redman at the 420 Seedless Party in San Diego

NUG MAGAZINE: Redman at the 420 Seedless Party in San Diego

'NUG Magazine Catches up with Redman @ The House of Blues in San Diego for the 4/20 Seedless Party!'

How Big Is The Marijuana Market?

CNBC: How Big Is The Marijuana Market? 

'Put arguments for and against legalization aside for a moment. If people could use marijuana—without fear of legal consequence—just how much would get used? More to the point, how much money is at stake?'

The Marijuana Trimming Machine

So awesome.

N.J. Man With M.S. Free On Bail While Appealing 5-Year Pot Sentence

TOKE OF THE TOWN: N.J. Man With M.S. Free On Bail While Appealing 5-Year Pot Sentence

'A Franklin Township, N.J., man who was sent to prison for growing marijuana which he said was used to treat his multiple sclerosis will remain free on $15,000 bail while he appeals his conviction, a Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.'

Global Marijuana March in Over 300 Cities Worldwide

CANNABIS CULTURE: Global Marijuana March in Over 300 Cities Worldwide

'The Global Marijuana March is almost here: SATURDAY MAY 1, 2010 in cities around the world. Is your city on the list?

On the heels of popular smoke-out day 4/20, the Global Marijuana March (or Worldwide Marijuana March) is another day of protest of oppressive marijuana prohibition laws across the planet. This year, more than 300 cities have signed up.'

Legalizing Marijuana Not Just for Hippies

Legalize it: It's time.

The Competent Stoner – Laws of Mary Jane

EMERALD HERB: The Competent Stoner – Laws of Mary Jane

'The cannabis consuming community has a stigma attached to it, the funny thing is, even legit smokers frown upon the people that characterize that stereotype.'

Cop Who Sold Pot in High Spirits

CANNABIS CULTURE: Cop Who Sold Pot in High Spirits

'A former Vancouver police officer charged with selling marijuana, then fired from the department hours after his arrest last week, is “in positive spirits and holding up well,” his lawyer says.

Vincent Michaels offered the observation on Monday after a brief court appearance by Peter Hodson, who was a police officer for four years and 11 months until being fired hours after being arrested at police headquarters.'

Smokin' Hot Girls Smokin' Pot

Oh, Mary Jane.

NM: State Police Seize 400 Pounds of Marijuana from Plane Crash

'New Mexico State Police are investigating a Monday night "controlled crash" of a plane filled with more than 400 pounds of marijuana.'

Strain Review: Blue Cheese

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Blue Cheese From Green Pharm (Drums)

'Overall: Both strains do what they’re supposed to do. This is good for pain/anxiety/insomnia. –Drums'


Oregon Supreme Court To Medi-Pot Patients: You Are Second Class Citizens!

NORML: Oregon Supreme Court To Medi-Pot Patients: You Are Second Class Citizens!

'An employer may terminate an employee for his or her off-the-job marijuana use, even if the employee is authorized under state law to use cannabis medicinally, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled last week.'

Nug Porn: Champagne

NUG PORN: Champagne

'Courtesy of Patients Choice Collective Association in Santa Ana, CA.'

Recapping 4/20/2010

STONY VIEW: Recapping 4/20/2010

'All across the Internet on 4/20/2010, people were talking about pot, getting stoned and most importantly, 420. So, we thought that we’d round up some of our favorite content and share it with all of you, in case you were too busy getting stoned to notice it all!'

Tupac's Mom, Afeni Shakur, Arrested For Drug Possession

'Afeni Shakur, the activist mother of late hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur, was arrested for felony drug possession in Lumberton, North Carolina, earlier this month.

According to The Fayetteville Observer, the ex-Black Panther was charged April 16 with felony possession of marijuana, simple possession of a controlled substance and maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place for a controlled substance.'

Medical Marijuana Business Applications Skyrocket

'BILLINGS - As the Billings City Council debates rules for the sale of medical marijuana, the city is receiving applications for new businesses on a daily basis.'

Strain Review: Grand Daddy


Tribute to Jack Herer


RIP Jack.

The War on Gringo Billy

HIGH TIMES: The War on Gringo Billy

'“The aviation community in Gainesville, Daytona, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Lake City was small, and it was easy to tell who was having success and who was having bad luck in the airborne-importation industry,” he recalls. “I knew a few pilots who had entered the marijuana-smuggling business, and I did not feel any different towards them than I did before they were smuggling. I had felt the same way back in the '60s when quite a few of my friends began smoking marijuana – I didn't feel like that somehow transformed them into bad people.”'

Marijuana Stops Concert at OR Prison

'(AP) — PENDLETON, Ore. - A Portland band had its show at an Eastern Oregon prison canceled when a correctional officer discovered marijuana in a guitar string bag.'

B-Real Lights Up the Bay Area

CELEBSTONER: B-Real Lights Up the Bay Area

'Cypress Hill celebrated 4/20 in Berkeley and San Francisco. They were there to promote Rise Up, the group's first album in six years. First stop was Rasputin's on Telegraph Ave., where they signed CDs and B-Real, the group's fearless toker, puffed at the end of their visit.'

Modern Athletes, Marijuana And Reefer Madness: Run Ricky Run

NORML: Modern Athletes, Marijuana And Reefer Madness: Run Ricky Run

'On Tuesday evening, April 27, in its heralded 30 for 30 sports documentary series, ESPN will broadcast in prime time the behind-the-scenes story—and tragedy—of Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams’ unfortuitous rise to pro football fame during this prolonged epoch of cannabis prohibition (which began in 1937).'

An Obstacle to D.C.'s Medical Marijuana Law

'The April 19 editorial “Medical marijuana” made a wise observation regarding the D.C. medical marijuana law — “critical details will need to be worked out in its implementation” — but did not mention the key obstacle: the federal drug law and the Drug Enforcement Administration opposition. The D.C. law and those of 14 states are messy because they need to work around federal law. D.C. and the states would benefit from DEA cooperation, not opposition stubbornly grounded on the Constitution’s supremacy clause.'

Humboldt County Accepts DEA Funds For Pot Eradication

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Humboldt County Accepts DEA Funds For Pot Eradication

'The Humboldt County, California Board of Supervisors accepted $170,000 from the federal government for "marijuana related law enforcement work" last Tuesday morning, despite one man's advice to the contrary.'

MJR Radio: Daddy X, The Dirtball & Bobby Black

MARIJUANA RADIO: Daddy X, The Dirtball & Bobby Black

'Tonight the good time prevailed once again as we welcomed the one and only Brad Daddy X of Kottonmouth fame on the phone to say hello and talk about their all new album coming out. As if that wasn’t enough, we got to say hello to the new Kottonmouth King himeself, The Dirtball. Later on our good friendBobby Black from High Times came on to round out a happy 420 show, and let us know where to hear the new High Times Radio, and to find out the new Miss High Times 2010!'

'Father Of Medical Marijuana' Dennis Peron Suffers Stroke

TOKE OF THE TOWN: 'Father Of Medical Marijuana' Dennis Peron Suffers Stroke

'Dennis Peron, the "father of medical marijuana" who co-authored Proposition 215, the 1996 ballot initiative which legalized medical cannabis in California, has suffered a stroke, reports Joe Eskenazi at SF Weekly.'

Colorado Senator Romer Using Prank Call for Personal Agenda

THE WEED BLOG: Colorado Senator Romer Using Prank Call for Personal Agenda

'From blog posts I have read, “Romer received a profanity-laced voicemail on April 20, the unofficial holiday for marijuana, from a man who said that ‘drug dealers’ would likely shoot him for raising the nonrefundable application fees for people looking to open medical marijuana centers.”  As one blogger wrote, “WHO said the caller was a marijuana activist, or dispensary owner?”  Another blogger wrote, “I don’t believe the caller was a dispensary owner, nor a mmj activist, but rather somebody who wanted to shine a bad light on them. Perhaps a DEA agent? Maybe a friend of Romer…Maybe a pharmaceutical company rep. who understands that thousands of patients are choosing marijuana over their pills.”'

A Grow Room Update

From JUNGLEOFEDEN on Youtube.

Bong Of The Day: Coconut Flavored

HAIL MARY JANE: Bong Of The Day: Coconut Flavored

Not a fan of coconut, but I'll smoke out of anything.

TE Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Failed Multiple Drug Tests at Florida

'GAINESVILLE – Former Florida Gators tight end Aaron Hernandez, probably a first-round NFL talent, fell all the way to the fourth round in last week's draft because of repeated marijuana use while at UF, reports the Boston Globe.'

CA: Santa Cruz's Reporting Rules for Pot Dispensaries Would be State's Toughest

'SANTA CRUZ - The City Council on Tuesday could pass the state's strictest financial reporting requirements for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Under proposed rules designed to ensure pot shops are behaving as nonprofits, the city's two dispensaries would be required to report sales sorted by zip code and disclose how often the price was discounted. The organizations would also have to report what type of marijuana and other products were sold and grown, as well as release tax statements and information about their governing boards.'

Police Chief Supports Marijuana Decriminalization

CANNABIS CULTURE: Police Chief Supports Marijuana Decriminalization

'Ottawa police Chief Vern White says he isn’t interested in giving marijuana users criminal records, and would support discussing decriminalization — with one caveat.

“My only concern about the word ‘decriminalizing’ is the suggestion to the public that (marijuana) is not a dangerous drug,” he said.'

Freedom Watch: Drug War vs. Free Society

Love Judge Nap!

Does it Make Sense to Lock up a Man in a Wheelchair?

MPP: ‘Does it make sense to lock up a man in a wheelchair?’

'I got a call last week about this absolutely tragic story in Florida, which is as good an example of the senseless nature of our nation’s marijuana laws as any I have ever seen.'

Legalizing Marijuana: Mendocino County - Emerald Triangle, California

Inaccurate opponent talking points are getting old.

Strain Review: White Rhino

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: White Rhino From Private Dealer (OGchemdOGz)

'Overall: I’m glad I snatched this eighth of White Rhino from my friend.  I had done him a favor (took one of his work shifts) hence the low price. 

The crazy thing about this strain was that it had a different high from different ways I smoked it.  Joints were very relaxing and had a calm come down.  Bowls from the bong gave me a hazy high and couch lock was instant.  Pretty dank weed overall.  Not fire, but dank.  –OGchemdOGz'

The Pothead Pundit "Baby on the Way" Fund

I know what you're thinking: is he serious about this? You're damn right I am.

Babies are expensive, and with the economy the way it is, I'm pulling out all the stops to make sure my baby girl has all she needs. So if you have a little extra PayPal cash or a credit card that's not maxed, and you feel like helping out a future marijuana activist get a great life start, click the donate button above.

Any donations are appreciated, but if you give $4.20 or more, let me know on twitter or email me at stonerwire420@yahoo.com, and I'll promote anything you got going on my twitter and Facebook accounts. Maybe you have a website, or just want more twitter followers, or just want people to know how great and generous you are; you give the $4.20 and I'll promote you to the hilt.

So get those donations in, and if you give $4.20 or more, hit me up and let me know.


Tsunami Bong In Action

That is sweet.

Jack Herer Laid to Rest

CELEBSTONER: Jack Herer Laid to Rest

'Beloved marijuana activist Jack Herer was buried today at Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, CA before a crowd was estimated at 200. He was cremated.'

Jack’s Final Farewell in Photos

HIGH TIMES: Jack’s Final Farewell in Photos

'On Sunday, April 25, approximately 600 friends and family of Jack Herer gathered at Eden Memorial Park in Mission Hills, CA to pay tribute to the legendary marijuana activist. Jack, who died on April 15th, was responsible for igniting the modern cannabis movement, convincing millions of people worldwide of the benefits of the plant.'

Nug Porn: HeadBand

NUG PORN: HeadBand

I'm almost high just looking at it.

"Rocky Mountain High" Medical Marijuana in Danger

HUFFINGTON POST: "Rocky Mountain High" Medical Marijuana in Danger

'Over the past year, medical marijuana has consumed Colorado's news headlines and political debates. But with an estimated 100,000 patients now legally authorized to use marijuana to treat debilitating medical conditions, a handful of lawmakers threaten to dismantle a transparent dispensary system in favor of constitutionally-suspect regulations that could embolden a now-distressed black market.'

MT: Enforcement a Headache for Officers

'Search warrant in hand, officers slammed a battering ram through the door of a Saint Marie home and discovered what they expected — 39 marijuana plants in various stages of growth.

It was only after thousands of dollars in equipment and product were seized and destroyed that they learned Alan Edson was allowed to grow and sell marijuana for medicinal purposes.'

CA: Rolling Marijuana Dispensary Targeted, Police Say it’s Illegal

'NORCO, Calif. — A California couple have converted a motor home into a rolling medical marijuana dispensary that has become the target of police.

Stewart Hauptman and Helen Cherry have been on the road with their Lakeview Collective for seven months, serving about 700 members from Southern California and as far away as Las Vegas.'

Medical Marijuana in the USA: California & Colorado

Includes a profile of The Hotel Normandie.

Majority Of Americans Say Pot Should Be Treated Like Booze

CANNABIS CULTURE: Majority Of Americans Say Pot Should Be Treated Like Booze

'A significant majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana and regulating it either with the same rules that apply to alcohol or with fewer restrictions, according to a new poll.'

Worldwide Marijuana March - May 1, 2010

HIGH TIMES: Worldwide Marijuana March - May 1, 2010

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

RooR Mini Beaker w/6 Tree Perc

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: RooR Mini Beaker w/6 Tree Perc (Kush2Push)

'Overall: I mainly smoke Kush out of this piece, and it makes it all that better.  Anyone still using a cheap glass should cough up the money, for I promise you won’t regret it.  There are many great blowers at your local shops.  Somewhat costly, but not for what you get.  Planning on a RooR pre-cooler/ash catcher upgrade very soon, I’ll keep you posted.  –Kush2Push'


CA: Santa Cruz County Cops Bust Six, Seize More Than 1,000 Marijuana Plants in Undercover Operation

'SANTA CRUZ — Six county men were arrested, and more than 1,000 marijuana plants were seized from three properties Thursday during an undercover operation, sheriff's deputies announced Friday.
"With that amount of plants and that many players, this is clearly a sophisticated operation," Sgt. Dan Campos said. "This is an example of many marijuana growing operations in the county. It's a subculture that thrives here."'

Ganja Girl Kristin | Sexy Stoner From California

HOW TO GROW BUD: Ganja Girl Kristin | Sexy Stoner From California 

'Favorite Bud : “Any Kind Of Kush”
Favorite Way To Smoke : Blunts
How Often She Smokes : Everyday'

Slighty Stoopid & Cypress Hill's 'Legalize It' Tour Dates Announced

CELEBSTONER: Slighty Stoopid & Cypress Hill's 'Legalize It' Tour Dates Announced

The closest they come to me is Columbus, OH.

Rare Bong


Very awesome.

Planning Ahead: Cannabis Cup 2010

NUG MAGAZINE: Planning ahead… Cannabis Cup 2010!

'While talking to some friends over a couple Red Stripes, I was asked “what is your favorite place to be for 4/20?”  I smiled from ear to ear as I recalled my most cherished 420 destinations to date. For me (other than my home in Negril), AMSTERDAM has to be right there at the top. The two cities are both rich in culture, history and availability of the World’s best pot! One is the home of Reggae and the other, the home of the CANNABIS CUP.'

Canna Babe: Amber Chase


'I'm not exactly average, but I'm real. I enjoy the moment and have a philosophy of living life to the fullest. If you see me walking down the street and I look familiar and you don't know why, it may be because you're naughty and like watching me.... I've developed a secret life where I'm a naughty little porn slut.'

Montana Legislature to Look into Medical Marijuana Issues

'Prescription drug regulations span literally thousands of pages in state and federal statutes, as well as Federal Drug Administration rules.

Pharmacists must go to college for six years, spend a year in the field and pass tests proving they mastered both medicine and Montana law before they can sell prescription medication. Pharmacies also are required to keep detailed records and be audited annually.

In contrast, Montana's law regulating medical marijuana covers six pages — including the title page. Providers must be named by a licensed patient and have no drug offenses on their criminal records in order to legally grow and sell marijuana for medical purposes.'

First Retail-Branded Edible Medical Marijuana Product Line Introduced

THE 420 TIMES: First Retail-Branded Edible Medical Marijuana Product Line Introduced

'San Francisco (PRWEB) April 18, 2010 — This weekend, more than 30,000 attendees at the International Cannabis & Hemp Show 2010 taking place at San Francisco’s Cow Palace Arena, will be introduced to the nation’s first retail branded, complete medical marijuana product line.'

Strain Review: Amnesia Ice

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Amnesia Ice From Amnesia (Meangreenmartian)

'Overall: This might have been the best hash we smoked all trip.  Mostly went straight kief and Amnesia Ice bowls at our local coffee shop, 420 Cafe which I will review a lot of samples from in the near future.  The buzz was insanely buggin and paranoid which I truly do love.  I will be sure to snag the full gram instead of the half next time.  –Meangreenmartian'

Method Man and Crew Stopped By Police In Germany Looking For Weed

HAIL MARY JANE: Method Man and Crew Stopped By Police In Germany Looking For Weed

'Video of Method Man’s tour bus being stopped in Germany right after they reported to the police that their tour bus was broken into. At about 2:40 the police find weed on the side of the road and try putting it on Meth’s crew. Luckily Ledr P videos all of it and does by far the best job of talking themselves out of the charges.'