Marc Emery


'Marc Scott Emery (born February 13, 1958) is a Canadian cannabis advocate, as well as a former cannabis seed seller. US Government officials have described Emery as a drug dealer for his efforts to sell marijuana seeds nationally and abroad. He is the publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, a founding member of the Freedom Party of Ontario, the Marijuana Party of Canada and the BC Marijuana Party, founder of the Iboga Therapy House and founder of Pot-TV. He ran for mayor of the city of Vancouver in 1996, 2002 and 2008.'

Marijuana: Not Just for Smoking Anymore

'PORTLAND, Ore. – At the Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse clinic in Southeast Portland, Sandee Burbank relieved her arthritic hands with a dose of medical marijuana using an ointment she made herself from cannabis, glycerin and beeswax.'

THC Expo 2010

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp looks back on THC Expose 2010.

Strain Review: Nuggetry Sour Diesel


CO: A Patient's Experience with Medical Marijuana

'I first met Jack in 2007, and have been with him through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. During the past four years, he has suffered countless symptoms related to lung damage from cigarettes and from side effects of cancer treatment.
The short list includes back pain, chest pain, and cough from radiation; and he has shortness of breath from cigarettes to the point where he uses oxygen daily. He is also legally blind, though that condition is unrelated to his cancer.'

Weed is Good For You...And The Government Doesn't Want You to Know!

Tightly controlled.

Glass vs. Acrylic/Single vs. Multi Perc

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Obama Won't Legalize Marijuana...Duh

Same lame arguments, comparing marijuana health costs to tobacco and alcohol.

Weed City Looks Like Fun

HAIL MARY JANE: Weed City Looks Like Fun

'Weed City is a new marijuana related game that appears to be similar to mafia which was a crime base role playing game. I read the instructions and all that on weed city and it looks like it will be a fun game to play with your buddies while stoned.'

88 Badass MacGyver Bongs

'Forget the stoner stereotypes about smokers being lazy, apathetic, and hungry. Turns out they’re a bunch of regular MacGyvers when it comes to turning everyday household objects into state of the art bongs. Literally everything from a pineapple to a Tic-Tac case is fair game when it comes to these amateur engineers getting high.'

Strong Growth In Hemp Food And Body Care Sales Contrast DEA's Hostility to Farmers Who Want to Grow

'Data supporting the estimates show that retail sales of hemp food and body care products in the U.S. have continued to set records in 2009 despite the sluggish economy. Strong sales of popular hemp items like non-dairy milk, shelled hemp seed, soaps and lotions have occurred against the backdrop of increasing grassroots pressure to allow hemp to be grown here for U.S. manufacturers. The new sales data further validates U.S. farmers' concern that they are being shut out of the lucrative hemp market that Canadian farmers have cashed in on for over a decade now. The Grange passed a pro-hemp resolution in 2009 while the Farmers Union passed a similar resolution at its annual convention in March 2010.'

Strain Review: Kushage

BAKED LIFE: Kushage - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

'Kushage is a Hybrid marijuana strain. It contains %60 Sativa and %40 percent Indica. This is one of those marijuana strains a lot of people really like to keep picking up.'

MI: Saginaw Cops And DEA Reflexively Destroy Medical Marijuana Patient’s Property

NORML: Saginaw Cops And DEA Reflexively Destroy Medical Marijuana Patient’s Property

'Unfortunately, what happened to medical marijuana patient Edward Boyke, Jr last month in Michigan is hardly an aberration as NORML still receives calls and emails nearly every day from lawful medical marijuana patients being terrorized by local and federal drug agents, often destroying their legal supply of medical cannabis and cultivation equipment–effectively making the arresting cops prosecutor, judge and jury.'

CA: Pot Club to Open Despite Opposition

'SAN FRANCISCO—A medical marijuana dispensary will open on a busy street despite heavy opposition from residents in San Francisco's Sunset District.
The city's Planning Commission voted 5-1 on Friday to approve the neighborhood's first medical marijuana dispensary on busy Taraval Street. One commissioner recused himself.'

Strain Review: Bubba Kush

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Bubba Kush From Private Dealer (ipistolwhipblindkids)

'Overall: I am in love with this Bubba Kush… the taste when you exhale is amazing!  I can blaze this all I want and never really seem to end up with a really dry mouth, just the taste of Bubbalicious on my tongue.

I’d be very interested to try something like Bubba x OG?

I’m pretty faded so this has been a bit of a short review… Time for bed :)   –ipistolwhipblindkids'

'Free Marc' Occupations: A Call for Drug Peace

CANNABIS CULTURE: 'Free Marc' Occupations: A Call for Drug Peace

'When Stephen Harper declared a "culture" war on the cannabis legalization and drug reform communities, he probably wasn't expecting this kind of a retaliation.'


420 Girl: Lindsey Delight (Nudity)

420 GIRLS: Lindsey Delight

'See this amazing little cutie pie get down to business, 420 style. "I smoke about 4-10 times day. Sometimes, I sit at my computer while working and keep a bowl packed constantly." This blazing webmistress built and maintains her own website. See Lindsey smoking bowls, posing with bud and hitting joints and bongs!'

The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 7

JOHN DOE RADIO: The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 7

'We talk with Kyle Kushman, a man they say is responsible for Strawberry Cough, and he fills us in on the real deal about the strain and where it came from. He also talks with us in one of the most in depth, and super-informative chats available anywhere about true organic cultivation and a technique of growing knows as Veganics. Dont miss this chat organic growers!'

The HIGH TIMES Interview with Edward Norton

HIGH TIMES: Hollywood Hydro

'The Oscar-nominated star of Fight Club explains the unique challenges – and philosophical joys – of playing a hydropondic ganja grower on the big screen.'

IL: 12 Members of Region's Largest Marijuana Ring Charged

'A dozen alleged members of one of the region's largest marijuana selling operations appeared in DuPage County bond court this morning, as a judge heard tales of hundreds of pounds of marijuana being brought into the region from California and Canada.

The alleged members, who were arrested in the Chicago area, were charged with crimes that included cannabis trafficking, deliver of cannabis and money laundering.'

OR: How Difficult is it to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

'PORTLAND, Ore. - Medical marijuana is exploding in Oregon.

There are 33,000 people who hold medical marijuana cards in the state, and there are so many new people applying for them that it’s creating a backlog.'

Palm Springs: Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Set To Open

The momentum continues.

Columbia Police Chief: ‘I’m With You on the Fight’ to End Marijuana Prohibition

MPP: Columbia Police Chief: ‘I’m With You on the Fight’ to End Marijuana Prohibition

'In the aftermath of the recently release video showing a family terrorized and their pets shot by a SWAT team in Columbia, Missouri, that city’s police chief is now saying he supports efforts to change marijuana laws so officers will no longer need to spend time and resources enforcing them.'

VA: Identity Theives Buy Pot with Sen. Saslaw's Credit Card

'Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Springfield) said his phone has been ringing off the hook since a report appeared yesterday in California noting that local authorities were alleging Sacramento identity thieves had stolen the senator's credit card number and used it to buy, among other things, medical marijuana.'

CA: Two Men Arrested with More Than 200 Marijuana Plants Inside Their Car

'VACAVILLE — Vacaville Police arrested two people Friday morning following the discovery of more than 200 immature marijuana plants inside their vehicle.'

MT: Billings Orders 25 Medical Marijuana Shops to Close

'BILLINGS - The City of Billings has pulled business licenses for 25 medical marijuana shops after discovering they're not registered with the state as caregivers.'

Hundreds Of 'Pot Plants' Seized By Texas Cops Aren't Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Hundreds Of 'Pot Plants' Seized By Texas Cops Aren't Marijuana

'​ Maybe there should be an IQ test for police officers. What was first thought to be one of the largest marijuana seizures in the Corpus Christi Police Department's history turned into an embarrassing incident for the cops, as the clueless officers spent a busy and exciting evening harvesting hundreds of harmless weeds from a city park.'

WA: Pro-Pot Group Demands Return of Signed Petitions Seized During Drug Raids

'OLALLA - A group trying to get a marijuana legalization initiative on the fall ballot says some of its signed petitions were seized during drug raids conducted by the West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team earlier this month.'

Strain Review: Sticky Vicky

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Sticky Vicky From Private Dealer (PiffCheifer86)

'Overall: This nug is outstanding.  For a Hybrid lover it is a must have, it has the best of both worlds.  It is a bit racy at first but once that wears off it’s smooth sailing from then on out! 

If you guys ever hear the strain STICKY VICKY, grab it.  I haven’t heard of this bud ever in my life but I am glad I met Sticky Vicky you will be too, I promise…  –PiffCheifer86'

Colorado: Medical Marijuana Lawsuits

Worry about patients? Nahhhhhhh!

Activists Shut Down Vancouver Streets in Protest of Emery Extradition

CANNABIS CULTURE: Activists Shut Down Vancouver Streets in Protest of Emery Extradition

'Protestors hit the streets of Vancouver yesterday shouting chants, blocking traffic, and lighting joints in protest of the extradition of marijuana activist Marc Emery.'


Reach for the Pot 2010

Stoners playing an obscure game show.

Canada 'Marijuana Seed Dealer' Extradited to US

BBC: Canada 'marijuana seed dealer' extradited to US

'Canada's so-called "Prince of Pot" has been brought to the US where he is expected to plead guilty to selling marijuana seeds to US customers.

Marc Emery allegedly sold millions of marijuana seeds around the world by post.'

10 Things to do When You Get High

BAKED LIFE: 10 Things to do When You Get High...

'The Weekend is coming up. For all stoners especially those who work and don't smoke during the week, the weekend is a time of extreme relaxation. Here are some easy things you can do this weekend to have fun, while high.'

Blunt Session and More! W/ Chicks

Smoking sessions.

Extradited Prince of Pot Marc Emery Arrives in Seattle

STUFF STONERS LIKE: Extradited Prince of Pot Marc Emery Arrives in Seattle

'Welcome to the United States of America, Marc Emery, the land of the free–even though you’re being held here against your will as political prisoner!'

Sexy Bong Toking Baked Babes

Nice collection.

Bong of the Day: Gravity Bong

HAIL MARY JANE: Bong of the day: Gravity Bong

'Gravity bongs hit crazy hard.'

Oakland City Council First In CA To Endorse Pot Legalization

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Oakland City Council First In CA To Endorse Pot Legalization

'The Oakland City Council endorsed California's marijuana legalization measure on the November ballot Tuesday, becoming the first city in the state to back it.'

OR: Marijuana Backers Turn in Petitions for Dispensaries

'The proposed initiative would dramatically alter medical marijuana in Oregon. Marijuana activists and law enforcement officials agree the current, 12-year-old system suffers from serious flaws. Oregon residents with physician-approved medical marijuana cards can legally ingest marijuana, but they cannot legally buy it. They must either grow their own or designate a grower, who still cannot be paid for the marijuana.'

America Must Wean Law Enforcement From Their Marijuana Arrest Addiction

NORML: America Must Wean Law Enforcement From Their Marijuana Arrest Addiction

'By George Rohrbacher, Member, NORML Board of Directors

In America since 1965, there have been 21 million arrests for marijuana, 9 out of 10 for quantities of an ounce or less. Over 800,000 were arrested for pot last year, with people of color and the young being arrested and incarcerated in hugely disproportionate numbers. Under current Washington State law, if arrested for possession of even the tiniest amount of cannabis, a person faces a mandatory night in jail, handcuffs, mugshots, fingerprints, and a criminal record that, thanks to the internet and data-mining, might follow a person for the rest of their life.'

CA: Martinez Takes on Medical Marijuana

'MARTINEZ — As more California cities shy away from medical marijuana, Martinez is working closely with advocates to craft rules that could make it the first central county city to welcome a dispensary.
 On Wednesday, two council members who have been working on the issue since October rebuffed the mayor's attempt to push the process behind closed doors.'

HIGH TIMES REALITY TV: Miss HT vs. Howard Stern

Old vid but cool just the same.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors...

Some hot joints to blaze to from our first and longest-running sponsor, Infamytv.com.

Strain Review: Snowcap

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Snowcap From Homegrow (wheezer)

'Overall: This is one of my current favorite buds to smoke.  I like sativas for the most part and the clear high makes it a winner for me, as well as the interesting, different taste.
It yields pretty good indoors and out but it is very susceptible to powdery mildew that can totally ruin this strain quickly if left unchecked.  The more colorful buds here are indoor, the duller looking ones are outdoor grown.  –wheezer'

Ignorant, Anti-Marijuana Fanatic Rep. Mark Souder Resigns

'Rep. Mark Souder (R-Indiana), perhaps the most fanatic opponent of sensible marijuana laws in the U.S. Congress, announced that he is resigning this morning amid revelations that he had an affair with a 45-year-old staffer.'

'Free Marc Emery' Activists Occupy Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Office


Boulder Medical Marijuana Growers Required To Offset Energy Use With Wind, Solar Power

HUFFINGTON POST: Boulder Medical Marijuana Growers Required To Offset Energy Use With Wind, Solar Power

'DENVER — Boulder has approved regulations for the medical marijuana industry with a twist in keeping with the sensibility of this liberal-leaning, Colorado university town.

The regulations unanimously passed Tuesday will require growing operations to offset 100 percent of their electricity use with wind or solar power.'

Marc Emery Prison Interview - May 18, 2010


California Voters Split Over Legalizing Marijuana

 ' SACRAMENTO, Calif.—California voters are divided over an initiative on the November ballot that would legalize marijuana for recreational use.

The Public Policy Institute of California poll out Wednesday found that 49 percent of likely voters support legalization and 48 percent oppose it. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.'


Nug Porn: Master Blue Dream

NUG PORN: Master Blue Dream

Nice dream, don't wake me up.

Miss High Times Hopeful: Jessica Ashley

MISS HIGH TIMES: Jessica Ashley

'I'm 24 years old :) I live in Newport Beach :) I Love My Life And Most Of All Because Of The Amazing People I Get To Share It With.'

Marijuana Legalization Debate on ABC News

HAIL MARY JANE: Marijuana Legalization Debate on ABC News

'ABC News Now had a half hour debate on the legalization of marijuana featuring the executive director of NORML. They reply to twitter comments, in which just about every single one is for legalization.'

Mickey Mouse Drug Raid: Cops Take Cash From Little Girl's Wallet

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Mickey Mouse Drug Raid: Cops Take Cash From Little Girl's Wallet

'A Washington State mother says that drug cops mistreated her son, took $80 from her daughter's Mickey Mouse wallet, and trashed her house.'

2 Widow Maker Videos + Ingredient Pictures

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: 2 Widow Maker Videos + Ingredient Pictures

'With all the goods laying out I could not pass up the opportunity to quickly throw together another massive Widow Maker. I even included a little Sour Diesel this morning.'

High Times Magazine JULY 2010


A preview.

Medical Marijuana Support Helps Rand Paul to Victory

'For people who still don’t believe that medical marijuana is a mainstream issue supported by a majority of Americans, last night’s GOP Senate primary in Kentucky provided just one more example.'

We Learn Again: The War Mindset has Failed Us as a Super Power

EMERALD HERB: We Learn Again: The War Mindset has Failed Us as a Super Power

'Today, I’m going to go with the flow. It is going to be a conscious flow that I believe we should adapt to the way we go about all business in the world today. The way we should go about interacting with everything we do.

That comes from our mindset. The ego that has been associated with America today reflects a greater downfall, a greater dysfunction, among all of humanity. We are only the next great mindset to fail, but we have gotten closer than anyone before us. We have come to resist so many things in our history, of which we see in the history books that we dwell over so much. We see that the things that humans have resisted throughout our existence have been the exact things that we needed to see through to continue evolving.'

Harvest of Indoor Marijuana


Celebration Pipes to Cheech & Chong

CELEBSTONER: Celebration Pipes to Cheech & Chong

'Steve Lach has gifted his Hawaiian lavastone Celebration Pipes to celebrities like Bob Marley, Willie Nelson and Hunter S. Thompson since the '70s. On May 14, at the Avila Beach Resort in California, Lach realized his lifelong goal of giving pipes to Cheech & Chong.'

Judge Jim Gray - Coast to Coast AM (5/16/2010)

One of our best spokesmen.

Medical Marijuana Blocked in Some Metro Detroit Communities

'Medical marijuana dispensaries are being blocked from opening in some Michigan communities, and these actions are going to cost more in litigation than any problems they foresee in allowing the dispensaries to open up.'

Can Marijuana Ease PTSD? A Debate Brews

'The Department of Veterans Affairs finds itself in a difficult position because some vets want to use marijuana to treat symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Pot possession remains illegal under federal law. The VA says that as a federal agency its doctors can't recommend using it.'

Cerebral Palsy Victim Sues City Over Medical Marijuana

'DANA POINT – A 29-year-old blind woman who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy and her mother filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court Tuesday in an attempt to stop Dana Point officials from closing a collective where the woman gets medical marijuana.'

Knicks Forward Wilson Chandler Charged with Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession

'Knicks forward Wilson Chandler was arrested for marijuana possession Tuesday night after police pulled him over in Queens.

Chandler, 23, was cited for having what police described as "small amount" of marijuana, according to the New York Post, who first reported the arrest.'

Marijuana Fuels a New Kitchen Culture

'In the 1980s, cocaine helped fuel the frenetic open kitchens and boisterous dining rooms that were the incubators of celebrity chef culture. Today, a small but influential band of cooks says both their chin-dripping, carbohydrate-heavy food and the accessible, feel-good mood in their dining rooms are influenced by the kind of herb that can get people arrested.'


Pot Dispensary Owner Tries Citizens Arrest; Gets Busted Again

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Pot Dispensary Owner Tries Citizens Arrest; Gets Busted Again

'In a bizarre twist Monday, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Fresno, California -- along with his son -- tried to put a deputy city attorney under citizen's arrest outside a courtroom.'

The Drug War Has Accomplished NO Goals

Nice job.

Reefer Madness: Automatic Jail for Six Pot Plants is Too Harsh

CANNABIS CULTURE: Reefer Madness: Automatic Jail for Six Pot Plants is Too Harsh

'Ignoring what was a wise recommendation on the part of the Senate, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has revived an ill-considered bill that will impose a mandatory minimum sentence of six months for anyone convicted of growing as few as six marijuana plants.'

Poll: Marijuana Legalization Tops All Colorado Gubernatorial and Senate Candidates

HUFFINGTON POST: Poll: Marijuana Legalization Tops All Colorado Gubernatorial and Senate Candidates

'According to a statewide poll released this week by Rasmussen Reports, marijuana legalization is more popular in Colorado than any of the candidates running for governor and the U.S. Senate.'

Celebrate Hemp!

HIGH TIMES: Celebrate Hemp!

'Monday marked the beginning of the 1st Annual Hemp History Week. Organizers hope the event will renew support for hemp farming in the United States through events across the country aimed at raising awareness of hemp’s rich history in America. Due to the plant’s versatility and nutritional benefits, hemp is currently used in foods, textiles, body care products and auto-parts.'

Recirculating Deep Water Cultivation | 5 Gallon Buckets Do it Yourself Method


SAFER: 5 Years of Marijuana Reform With Attitude

In your face activism.

Marijuana Garden in Flower

Henry Hemp.

Montel Williams on Marijuana

I hated his TV show, but he's a pothead, so it's all good.

Strain Review: Red Devil

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Red Devil From London Compassion Society (CanadaDank07)

'Overall: Perfect bud.  There is nothing wrong with it in any way that I can tell.  I find I can smoke it anytime of the day and enjoy myself no matter what.  Red Devil is great for anxiety and pain relief and is sure to please the pickiest of connoisseurs.  One of my top 3 all time favourites.  Note: 2009 Toronto Cannabis Cup winner.  –CanadaDank07 '

CO: Marijuana Still a Hot Topic

'A leading marijuana-legalization activist believes a poll showing that almost half of Coloradans’ support legalizing and taxing marijuana is a “sign of things to come. 

Meanwhile, some medical marijuana activists are figuring out how to move forward following the Legislature’s passage of bills aimed at limiting the industry.'


Side Effects May Include...Coma or Death?!

THAT WAS AWKWARD...: Side Effects May Include...Coma or Death?!

'Side effects for Big Pharma drugs highlight the hypocrisy of Cannabis prohibition - if drugs with side effects like the ones in these videos can be sold legally then every health/harm argument for keeping natural non-toxic Cannabis illegal is moot in my books.'

Strain Review: Ambrosia

BAKED LIFE: Ambrosia - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

'Ambrosia the marijuana strain is a Hybrid. It's genetics are split equally, half Sativa and half Indica. Hybrid marijuana strains are always a treat. Blending genetics produces glorious combinations. It's no wonder this potent mix was given the name of the food of the gods from Greek mythology.'

Medical Marijuana Violence

'BILLINGS - Montana's Department of Health and Human Resources reports Yellowstone County has 289 medical marijuana caregivers. While medical marijuana is legal in Montana, Billings Police Chief Rich St. John said he is concerned not all the businesses are operating legally.

"We might have product that is going out the back door," he said. "We might have people getting product that are not supposed to."

With medical marijuana being sold for $300 to $400 an ounce, St. John said many of these new businesses also have a lot of money laying around.'

Marijuana Prohibition Corrupts; Absolute Marijuana Prohibition Corrupts Absolutely

NORML: Marijuana Prohibition Corrupts; Absolute Marijuana Prohibition Corrupts Absolutely

'One of the indirect though no less serious consequences of marijuana prohibition is the mischaracterization of clinical research in order to support the federal government’s bankrupt policy.'

Nug Porn: Red Diesel

NUG PORN: Red Diesel

Like a fire truck.

Get Your Government Hands Off My Marijuana

HUFFINGTON POST: Get Your Government Hands Off My Marijuana

'Few phrasings have encapsulated the need for marijuana legalization better than this: "You can hold people accountable for their actions and not put the blame on what's in their body."'

Montana Newspaper Tries to Harm Medical Marijuana Participants

THE WEED BLOG: Montana Newspaper Tries to Harm Medical Marijuana Participants

'As many of you already know, earlier this month, two medical marijuana businesses were firebombed in Billings, Montana.  One of my best friends lives over there, and I will never forget his text message talking about how it sent a chilling effect around the whole state.  While it seems like the heinous crimes have kept some medical Montanans from speaking out for fear of attack, it sure hasn’t slowed down the number of people seeking medical cards.  Just yesterday, a clinic in Billings drew over 300 people.'

CO: Marijuana Grower Searches Questioned

'Last week began with the passage of new regulations for the growing Medical Marijuana industry in Colorado.

It ended with accusations that several searches of Colorado medical marijuana growers’ operations were generated from officials in high places.'

The NFL Goes After 420 Football League

HAIL MARY JANE: The NFL Goes After 420 Football League

'The world’s first marijuana based sport is being attacked by the NFL! Say hello to “420 Football League.” The teams compete by taking a bong hit and seeing who can toke for the longest. The ball is advanced for every second you hold the smoke in. Sounds innovative.'

Michigan Medical Marijuana By The Numbers

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Michigan Medical Marijuana By The Numbers

'Thousands of patients have applied to participate in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) since state voters made it legal last year.'

10 Easy Ways To Conserve Your Weed

HAIL MARY JANE: 10 Easy Ways To Conserve Your Weed

'Let’s face it, times are tough right now. Budgets are getting cut everywhere, the economy is still in shambles, natural disasters are going down everywhere. So with all this wild stuff going down, you need make sure you are going to have a little bit of bud to get you through the hard times.'

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show 5/17/10

Great music, news, and opinions from The Pothead Pundit. Best show so far! Hit it up on Itunes, and if you have a band or are a performer, send mp3's to stonerwire420@yahoo.com. 

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show 5/17/10

Stoner Sundays: Purple Kush


Drug Czar Struggles With Big Words. Again.

MPP: Drug Czar Struggles With Big Words. Again.

'Drug czar Gil Kerlikowske has stated on many occasions that his vocabulary does not include the word “legalization.” Now today, we learn that our nation’s top drug warrior doesn’t know the meaning of the word “prohibition” either.'

Stoner Sundays: O.G. Kief

Great for adding flavor.

Squidbillies: Need for Weed

The Squidbillies take on Weed in the 2nd season premiere.

Aaron Houston: From MPP to SSDP

CELEBSTONER: Aaron Houston: From MPP to SSDP

'The Marijuana Policy Project has suffered another key defection in the wake of a sex scandal that's rocked the organization. Director of government relations Aaron Houston will take over as executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy on June 1.'


MI: Marijuana Farming in Monroe?

'There’s an eye-popping proposal that’s a bit unsettling to some community leaders even though it could produce much-needed revenue for Monroe County.

An entrepreneur from Florida has set his sights on a large vacant building in Frenchtown Township that he hopes to convert into a marijuana-producing facility. It could house close to 25,000 plants in an operation that is sure to produce million of dollars.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: switta69


'i have been smoking since i was 13 and it is pretty much what i do all hours of the day. im a student at the art institute international of minnesota for baking and pastry.'

Rolling a Joint

Weird song, lots of rings.

MT: Marijuana Caregivers Clinic

MSNBC: Marijuana Caregivers Clinic

' BILLINGS - Dozens of medical marijuana patients and caregivers gathered at the Holiday Inn Grand Sunday for a caregivers clinic.'

Free Marc Protest at Conservative MP Andrew Saxton's Office


Custom Stinkbuddies Aeroponic System

Incredibly sweet setup.

Do Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Increase Crime?

THE WEED BLOG: Do Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Increase Crime

'Earlier this week, the San Francisco Police Commission held a meeting in which the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries and crime was addressed.  This is not a new area of medical marijuana policy; conservatives and SOME members of law enforcement cling to the argument that ‘medical marijuana dispensaries increase crime in the areas surrounding them.’  In fact, they cling to it so much, it is virtually the only argument that they ever provide in opposition to medical marijuana dispensaries.  So with that being said, if their single argument doesn’t hold water, then they should just go crawl back into their holes, right?'

Elizabeth Perkins Leaving 'Weeds'

CELEBSTONER: Elizabeth Perkins Leaving 'Weeds'

'One of Weeds' most detestable characters, Celia Hodes, is being written out of the Showtime series. Elizabeth Perkins, who plays Celia, will not return for Season 6, which kicks off on Aug. 16.'

Strain Review: White Shark

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: White Shark From Private Dealer (tryptamine)

'Overall: One of the best strains I’ve smoked!  Definitely recommend it if you ever get the chance to smoke it!  –tryptamine'