Obama's Drug War Budget Looks a Lot Like Bush's

'President Obama’s newly released drug war budget is essentially the same as Bush’s, with roughly twice as much money going to the criminal justice system as to treatment and prevention. This despite Obama's statements on the campaign trail that drug use should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal justice issue.'

Strain Review: Jacks Cleaner

JOHN DOE RADIO: Strain Review: Jacks Cleaner – TGA/Subcool Seeds

'Jacks Cleaner is a Super High strain. And when I say Super High, I mean it gets you Super HIGH! A very effective Sativa that will conk you behind the eyes more than most strains will. I could not keep my eyes open after medicating with this strain.'

Smuggle Weed, Sell It, Smoke it, Legalize Freedom!

The time is now.

Jorge is The Shizzle

Victory = Huge Ass Buds!

Despite Obama Admin’s Promise, DEA Continues Raids on Medical Marijuana Growers

CANNABIS CULTURE: Despite Obama Admin’s Promise, DEA Continues Raids on Medical Marijuana Growers

'The Obama administration promised in October that the federal government would respect state laws allowing the growing and selling of marijuana for medicinal use, but the Drug Enforcement Agency sent a loud message with the arrest of Bartkowicz.'

AZ: DPS Seizes 197 Pounds of Marijuana

'Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer noticed bundles of marijuana in the back seat.'

Deputies Seize 345 Pounds of Marijuana

'Lincoln Parish law enforcement seized 345 pounds of marijuana Thursday evening.
According to a release by the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office, a deputy stopped a U-haul for unsafe driving on Interstate 20 eastbound for tailgating another vehicle during inclement weather around 4:30 p.m.'

DEA: Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries are Illegal

'Denver DEA Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey Sweetin says marijuana is not medicine and is still illegal under federal law. Sweetin said he's been gathering information on dispensary owners and their operations for months.'

Firing of California Medical Marijuana Patient Sparks Protest Among Senior Citizen Supporters

MPP: Firing of California Medical Marijuana Patient Sparks Protest Among Senior Citizen Supporters

'California has had legal medical marijuana for over 13 years, and more than 80% of Americans support patient’s rights to use it. But none of that mattered to Christian Hughes’ employer, who fired him for testing positive for marijuana that he uses under his doctor’s recommendation to treat injuries related to an auto accident.'

Marijuana Farmer Weeps at Trial

'But while the expert declared that what detectives collected from Sexton's Siloam Road farm was unusable "schwag," much of the day was spent hearing stories from the men and women who were counting on the plants to mature and provide medicine for their maladies.'

Strain Review: Buddha’s Sister

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Buddha’s Sister (Vaporizer)

'Overall: A pleasant strain to smoke to while doing something creative. –Vaporizer'

CO: Medical Marijuana in Basement Lands Man in Jail

'HIGHLANDS RANCH - Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided a Highlands Ranch home on Friday and arrested a medical marijuana grower who was part of a 9Wants to Know story about suburban medical marijuana growing operations.'

Highway Patrol Targets Medical Marijuana Delivery Service -- Then Lies About It

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Highway Patrol Targets Medical Marijuana Delivery Service -- Then Lies About It

'The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is obviously targeting a legal medical marijuana delivery service in Orange County -- and then lying about it.'

NH: House Committee Supports Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession

'A proposal to decriminalize possession of a quarter ounce or less of marijuana got a major boost yesterday when a House committee voted 16-2 to recommend it.'

GreenLeaf Farmacy

CO: Medical Marijuana

Vancouver: Olympic Torch Passes Cannabis Culture HQ

Legalize it!


Marijuana Vs. Meth

Master Debate.

Strain Review: Blue Cheese

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Blue Cheese (NewbyCultvatr)

'Overall: I will keep this strain in my garden from now on. I enjoyed growing this strain and suggest every cultivator to give it a try.

If you happen to come across this strain, it is definitely a keeper! –NewbyCultvatr'

Stealth Grow LED Lights

Urban Grower.

Marijuana Activist Fights Back!

2 Weeks in Jail For Passing by a Dirty Pig

If “cops don’t make laws, they just enforce them”, Why Are Police Opposing Marijuana Legalization?

NORML: If “cops don’t make laws, they just enforce them”, why are police opposing marijuana legalization?

'So why do we consistently see representatives of law enforcement opposing medical marijuana, marijuana decriminalization, and marijuana legalization efforts in state legislatures?'

Five Things I Like To Do High

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Five Things I Like To Do High

'Don’t let the title mislead you though. I like to do everything high (except my taxes and Spanish homework; it’s all gibberish), but these five things I cherish doing baked.'


Igloo Stoner

'NEW CASTLE, Del. -- Police responding to a report of a suspicious man carrying a gun instead found two legs sticking out of a homemade igloo. New Castle County police said the legs belong to Delaware teen who was arrested Wednesday after he was found to be carrying a survival knife, a hammer, 7.5 grams of marijuana and two marijuana pipes.'

NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

NORML: NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

California Mom, Son Held in Nebraska Pot Case

'LINCOLN, Neb.—The discovery of 66 pounds of marijuana in the back of a Chevrolet Suburban led to the arrest of a California woman and her son.'

Putting Your Weed in Good Hands

CANNABIS CULTURE: Putting Your Weed in Good Hands

'But it's only been in the past few days that he's been able to offer medical marijuana crop insurance -- and he thinks it's a product whose time has come.'

CA: Marijuana Vendor Allowed to Post Bail

'An operator of a Fresno medical-marijuana dispensary posted $5,000 bail and got out of jail Wednesday after he promised to return to Fresno County Superior Court for his arraignment on charges of violating a court order.'

Hemp, Hemp - Hooray!

Not what you'd expect.

Pot Returned — All 4 Pounds of It

'Daniel Sosa didn’t know what to expect when he flew into Crescent City on Friday to pick up 4 pounds of marijuana.'

IL: Zion School Official Arrested on Marijuana Charges

'ZION, Ill. - Police in the far northern Chicago suburb of Zion say a high school official there is accused of trying to destroy evidence that marijuana was growing in the basement of a home where she rents an apartment.'

National Pot Radio

NORML: National Pot Radio

'Want more proof of mainstream media paying closer attention to cannabis prohibition?'

My Life's Quest: To Write for High Times Part 2

By yours truly! If you think I should be a High Times employee, let them know!

My Life's Quest: To Write for High Times Part 2

Lil Wayne: 'I Smoke Weed All Day'

CELEBSTONER: Lil Wayne: 'I Smoke Weed All Day'

'Lil Wayne is a free man for another three weeks. On Tuesday, a judge agreed to allow the rapper to have dental surgery, delaying his sentencing on a gun charge until Mar. 2. He's expected to serve a year in New York's infamous Riker's Island prison.'

Reviewing New Jersey's New Legalized Medical Marijuana Law

'In January 2010 and with minor fanfare, New Jersey became the most recent state to legalize medical marijuana. Former governor Jon Corzine signed the medical marijuana bill shortly before leaving office in mid-January. The law governing New Jersey’s medical marijuana usage is said to be one of the most restrictive in the nation.'

Post #420: Strain Review: Blue Haze


'Overall: I’m usually not big on taste but man this stuff was fun to smoke. The quality of the buzz was euphoric without bringing you down.

Definitely a great choice for daytime or wake n’ bake. –necros

GA: Councilman Arrested On Marijuana Charges

'A Monroe city councilman was arrested after police said they found a bag of marijuana in his possession.'

Missouri: Medical Marijuana Debate

Go MO!


Pot Prisoner Profiles

CANNABIS CULTURE: Pot Prisoner Profiles

'There are too many Canadians locked behind bars for cannabis "crimes".'

Where Will Marijuana Go From Here?

More from Bootcamp.

Over 30 lbs. of Marijuana Found in Framed Pictures of Jesus Christ

'EL PASO -- Customs and Border Protection officers seized over 30 pounds of marijuana hidden in framed pictures of Jesus Christ, CBP spokesman Roger Maier said.'

Strain Review: NYCD Diesel + Organic Widow Wax

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp. Fire it up!

Pros & Cons of Legalization

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Joe Rogan Making Sense

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Joe Rogan Making Sense

Barber Accused of Selling Marijuana

'Detectives say a barber there also sold marijuana out of the shop at 904 NE 62nd Street —less than 200 feet away from James S. Rickards Middle School, according to a Broward Sheriff's Office report.'

Strain Review: Sticky Purp + NYCD + OG

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Sanford & Son Growing Pot

Old school.



Legalizing Marijuana: Oregon and Washington

The good fight.

TN: Police Seize 2 Tons of Marijuana, Arrest 9

'NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Metro Nashville Police say a drug bust produced the largest marijuana confiscation ever in the city.'

Missouri Troopers Find 3,700 Pounds of Marijuana

'PEMISCOT COUNTY, Mo. (AP) — Two Texas men are jailed in southeast Missouri after state troopers allegedly found nearly two tons of marijuana on a tractor-trailer.'

Marijuana is a Basic Human Right

STUFF STONERS LIKE: Marijuana is a Basic Human Right

'“…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”'

RI: Providence Journal Says Time to Decriminalize Marijuana

MPP: Providence Journal Says Time to Decriminalize Marijuana

'Ongoing efforts to reform marijuana laws in Rhode Island received a huge endorsement today from the state’s largest newspaper.'

WA: Corrections Head Covers Up For Misbehaving Anti-Pot Officers

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Corrections Head Covers Up For Misbehaving Anti-Pot Officers

'The head of the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC), Eldon Vail, seems to put a lot more effort into covering up the lousy job his subordinates are doing, than in actually doing his own job.'

Strain Review: Chocolope


'Overall: I love this bud. It is a very good smoke. Rolled a 1/2 gram joint for me and a buddy and we were both baked for hours.

It has a very intense high to it. Almost reminded me of the beginnings of a shroom high, very energetic high that wants you up doing something more than sitting. It makes me very talkative. –OlyWa'

The Myths of K2



CA: La Puente Approves Nine Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

'La Puente has approved nine business licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries, despite an upcoming city ordinance capping the number at six.'

Delta-Med Grow Show

Beginning stages.

Mushroom Brazil Bong

BAKED LIFE: Mushroom Brazil Bong

'The Mushroom Brazil Bong is crisp and clean, the little guy looks like a good smoking companion. The mushroom fellow attached to this 7 inch tall waterpipe, or bong, is a cool character. His eyes are red even before you get there.'

Strain Review: Ice

MERNAGH.CA: Marijuana Strain Review Ice

'Ice marijuana buds were mighty bugly. In fact one might argue the marijuana buds were downright fugly, as in fucking ugly. Though this sativa was hit with the ugly duck stick, it still wailed with uplifting potency.'

The Beginning of The End of Marijuana Prohibition

THE DAILY SMOKER: The beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition

Phony Corpse Tip Leads to Marijuana Bust

'MONTREAL, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Canadian police in Montreal suspect rivals were responsible for a fake tip about a dead body in a house that actually was a marijuana farm.'

Bong of the day: BetterBat One Hitter – Large

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Bong of the day: BetterBat One Hitter – Large

Missouri Lawmakers Push for Ban of Synthetic Marijuana Mix

'JEFFERSON CITY - Legislators say the spread of K2, a “herbal incense” more commonly referred to as a synthetic marijuana, is an epidemic.'

CA: Marijuana Dispensary Owner Arrested

'An operator of a Fresno medical-marijuana dispensary was arrested this afternoon on charges of violating a court order that prohibits his business.'

As Attitudes Shift, Marijuana Classes Roll

'LOS ANGELES - This school doesn't have a problem with students not paying attention.

"They're paying us to come, and our classes are full," says Jeff Jones, chancellor of the Los Angeles branch of Oaksterdam University, where students learn the business of marijuana from seed to ash.'


Can you handle it?

Missouri Woman Sees Uphill Fight For Medical Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Missouri Woman Sees Uphill Fight For Medical Marijuana

'Marijuana is legal medicine in 14 states. A group of Missourians is taking their fight to the state Capitol, hoping to make Missouri number 15, reports Sara Forhetz at KY3 News.'

Suicide Girls Show You How They Roll Joints [NSFW]

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Suicide Girls Show You How They Roll Joints [NSFW]


Anthony Hargrove: 'From Rehab to World Champion'

CELEBSTONER: Anthony Hargrove: 'From Rehab to World Champion'

'Suspended for the entire 2008 season by the NFL for failing a third drug test, Anthony Hargrove was out of a job until the New Orleans Saints gambled on him last May. The 6-3, 275-pound defensive tackle turned out to be a key pickup by the Saints, who won their first Super Bowl on Sunday.'

MassCann/NORML on Marijualogist Radio Show


The Comprehensive Guide to Smoking in Your Room Without Getting Caught

THE DANK DAILY: The Comprehensive Guide to Smoking in Your Room Without Getting Caught

'There are a lot of guides online that tell you how to smoke in your room without getting caught...but most of those methods aren't more than a couple drier sheets and a towel under the door.'

Strain Review: Super Silver Haze

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Super Silver Haze (m1ke)

'Overall: Definitely one of the better sativas to come my way since my last batch of Durban Poison (wish I had a camera then) which I never felt I would see anything close again (still haven’t). This strain leaves you feeling calm and relaxed for a long while after making this a very manageable daily strain. –m1ke'

Pot Collectives Keep Rolling As Los Angeles D.A. Sputters

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Pot Collectives Keep Rolling As Los Angeles D.A. Sputters


Couple Arrested With Load of Avocados and Marijuana

'WESLACO — Police made two arrests after finding more than a ton of marijuana among a load of avocados along Expressway 83.'

Blissful Brownies

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Blissful Brownies (SantaCruzMts)

'Overall: Most people might pass this one up just because it is so tiny but don’t let the size fool you. It is what they would call in boxing a contender for "pound for pound champion".

I would say if you enjoy that crazy body high that a lot of edibles can give you, and you can find them then give them a try. I would save this edible for a time when you don’t have much else to do! –SantaCruzMts'

Ron Paul & Gary Johnson for President in 2012!

CANNABIS CULTURE: Ron Paul & Gary Johnson for President in 2012!

'I have met Gary Johnson and he is terrific.

He will compete with Ron Paul for the Republican nomination in 2011 and 2012, ultimately I think they will be on the same ticket and they can defeat President Obama.'

Marijuana VS. Alcohol - The REAL Facts

No Contest.

Denver Accepting Applications For Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Denver Accepting Applications For Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

'Dozens of medical marijuana dispensary owners lined up before daylight in Denver Monday to apply for their licenses. It was the first day the owners could apply for the required licenses under the city's new regulatory scheme.'

Legalizing Marijuana Makes It Harder For Kids to Buy Pot

'With a physician prescription, adults have no problem obtaining marijuana from legal dispensaries there. An unintended consequence of the dispensaries is that marijuana drug dealers have been largely put out of business, thereby eliminating sources for teenagers to get marijuana.'

Pot Smoker Accused Of Trying To Bribe Urine Tester

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Pot Smoker Accused Of Trying To Bribe Urine Tester

'A pot-smoking parolee in Colorado is facing criminal charges after allegedly offering a cash bribe to try to pass a drug test.'

IL: Marijuana Worth More Than $9 Million Found in Warehouse

'(FRANKLIN PARK) Illinois State Police discovered more than $9 million worth of marijuana while searching a west suburban warehouse last week and arrested four people for trafficking.'

The Ulitmate Bong

THE DANK DAILY: The Ulitmate Bong

Marijuana Nonsense

'Tonya Curvin wrote in her recent Speak Out letter to The Star, “There are other ways to live a painful life without drugs: Therapists, chiropractors, counselors, pastors and exercises are examples. It’s also sad to say, but some chronic pain sufferers got hurt under the influence of drugs and that’s why they are now in chronic pain.”'

MS Patient Seeks Medical Marijuana Ruling

'FT. PIERCE, FL. -- 32 year old Angel Luis Hernandez is asking a Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge to allow him to use marijuana for treatment of his multiple sclerosis.'

Would you smoke with… an Officer of the Law?

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Would you smoke with… an Officer of the Law?

I voted no. I just couldn't trust a cop in that situation. I smoked with one of my professor's in college though...maybe if it's really good shit I'll change my vote.

Smoke Me Like a Doobie

Jet Baker.

'Father of Medical Marijuana' Speaks

'Dennis Peron, known as the “father of medical marijuana,” supports across-the-board legalization of marijuana. In a telephone interview, he said enforcing existing laws costs the criminal justice system a fortune.'

Is Marijuana Good Medicine? Good for Michigan's Economy?

'Local residents wanting to obtain marijuana for legal and appropriate medical purposes say it has been difficult to find doctors willing to help, although they say those same doctors are eager to pass out prescription pills.'

NORML’s Reefer Madness Du Jour: Bad Journalism 101

NORML: NORML’s Reefer Madness Du Jour: Bad Journalism 101

'Ummm…if marijuana was deemed not responsible for Mr. Lewis’ death, why the lead in the headline regarding marijuana?'

Strain Review: Sour Diesel

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Sour Diesel (SantaCruzMts)

'Overall: Sour Diesel is worth keeping in the rotation as long as it is available in your area, for sure. It is one I go back to very often no matter how many strains I might have at that moment.

It works so well I forgot to take the second hit I took out of the jar to write this review!! Maybe I should get that in before I crop and attach the photos! –SantaCruzMts'

Mixed Views on Medical Marijuana

THE DAILY SMOKER: Mixed views on medical marijuana

'"Between propaganda and the four-decade “war on drugs” campaign, most people have been led to believe that marijuana is bad, illegal and a “gateway drug.” Some think it has always been illegal.'

NY: Investigators Seize $1.1M in Profits From Marijuana Money-Laundering Ring

'Investigators have seized $1.1 million in cash from a Little Italy flat - profits from a huge marijuana money-laundering ring with possible ties to organized crime, the Daily News has learned.'


My Latest Two Blogs for Hightimes.com

By yours truly!

CA: Get Ready!

Cops Seize Patient's Marijuana

TX: Deputies Find More Than 600 lbs. of Pot During Traffic Stops

'EL PASO — Deputies recently discovered more than 600 pounds of marijuana during two separate traffic stops, a sheriff's spokesman said.'

KS: Distributor of Marijuana-Like Substance Faces 8 Felony Drug Offenses

'LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) — A man whose business distributed a substance that mimics the effects of a marijuana has been arrested.'

OH: Troopers Seize 17 Pounds of Marijuana

'Early Saturday morning Ohio State Highway Patrol arrested a West Virginia man for allegedly having 17 pounds of marijuana in a rental car.'

Strain Review: Nightmare Haze

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Nightmare Haze (Titaniumtrachea)

'Overall: This strain is good if you have nothing to worry about, nowhere to be, and a soft place to lay. It is worth every penny and it’s definitely one of my top favorite buds. –Titaniumtrachea'

Parents, Police Worry Marijuana Dispensaries Confuse Kids

' — Parent Julie Carta is concerned that the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries in Steamboat Springs sends a confusing message to children.'

I guess I can see that. Maybe hospitals and drug stores send the wrong message too? They are full of drugs, drugs that can kill you! Just shut them all down, god forbid this bitch should have to do some actual parenting.

Do You Have A Degree? “Yeah.. I have a Bachelor’s In Growing Bud”

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Do You Have A Degree? “Yeah.. I have a Bachelor’s In Growing Bud”

'I was browsing through my digg rss feed and came across this video (you can also view it below). Pretty interesting, even when thousands of people in Michigan are jobless they still found the money to learn how to grow marijuana. If that’s not a motivator to decriminalize marijuana, I honestly don’t know what is.'

Reader Comments on The Medical Marijuana Stories

'The Chronicle's series on Medical Marijuana, which began Sunday and ends Monday, got readers talking.'

Revealed: The Secret of the Sperm’s Wild Dash to the Egg

'And since anandamide is an “endocannabinoid,” this may explain why male marijuana smokers can have fertility problems–the cannabinoids found in marijuana may mimic the effect of the natural substance. Dr Kirichok said: “Marijuana likely activates sperm prematurely, leaving them burnt out in a matter of hours” [BBC].'

Pilates For Puffing Pot

MERNAGH.CA: Pilates For Puffing Pot

'Training began this week for 4/20 and Toronto’s 2010 Global Marijuana March. My training regime besides taking my vitamins, saying my payers and marijuana vaporizing is pilates.'

Pot-Dispensary Boom Has Affiliated Businesses Buzzing

'Across Colorado, as the medical-marijuana industry has boomed, so too have the businesses providing services to it. And as state lawmakers look to regulate the dispensary business, that outward economic ripple has resulted in a widening ring of people watching to see what happens to an industry they are connected to.'

Strain Review: Snowflake

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Snowflake (Grimzuccini)

'Overall: If you can get a hold of it, you’re in for a treat. –Grimzuccini'

What if Obama Was Killed By A Cop When He Was Smoking Marijuana?

Beaten to death.

13 Years in Jail for 2 g. of Marijuana

THE DAILY SMOKER: 13 Years in jail for 2 g. of marijuana


Wisconsin: Medical Marijuana Expo

"Is my medicine legal yet?"

Outlawing Marijuana Costly

'Your opinion that the Legislature should postpone consideration of marijuana decriminalization (“Weed out lesser ideas in a difficult short session,” Jan. 22) de-emphasizes important facts. Washington’s justice system is disastrously overburdened and underfunded. The Office of Financial Management projects an annual savings of $16 million and new revenue of $1 million if Senate Bill 5615 passes.'

CO: Medical Marijuana Lab Raided By DEA While Owners Attended Senate Hearing On MMJ

HUFFINGTON POST: Colorado Medical Marijuana Lab Raided By DEA While Owners Attended Senate Hearing On MMJ

'DENVER — A lab that tests medical marijuana for dispensaries and patients said Thursday it was raided by federal drug agents and ordered to turn over patient records.'