Don't Legalize, NarcoMex Inc.

So true.

Medical Marijuana- Jean Marlowe Story

People are suffering.

Former Seattle Police Chief Says Legalize Drugs

Legalize today.

Tax Cannabis 2010

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Tax Cannabis 2010

'We all know that legalization of marijuana in California is on the ballot for November, well the guys over at Tax Cannabis have set up a way for everyone and anyone to make a web page to raise money in support of legalizing cannabis. It is 100% free to set up and all the donations will go towards educating voters on the subject of legal cannabis.'

CA: Modesto Police Find Underground Marijuana Garden

'After obtaining a search warrant for a home and its adjoining property, Modesto police Det. Darren Ruskamp says officers on Friday uncovered an underground tunnel leading from an outdoor shed.

Inside the tunnel, officers and members of a narcotics enforcement team say they found two underground growing rooms filled with 255 marijuana plants.'

NH: Colorful Nashua Local Commandeers "Marijuana Megaphone"

Civil Disobedience.

Worldwide Marijuana March ( May 1st. 2010)

Less then a month to go.

NH: House May be Forfeited in Drug Case

'CONCORD – The federal government has laid claim to a New Ipswich couple’s home where police found less than 2 pounds of marijuana and several firearms, court records show.'

The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 2

JOHN DOE RADIO: The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 2

'We bring you business talk and some things in the new industry that some might not normally think of. Carla Boyd from Boyd Insurance joins us and fills us in on how you can protect your business from liability and how you need to also think about security and how you configure it. Meaning are the Police going to respond or will the alarm on you protected goods go straight to you.'

WA: Marijuana Initiative 1068

'Sensible Washington, the group supporting Initiative 1068, is running a signature gathering campaign of the Facebook age. The Public Disclosure Commission reports they have only raised $1300 so far. While they are probably behind in reporting, they do not seem to be raising much money.'

Get on it WA!

Strain Review: Purple Haze

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Purple Haze From Private Dealer (Merkaba)

'Overall: It’s great to finally come across some really nice Haze in the hurdles of Kush that are drowning LA right now. I delivered some to some friends last night, and they were kind enough to smoke me out, and since then, I could not stop thinking about how great it was – so I had to call the dude I delivered it from to my friends to ask him if I could get a gram tonight. Totally worth it!

It could have been dried a little longer, and cured to a better perfection, but it is such a nice treat to have in my stash. And I’m getting more Friday :)Merkaba'

Smoke Out 4-20-10

HIGH TIMES: Smoke Out 4-20-10

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

10 Choice Weed Books

WEEDOHOLIC: 10 choice weed books

'Which means, in the meantime, there’s plenty of time to get in some weed reading. With the help of Mark Haskell Smith, L.A. Times contributor and author of the forthcoming novel “Baked,” we came up with this list of 10 choice books about marijuana.'

NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

NORML: NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

'Lawmakers around the country are debating a record number of marijuana law reform bills in 2010. NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up is your one-stop guide to pending marijuana law reform legislation around the country, along with tips for influencing the policies of your state.'

Ganja Girl Slumber Party

HOW TO GROW BUD: Ganja Girl Slumber Party

'Ganja Girls Minna (yellow), FlowerPot (Red), Katie (Pink) and Valery (Blue) Had a Little Slumber Party and wore Matching HTGB undies and Pajama tops “Pajama Potheads Are Hot.”'

Volcano Vaporizer Cleaning

STONYVIEW: Cleaning your Volcano Vaporizer

'As we’ve talked about before, we here at Stonyview are big fans of Vaporizers, since they produce a cleaner, healthier, longer lasting high. The absolute pinnacle of Vaporizers, the Volcano, is an epic piece that will make any stoner extraordinarily happy.'

Some Pot Growers Oppose Legalization

You can't stop progress.


How to Help Legalize Marijuana in California

THE WEED BLOG: How to Help Legalize Marijuana in California

'You are probably sitting at home reading this, while enjoying some recreational cannabis use, and thinking to yourself ‘how can I help get marijuana legalized.’'

The Growth Operation for Freedom

CANNABIS CULTURE: The Growth Operation for Freedom

'The scene is Keene, New Hampshire, and our intrepid hero is one Mr. Andrew Carroll. Amid a gathering of friends and onlookers, this brave soul held aloft a piece of plant matter. His black trench coat and shock of red hair in stark contrast to the snow-covered square, Andrew dared to openly possess this innocuous natural substance: marijuana. Having advertised this event in advance to ensure a spectacle, the throng numbered a few dozen. A short speech was made, select lines from Nietzsche were read, and Mr. Carroll then offered to pass around the bud, allowing others to participate in this act of civil disobedience.'

Mailed Marijuana: Prison for Ex-TX Postal Worker

'BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A now-former postal worker in south Texas must serve nearly five years in federal prison over a marijuana by mail scheme.'

Acquitted Patient Seeks Return Of Marijuana From D.A.

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Acquitted Patient Seeks Return Of Marijuana From D.A.

'The former defendant in a San Diego medical marijuana trial says the office of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is wrongfully holding his belongings, despite his acquittal by a jury.'

Strain Review: Black Ranger

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Black Ranger From Private Dealer (Supra983)

'Overall: This Black Ranger is the best purple I have ever smoked, and it is a fair price for high quality bud. –Supra983'

$9M Marijuana Grow Operation Busted

'Joe Chesnut, assistant special agent in charge with the GBI, said agents found about 1,800 plants valued at $9 million in two metal outbuildings on an 8.8-acre property in Shiloh on Thursday. Chesnut said the hydroponic growing operation had complex wiring and was well planned.'

Strain Review: Grape Romulan

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Grape Romulan From The Divinity Tree (theblaze415)

'Overall: A good bud with a strong high that is perfect for staying in or going out. Maybe not the best thing for a wake-n-bake. Some of the best looking buds I’ve had. –theblaze415'

DEA Official Announces Successful Drug Bust On Son's Room (The Onion)

Too funny!


Drug Test- Surf Net for Best Services

BUD 101: Drug Test- Surf Net for Best Services

'A well planned employee drug testing policy is an important matter of employee screening and can save the employers several thousand dollars each year. For this reason the employer must realize and understand that a successful employee drug testing program must be convenient and easy-to-use. Internet is the best place to search for the closest collection sites available.'

TN: Police Say Meat Salesman Swallowed Marijuana

'Athens, Tenn. police said they have arrested a door-to-door meat salesman who swallowed a half-burned marijuana joint as they watched.'

5mm White Label Roor Bong


Dad Jailed For Marijuana Found In Son's Elmo Pack

'A Menallen Township father has been jailed after police said he went to his son's elementary school to retrieve nearly 4 ounces of marijuana from the boy's Elmo backpack.'

Grow Expert/Author Jorge Cervantes To Make First U.S. Appearance

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Grow Expert/Author Jorge Cervantes To Make First U.S. Appearance

'​The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo (INTCHE) has announced the first U.S. appearance of internationally renowned, best-selling author Jorge Cervantes. Cervantes is scheduled to speak at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 17th on the main stage of the Expo.'

California, Oregon … and Now Washington State May Vote on Legal Pot This November

PATIENTS FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA: California, Oregon … and Now Washington State May Vote on Legal Pot This November

'There is a chance, albeit an outside one, that the entire West Coast could go green in November. Last week we noted that the California tax and regulate initiative had made the ballot, and reported on the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act initiative’s ongoing effort to make the ballot. This week, we turn our attention to Washington state, where yet another marijuana legalization initiative campaign is underway.'

Whizzinator Makers Sentenced In Federal Court

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Whizzinator Makers Sentenced In Federal Court

'A California man who served almost six years in prison for marijuana trafficking in the 1980s will now spend six months in federal prison for selling a prosthetic penis designed to help men beat urinalysis drug tests.'

Redman & Hash Blunts

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Redman & Hash Blunts

'Really funny video about Redman smoking a hash blunt. Yes a hash blunt. Probably one of the coolest ideas I have ever heard in smoking history.'

CO: Will Stan Garnett be a Marijuana Friendly Attorney General?

THE WEED BLOG: Will Stan Garnett be a Marijuana Friendly Attorney General

'With Stan Garnett entering the Colorado Attorney General race, many marijuana advocates in Colorado are wondering how it would affect the movement if he was elected. One thing is for sure; he would be a lot better than the current John Suthers regime.'

Dennis Hopper: Top CelebStoner

CELEBSTONER: Dennis Hopper: Top CelebStoner

'The original movie stoner, Dennis Hopper has been voted the 43rd Top CelebStoner. Born in Dodge City, Kansas on May 17, 1936, Hopper got his start in Hollywood with bit parts in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Giant (1956), both starring James Dean.'

Montage: Smoke with Me @ 420


MMJ Growers Following The Law Aren’t Worth Raiding

WEEDOHOLIC: MMJ Growers Following The Law Aren’t Worth Raiding

'Sweetin said medical-marijuana growers and dispensaries operating within the limits of state law are not ordinarily worth his agents’ time. Because of that, there have been instances when DEA agents have taken no action against marijuana-growing operations after an initial investigation, Sweetin said.'

Raided 'Compassion Club' to Hold Protest

CANNABIS CULTURE: Raided 'Compassion Club' to Hold Protest

'The Queen Street East ''compassion club'' raided and picked clean by police last week reopened yesterday, but it was selling only politics, not marijuana.

Neev Tapiero, owner of Cannabis As Living Medicine (CALM), said its current goal is to spread the word about a protest this Sunday outside police headquarters over the government's medical marijuana regulations.'

CO: Yet Another City Votes To Remove Marijuana Penalties

NORML: Colorado: Yet Another City Votes To Remove Marijuana Penalties

'Fewer than 2,000 people reside in the mountain town of Nederland, Colorado — located west of Boulder. Nonetheless, Tuesday’s ’small town’ vote in favor of a local ordinance eliminating all criminal and civil penalties for the adult personal use of marijuana is no doubt representative of the rising tide of national popular opinion in favor of cannabis legalization.'

CO: Lawmakers Grapple with Booming Medical Marijuana Business

'Ten years after Colorado voters approved a medical marijuana measure, business is booming. There are an estimated 63,000 people with patient ID cards allowing them to buy pot for illnesses ranging from cancer to "severe pain." To serve all these consumers, entrepreneurs have opened hundreds of dispensaries – no one knows how many because there's no central regulation. In the university town of Boulder, for instance, there are between 60 and 70 medical marijuana shops, more than twice the 25 retail liquor stores.'

Alabama House Panel OKs Bill to Legalize Marijuana for Medical Use

'A House legislative committee approved a bill Wednesday that would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, but the bill's sponsor said a vote by the full Alabama Legislature is unlikely this session.'

Strain Review: Queen Mother

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Queen Mother From Spain (levelnext-)

'Overall: One of the best sativas I’ve tried. Really strong and an all around great weed. –levelnext-'

Some Of Hemps Many Uses

The Wonderful Hemp.


Medical Marijuana Patient Story - Mieko & Joey

The Miracle Weed.

Has Jay Leno Ever Heard of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

'Of course, it's a win just to have these kinds of conversations on The Tonight Show, and you can't look for perfect messaging from entertainers. But seriously, what the hell was Leno talking about with this?'

I think a better question is why do we care what a moron like Jay Leno thinks?

Daily Camera, Colorado University Medical Marijuana and Dorms

MIKECANN.NET: Daily Camera, Colorado University medical marijuana and dorms

'Medical marijuana is legal in Colorado but prohibited in CU dorms.'

Fiery Advocate, Staunch Critic Debate Medical Marijuana at Law School

'Two heavyweights of the Colorado legal community faced off today at the University of Denver law school in a bare-knuckled debate over medical marijuana.'

Marijuana Reform Stirs the Pot

'As of Thursday last week, it was announced that in California, the “Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010” would be featured on the November ballot. For the first time, weed may become another item at the drug store.'

GA: Officials Seize $3.5 Million in Marijuana

'The Rabun County Sheriff’s Office along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations seized more than $3.5 million in marijuana plants last week.'

Medical Pot Grower Says Cops 'Smeared Poop' In His House

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Medical Pot Grower Says Cops 'Smeared Poop' In His House

'A medical marijuana activist and grower has accused King County Sheriff's detectives of smearing feces in his Kirkland, Washington home during a search last month.'

Strain Review: Candy Crack

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Strain Review: Hong Kong

KINDREVIEWS.COM: Hong Kong (Botanic Labs)

'Overall: Great bud overall. This strain and most all of the strains I picked up from Botanic Labs left me with zero burnout and were extremely clean. I would say this strain is good for someone with slight pain that needs to be active, or light to medium Migraines.'

Vapor Central Manager Arrested by Toronto Police 51st Division

CANNABIS CULTURE: Vapor Central Manager Arrested by Toronto Police 51st Division

'As reports of my arrest showed up online on Monday night, Marc Emery noted that "It wasn't about postering. It was a warrant for production & trafficking."

Well, I was arrested while putting up posters, just not for putting up posters, as some have suggested...

I was out for two hours that night, with my ladder, bucket of wood glue and water, a paint brush, and my bag of posters.'

Who Would You Rather Smoke With…Dr. Dre or Jay-Z?

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Who Would You Rather Smoke With…Dr. Dre or Jay-Z?

'If you haven’t heard by now Dr. Dre & Jay-Z will be releasing one of the most highly anticipated songs of the century this year called Under Pressure, the Detox’s first single.'

1000 Readers, 4/20 Green Hair Challenge

Sometimes I get really high and have really great ideas. Today was one of those days.

Above is a little green counter. As I write this it reads 78, which is a fairly low number of Feedburner readers for the traffic I get, but I did just move it up to the top, so things should pick up.

Anyway, today is April 7th. If that number of Feedburner readers goes above 1,000 by midnight Eastern time on April 19th, the start of April 20th, I'll dye my hair green on 4-20-10.

How green? Bright fucking Green, with before and after pics I'll post on this blog. This will be awesome, a real win-win for everyone involved. Spread the word!

Get High With the Volcano Vaporizer

BUD 101: Get high with the Volcano Vaporizer

'Everyone who has tried out the Volcano Vaporizer will affirm you that the high you get from this device is slightly different from the high you would get from bongs, joints or pipes.'

World's Largest Dispensary Offers Bonus for Marijuana Activism

'Inside the place billed as the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world, a cheerful "membership services manager" named Goose Duarte extols the many holistic services.'

Daily Dank: Jack Herer

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Daily Dank: Jack Herer

'Today’s strain is Jack Herer and by reading through some reviews on this strain it sounds like it is a pretty good head high. Probably something to smoke before working on a tedious project.'

I Love Stoner Girls

I really do.

In Colorado Town, Voters Tax Pot Before it Arrives

'FRUITA, Colo—A small western Colorado town that doesn't have a medical marijuana dispensary has become the first in Colorado to levy a city tax on pot.'

Strain Review: Pineapple Trainwreck

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Pineapple Trainwreck From Private Dealer (Midnight_Toker)

'Overall: This is a exciting exotic strain. It’s uncanny how similar the smell is to pineapple. A great strain to smoke before doing those unwanted chores around the house. I gave it an A- because I wish it lasted a little bit longer. –Midnight_Toker'

Ganja Girl Veronica ALL NEW and Sexier Than Ever

HOW TO GROW BUD: Ganja Girl Veronica ALL NEW and Sexier Than Ever

'I have had so many emails requesting more pictures of Ganja Girl Veronica in the past couple of months , so I hit her up and asked if she wanted to do another shoot.'


Medical Marijuana Passes Big Hurdle in Maryland

THE WEED BLOG: Medical Marijuana Passes Big Hurdle in Maryland

'It’s a good day for medical marijuana in Maryland. Senate Bill 627 was passed by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee today and sent to the full Senate for a further vote. “We want to build the tightest ship in the country when it comes to medical marijuana,” said Sen. Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery, the bill’s co-sponsor. What’s the alternative, we send them out to an alley and they go and buy drugs?”'

PIX OF THE CROP - 04.05.10


Another awesome week of pics.

Tax Claim For Pot From Black Market

CANNABIS CULTURE: Tax Claim For Pot From Black Market

'A Nova Scotia man who buys medical marijuana from drug dealers says it should be tax deductible because the government-supplied drug is poor quality.'

Ohio: Bill Proposes Legalizing Medical Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Ohio: Bill Proposes Legalizing Medical Marijuana

'A bill which would legalize dispensing, growing and using marijuana for medical purposes has been introduced in the Ohio House. Passage is considered unlikely, but if that happened, Ohio would become the 15th state to make medical marijuana legal, reports Alan Johnson at The Columbus Dispatch.'

Pew: Broad Public Support For Legalizing Medical Marijuana

NORML: Pew: Broad Public Support For Legalizing Medical Marijuana

'No fooling. On Friday, April 1st the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press released a report looking at both public support for medicinal access to cannabis as well as the larger issue of legalization.'

Jay Leno on Pot: 'Decriminalize It'

CELEBSTONER: Jay Leno on Pot: 'Decriminalize It'

'In a spirited debate with Top CelebStoner Bill Maher about California's Tax Cannabis Act, Jay Leno took the middle ground. "If you want to grow it in your backyard and you want to smoke it or get it from friend, that's fine," the talk-show host said. "I just don't want to see it in stores."'

Miss High Times Hopeful: rachelbee

MISS HIGH TIMES: rachelbee

'Hello therreeee! My name's Rachel and I'm one of the many green lovers representing the 330.'

Montel Williams - Medical Marijuana

Montel is the man!

Effort is Launched Against AZ Medical Marijuana Initiative

'PHOENIX - A Phoenix political consultant has launched a campaign to persuade Arizonans not to allow medical marijuana in the state.

Max Fose has formed a group called Stop the Pot, and campaign-finance reports show that he is the only contributor to date, having put up $2,500.'

Further Proof Cannabis Helps Prevent Cancers

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Further Proof Cannabis Helps Prevent Cancers

'We all know that one of the big arguments against marijuana is that it causes cancer. First off, why would doctors prescribe it to CANCER patients if it caused cancer? Yea that pretty much defeats your argument right there but, that’s not what this post is about.'

Top 10 Albums Coming Out on 4/20

CELEBSTONER: Top 10 Albums Coming Out on 4/20

'Music companies traditionally release albums on Tuesdays. With 4/20 falling on a Tuesday this year, there's an unusually high number of stoner-friendly releases.'

Medical Marijuana Grower’s Diary – Entry #1: The Longest Drive

HEMP NEWS: Medical Marijuana Grower’s Diary – Entry #1: The Longest Drive

'April 6, 2010 – The last time I felt so uneasy behind the wheel of a car was when I took my newborn son home from the hospital. The world never felt as dangerous as it did outside the walls of the maternity ward — every driver on the road was a lunatic, every intersection a deathtrap.'

NJWeedman Busted in New Jersey

CELEBSTONER: NJWeedman Busted in New Jersey

'Ed Forchion, a.k.a NJWeedman, is not only back in New Jersey, he's back in jail. The marijuana activist, who now lives in Los Angeles where he runs a dispensary, was arrested on Mar. 31 in the Garden State during a traffic stop and charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute. Forchion remains in Burlington County Jail on $50,000 bail.'

Marijuana Legalization Tempts Cash-Starved States

'WASHINGTON, D.C. | Mary Lou Dickerson had seen enough. After wrenching cuts to Washington’s state drug and alcohol treatment programs, Dickerson, a Democratic representative, introduced a bill this year to sell marijuana in state liquor stores — and tax it.'

Bullsh*t: The Drug War

Total Bullsh*t.

CA Marijuana Debate Reaches Cornell

'John, a junior at UCLA, is worried. For the past three years, he has been earning extra cash at school by dealing marijuana, and an if a new legislation passes in November, he might have to get a less lucrative job, such as filing books at the library.'

Sarah Palin, Marijuana Law Reformer?

HUFFINGTON POST: Sarah Palin, Marijuana Law Reformer? Nevada Group Hopes $25,000 Convinces Palin To Back Reform Of Marijuana Laws

'Could Sarah Palin become the highest profile conservative to endorse reforms to the nation's marijuana laws?'

Strain Review: Violator Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Violator Kush From Private Dealer (seriousstoner)

'Overall: Wonderful smoke. I could taste this all day. My only complaint is that I wish I had more. –seriousstoner'


GOP Mom Makes Conservative Case for Marijuana Legalization

There are many of us fighting for freedom, on all sides.

N.Y. Governor Candidate: Tax Marijuana For Budget Revenue

TOKE OF THE TOWN: N.Y. Governor Candidate: Tax Marijuana For Budget Revenue

'Potential New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis, the self-styled "Manhattan Madam," has endorsed California's proposal to legalize and tax marijuana, and says New York state should be next.'

The Baked Potatoes Show

I've seen this show around the net for a while, but I could never really get into it. What do you all think?

How Marijuana Use Affects Depression

'Research shows that marijuana can be a great alternative for people who have not had success with other types of treatments. For people that are on medication, side affects linked to these drugs such as restlessness and hallucinations have been reduced when using marijuana. Research shows that when it is used in the appropriate way and not abused, those suffering from depression may not even have to take antidepressants.'

Philadelphia PD Shows Stupidity With Marijuana Comments

THE WEED BLOG: Philadelphia PD Shows Stupidity With Marijuana Comments

'The City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is making a logical, bold move this week; it is ‘essentially’ decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. I say ‘essentially,’ because on the books the laws will still be the same. However, when the case gets to court prosecutors will treat the case like a summary offense rather than a misdemeanor; there will be no jail sentence or criminal record, just a fine. The change in policy came after incoming District Attorney Seth Williams made a deal with Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Castille and Justice Seamus McCaffery to save money for the city. '

Medical Marijuana vs Ritalin - ADHD, ADD

The miracle weed.

Haze of The City

HIGH TIMES: Haze of The City

The latest for Hightimes.com by The Pothead Pundit.

Colorado Cannabis Convention

MARIJUANA RADIO: Colorado Cannabis Convention

'Enjoy a recording from our first day at the Colorado Cannabis Convention. McKenna, DanK and Paul the Producer all got silly, then they were joined by Miss High Times Brittany for even more laughs.'

Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This - Official Trailer

Their first (real) joint venture in 25 years.

Philly to Change Some Marijuana Penalties

'PHILADELPHIA, April 5 (UPI) -- People caught with small amounts of marijuana for personal use in Philadelphia soon will face a fine, not a criminal record, officials said.'

Daily Dank: Jamaican Haze

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Daily Dank: Jamaican Haze

'Ok so I’m in the process of tweaking how these posts will go but overall consensus was this is a good idea. We need a name, I’m trying out Daily Dank (suggested by Stoner Jesus) but it is still open for debate.'

The Complete Guide to Topping, Training, and Pruning

WEEDOHOLIC: The Complete Guide to Topping, Training and Pruning

'Being fairly new to the industry I haven’t had a chance to research all the details to the various known growing techniques, so I frequently see acronyms and industry jargon that throw me off. This is a great article for newbies and seasoned folks and best of all includes awesome pictures and diagrams that make everything actually register. '

Smoke It up Smooth with the Right Rolling Papers

BUD 101: Smoke It up Smooth with the Right Rolling Papers

'Making a cigarette is cheaper than buying readymade cigarettes. And that comprehensively explains the flourishing demand for rolling papers. But you got to choose the right rolling papers if you want to have the finest of smoking experiences. Here we would discuss what kind of rolling papers you should go for. For beginners, rolling papers are small paper sheets, which are rolled either by hand or the rolling machine to make a joint.'

Amazing Way To Look At Marijuana

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Amazing Way To Look At Marijuana

Very cool.

Compassion Club Providing Medicinal Marijuana Shut Down by Police

'“Agitated” would be a more apt name for the club since Toronto police raided it last Wednesday. Undercover officers, armed with a warrant and backed up by uniformed officers, arrested nine workers and seized 16.5 kilograms of marijuana, 1.9 kg of hashish, 200 grams of hash oil, a quantity of cash and the club’s computers.'

SG Sovereignty 8 Arm Single Perc Glass Tube

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: SG Sovereignty 8 Arm Single Perc Glass Tube (philly4life)

'Comments: SG Sovereignty’s reputation in the tube industry is absolutely well deserved. I have had the pleasure of hitting both the SG mini 8 arm as well as the tube being reviewed. While both of the SG’s that I have hit were great, the larger of the two is MUCH better in my opinion.'

Marijuana Survey: Legalize it

'Some 73 percent of Americans say they support their state legalizing medical marijuana, a new survey from the Pew Research Center found. Interestingly enough, support tends to span gender, race, age, religion and political ideology, although people under 30 and Democrats support it by higher margins.'


Chick Hitting A Huge Bong

Random chick smoking.

Michelle Rainey - Hempology 101

More from Vancouver Island.

Chris Bennet - Hempology 101

Blaze up and get informed.

Ganja Girl “Flower Pot” is a Punk Rock Ganja Goddess

HOW TO GROW BUD: Ganja Girl “Flower Pot” is a Punk Rock Ganja Goddess

'If you don’t think Punk Rock Stoner chicks are sexy than your on the wrong site.'

MT: Boom Times for Medical Marijuana Businesses

'Medical marijuana is rapidly becoming big business in Missoula, but it has emerged with very distinct growing pains.

Since September, the city of Missoula has processed 28 applications for business licenses related to the commerce of medical marijuana.'

Anti-Pot Educational Documentary


How To Order Marijuana Seeds

MARIJUANA WIKIPEDIA: How To Order Marijuana Seeds

'When it comes to purchasing marijuana seeds, caliber and security is completely essential. You need to evade scams while looking out for a vendor promising safe delivery and valuable hybrid seeds. Here’s the things you ought to keep in mind so you can slip past the expected risks and identify an approved stockist for your hoard.'

Marijuana Strains and Species

WEEDOHOLIC: Marijuana Strains and Species

'There are three main species of cannabis: Sativa, Indica and ftuderalts. Each species carries different characteristics and has its own subset of strains. Each individual strain has its own special identity.'

I-1086: Legalizing Marijuana In Washington State

The battle continues.

Easter... with The Real Potheads

Nice concept, lame writing.

Los Angeles DA Going For Coveted AG

'The Attorney General job here in California is an elected job. LA District Attorney Steve Cooley is throwing his hat in the ring. This could be a problem for the "Tax Cannabis Act" and for marijuana policy initiatives here in the state of California.'

Harold and Kumar 3 Confirmed

SPARK REPORT: Harold and Kumar 3 Confirmed

'Actor Kal Penn’s reps have confirm that he will be leaving his post as Barack Obama’s associate director of public engagement to begin filming a new Harold & Kumar movie this June.'

Strain Review: Sweet Tooth

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Sweet Tooth From Private Dealer (NCsmoker89)

'Overall: I took a few hits out of a bubbler and didn’t feel anything for about ten minutes. I almost packed another bowl, until I stood up and realized I was pretty baked. This bud doesn’t look the best, but taste awesome. It’s not quite as good as Top Gun, but it’s still good for the price. –NCsmoker89'

Stoner Art


'Shouts to my buddy Jessie for sending over this awesome artwork she did. This is what I see everytime I blow smoke out too.'

Brazilian Judge Says Legalize All Drugs Worldwide

Prohibition DOES NOT WORK! No matter how dangerous the drug is.

Marijuana Two-Minute Truths: Lung Cancer


Dr. David Bearman On Medical Cannabis

The healing cannabis.

CO: Officials Believe Marijuana Laws Will Ease Nationwide

'Local, state and federal political figures told a crowd at the Colorado Cannabis Convention on Saturday that they believe marijuana laws nationwide will continue to become less restrictive, with full legalization a real possibility.'

Toronto Police Use Violent Force In Compassion Club Raid

Is all that necessary?

Marijuana Should Stay Illegal

SPARK REPORT: Marijuana Should Stay Illegal

'This November, Californians will cast an important vote on whether to legalize marijuana in their state. If they succeed many states may follow with similar legalization efforts. It seems with the rush to legalize marijuana, many people are overlooking several devastating side effects that legalization would bring.'

DEA Continues Trying To Justify Marijuana Prohibition

NORML: DEA Continues Trying To Justify Marijuana Prohibition

'Again, next time you hear or read about law enforcement or federal anti-drug agencies employing the claim ‘We don’t make the laws, we only enforce them’, please reference the below totally biased, paranoid, inaccurate and self-serving example from the Drug Enforcement Administration to counter such claims.'

Lincoln Man Finds Discarded Marijuana Plants on Property

'Todd Magee, owner of Yankee Hill Landscaping, found several marijuana plants discarded on his property Friday.'