PPnotTV: The Stoner Jesus Internet Radio Show - Test

The Stoner Jesus Internet Radio Test Show went off live on Saturday night and despite some technical difficulties, it went pretty well. We did some prank calls and played some great music. If you have a band or are a rapper send your mp3's to stonerjesus420@gmail.com.

The Stoner Jesus Internet Radio Show - Test

We should be going to a Monday-Friday schedule at 7pm EST starting this week, so bookmark the site and share it with your friends.

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PPnotTV: The Stoner Jesus Internet Radio Show

As foretold in the scriptures many centuries ago: "The Messiah, he will return, and it will be awesomeness...chicks and blunts for all my homies!" - Gospel Of Chemo Suave, Intern, Chapter 4, Verse 20

Yes, Stoner Jesus is returning to the land of internet radio. A test show is scheduled for Saturday night, February 5th at 7pm EST. We will be testing the equipment that has been in the shed outside St. Peter's trailer to see if it still works, plus checking out all the cool stuff BlogTalkRadio can do.You'll be able to call in during the one hour test show at 1-347-945-5374. You can also listen to the show live over your phone if you don't want to talk.

If things go well on Saturday night, The Stoner Jesus Internet Radio Show will begin airing 5 nights a week, starting Monday. From the newly refurbished Church of Stoner Jesus Studios in lovely Northern Kentucky, it's the single greatest thing to ever be on internet radio...ever. Tell your friends or run the risk of going to Stoner Hell - where there's fire all around but the weed won't light.