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PPTV Ad Rates Going Up

On February 1, 2011 the ad rates on The Pothead Pundit TV Network will be going up to bring them more in line with our daily traffic. If you want to buy ad space before the 1st you will get in at the current rates - you can buy ads for up to a year. Traffic stats can be seen near bottom of the right column.

Ad rates for PPTV as of 2-1-11:

Across top of blog - $20 a month, no rotation
Right column under subscription box - $15 a month, rotates with other $15 ads every 10,000 page views
Sponsored links - $5 a month or available for link-trading if you have a website
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The WEED Radio Network

As some of you may know, I live in the Cincinnati area and have all my life. We are not exactly known for our open-mindedness about cannabis - whether we are talking Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana. But there has been a silver lining in our dark cloud for almost 20 years now, and that's HempRock Productions.

HempRock recently returned to the radio airwaves of Cincinnati on 95.7 FM and can be found on the internet at The WEED Radio Network. The upshot is that I'm currently in talks with them about doing my own radio show on their network. Besides writing the only other thing I've ever been interested in doing is radio and have hundreds of hours of podcasting and live radio on BlogTalkRadio to attest to my passion for the medium.

As I've said many times before, none of us are free until all of us are free. People in the Cincinnati area deserve to have their voices heard just as much as any city or town in the U.S. If you live in the area - or just want to do something for cannabis law reform - support The WEED Radio Network and the work it does.

Joe Klare - aka The Pothead Pundit - aka Stoner Jesus

Moon OG Kush and Chocolope Wax

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