The Stoner Jesus Show Twitter Followers Tattoo Challenge

Celebrities dominate the world of Twitter. Yet Stoner Jesus is a celebrity and I only have 5,000+ followers. Lady Gaga has over 8 million and Justin Bieber is closing in on that number as of this writing. Ryan Seacrest has 4+ million, and even that douchebag Perez Hilton has over 3 million. Are you telling me that Perez Hilton is more talented than I am? Well, fuck you then.

I think I should have a ton of Twitter followers, and I'm willing to put my money skin where my mouth is. So here is the deal. If I can get to 100,000 followers by 4-20-11, I'll get the Stoner Jesus portrait you see above...as a tattoo on my back. Not a tiny tattoo either; my whole back. The process will be videotaped and posted on Youtube.

I've tried challenges like this before, and always fell short of my goals; not this time. But I need your help.
I know what you're thinking: why should I care about your followers? Good question. And my rebuttal is simple: wouldn't it be awesome for our movement if this actually catches fire and the movement has a friend up there with the celebrities? Charlie Sheen or Lady Gaga don't tweet about weed. I do, all day, every day. That's why you should all tweet me and share this on Facebook. We can get this done. Fuck MC Hammer and his 2 million followers. Is this 1990? Let's make weed a true force on Twitter.

TWEET STONER JESUS! #tweetstonerjesus

- Stoner Jesus

Nine11Kevin 'Kush and Haze'