Cancer Gate – The Rick Simpson Story

MOST HI MAGAZINE: Cancer Gate – The Rick Simpson Story

'After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal Hemp Oil. When Rick discovered that the Hemp Oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured Cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge – curing and controlling literally hundreds of people’s illnesses.'

N.J. Medical Marijuana Advocates Vow Court Battle if Legalization is Delayed

'TRENTON — Chronically ill patients who qualify under New Jersey’s new medical marijuana law should be allowed to buy the drug on their own while Gov. Chris Christie and lawmakers haggle over when the state run-program should begin, the law’s sponsor said today.'

2 Myths About Drugs Network News Doesn't Want You To Know

HOW TO GROW BUD: 2 Myths About Drugs Network News Doesnt Want You To Know 

'Let me star off by saying that I’m not a drug dealer but I’ve been around them many times. Because for many years the only way to purchase marijuana was to go through one. Everything your going to read in this article is just common sense. Things that you probably would of thought of if you just question what you read or hear from your local news, as opposed to just agreeing with every blanket statement they publish.'


Miss High Times Hopeful: stonerstripper

MISS HIGH TIMES: stonerstripper

'i love weed and stripping.'

Strain Review: Purple Heat

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Purple Heat From Private Dealer (Schnerp)

'Overall: Loved this bud, wish I got purple buds more often.  Great smell, great looks, and great taste all lead to a great high.  –Schnerp'

MT: Judge Says Man Mauled After Smoking Marijuana Can Get Workers' Comp

'HELENA - A worker who was mauled feeding the bears at a tourist attraction near Glacier National Park is eligible for workers' compensation even though he smoked marijuana that morning, a judge has ruled.'

Strain Review: Alien Dog

KIND REVIEWS: Alien Dog (A Cut Above)

'Overall:  The Alien Dog is a terrific indica based strain, stemming from one of the most popular strains making its way across the country (Alien Technology).  We recommend using small samples of this for medicating, as the more you ingest the larger the head/mind effects become and it seems to detract from the brilliance of the body medication.  On the other hand, seasoned patients may enjoy the diversity the strain offers and choose to go “all in” for both mind and body exhuberation.'

OH: Busts Net 200 Pounds of Marijuana

'A federal drug investigation centered in Middletown netted about 200 pounds of marijuana from Mexico on Thursday, an official from the Drug Enforcement Agency said.'

Medical Marijuana Finds Another Avenue in Los Angeles

'A flourishing and unregulated industry of pot delivery services is circumventing bans on storefront dispensaries and bringing medical marijuana directly to people’s homes, offices and more unconventional locations across the state, records and interviews show.'

"Gossip Girl" Actor Chace Crawford Busted For Marijuana Possession

CBS NEWS: "Gossip Girl" Actor Chace Crawford Busted For Marijuana Possession

'NEW YORK (CBS) "Gossip Girl" actor Chace Crawford was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana early Friday morning in Plano, Texas, the town where he grew up.'

November Ballot Picture Shaping Up To Be Historic In The Struggle To End Marijuana Prohibition

NORML: November Ballot Picture Shaping Up To Be Historic In The Struggle To End Marijuana Prohibition

'The November election is shaping up to be one of the most important in modern history as it pertains to the struggle to end marijuana prohibition.'

Man Chooses 30 Days In Jail Instead Of Quitting Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Man Chooses 30 Days In Jail Instead Of Quitting Marijuana

'Meet the latest marijuana martyr. ​A 30-year-old Nevada man on Wednesday chose a month in jail instead of probation which would have meant he couldn't use medical marijuana for one year.'

Top 10 Canadian Strains of All Time

HIGH TIMES: Top 10 Canadian Strains of All Time

'In this exclusive excerpt from his forthcoming book, The HIGH TIMES Field Guide to Cannabis Strains, senior cultivation editor Danny Danko reveals the highest-quality pot varieties hailing from America’s neighbor to the north.'

Ganja Girl FlowerPot Tests The Incredibowl

I hear it's awesome.

CO: Marijuana Dispensary Joins Chamber Of Commerce

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Marijuana Dispensary Joins Chamber Of Commerce

'The Hemp Center in Littleton, Colorado, has become the first medical marijuana dispensary to join the local Chamber of Commerce, in what may be a sign of growing acceptance of the cannabis industry.'

Crackhead Preaches Evils Of Marijuana Legalization

"Marijuana is one of the most addictive illicit drugs that we have." - Crackhead
"THC in marijuana is 37.5 %." - Crackhead
"Crack kills brain cells." - The Pothead Pundit

Marc Emery's Tax Dollars at Work

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marc Emery's Tax Dollars at Work

'Marijuana activists Jodie and Marc Emery have always kept interesting company. But people might be surprised to learn that Marc, who was recently extradited to the U.S., has spent quite a bit of time with officials from the Canada Revenue Agency.'

Bail Denied for Alleged Staten Island Cannabis King

'A reputed marijuana kingpin's hope of getting out on bail went up in smoke on Thursday.

Jonathan Braun, 27, looks more like a skinny slacker from Staten Island than the leader of an international drug-trafficking ring.'


Group Pushes For Legalized Medical Marijuana In Pennsylvania

Go PA!

Quebec Police Arrest 35 People in Raids on Pot Clubs

'Police raided five marijuana clubs in Montreal and Quebec City Thursday, arresting 35 people, including the founder of the federal Marijuana Party.

Officers swept down on five of the "compassion clubs" -- which offer marijuana to those who need it for medical reasons -- and seized 35 kilograms of pot, $10,000 in cash and computer equipment.'

Nug Porn: Serious Secret Stash

NUG PORN: Serious Secret Stash

Looks like the secret is out of the baggie...sorry, that's the best blurb I got for now.

Strain Review: Silver Kush

MATT MERNAGH: Marijuana Strain Review Silver Kush

'Two powerful parents (Super Silver Haze x Kush) are used to create a vibrant uplifting couch lock marijuana effect. This is fab medicinal marijuana for people who suffer from chronic pain problems. It’s a pain relieving motivating marijuana strain.'

Cannabis Caravans Fuel Medical Pot Boom in Montana

'HELENA, Mont. — As Bob Marley music wailed in the next room, the makeshift clinic hummed along like an assembly line: Patients went in to see a doctor, paid $150 and walked out with permission to buy and smoke medical marijuana.

So it went, all day, at a hotel just blocks from the state Capitol that was the latest stop of the so-called cannabis caravan, a band of doctors and medical marijuana advocates roaming Montana to sign up thousands of patients.'

Major Marijuana Kingpin Busted on Staten Island

'A marijuana kingpin who ran an international pot-smuggling operation between the U.S. and Canada is in custody after feds raided the Staten Island home where he lived with his Orthodox Jewish parents. Jonathan Braun, 27, was allegedly in charge of importing 110 tons of pot into the U.S. through an Indian reservation on the Canadian border.'

Strain Review: White Fire OG

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: White Fire OG From Private Dealer (nycdgrower)

'Overall: This bud tasted awesome and packed a wonderful punch!  I would recommend this for the late night toke and definitely for someone who wants to increase their appetite.

I might add that White Fire OG is perfect for those occasional crappy days were you just wanna get a nice stoney high and have some alone time.  I spent mine kicking back watching some of The Office and laughed my ass off.  Definitely my top 3 indicas!'

Elementary Schoolkids Given Anti-Medical Pot Propaganda

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Elementary Schoolkids Given Anti-Medical Pot Propaganda

'A controversial anti-medical marijuana flyer forced upon elementary school students in Billings, Montana, is causing an uproar.'

MA: Ton of Marijuana Worth $3M Found

'BOSTON -- Police found a gigantic stash of marijuana in a Dorchester apartment on Wednesday morning in one of the biggest seizures of the drug in Boston over the last several years.'

Facebook: Anti Medical Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE: Facebook: Anti Medical Marijuana

'Freedom of press is restricted to those who own the presses. This is yet another example of corporate censorship in America.

AZ: Marijuana Found Hidden in Hay Bales

'Agent Shaun Kuzia, a spokesman for the Yuma Sector, said early Tuesday morning, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Wellton Station referred a tractor-trailer hauling bales of hay to secondary inspection after a canine team alerted to the trailer. During inspection, agents discovered several large bundles of marijuana stuffed between the hay bales.'

Marijuana Legalization Poll Sets Stage for Intense Debate

'Despite the discussion currently accruing over issues on the upcoming June 8 ballot, the November ballot has recently managed to snag a sizable slice of the media due to its controversial inclusion of a measure legalizing marijuana.'


The THC Girls

What an interview.

The Compelling Reasons for Cannabis Legalization

'It seems that the DEA and its prohibitionist allies are getting rather desperate in the face of strong and growing support for Cannabis Legalization, the support that is felt not only in California, but across the Nation ahead of the November Ballot Initiative that would Legalize, Control and Tax Cannabis in the State of California. Realizing that the people of this country are becoming way too informed to fall for the stale, washed-out “arguments” that Cannabis is “addictive”, that it “favors the criminal activity”, or that it is a “gateway drug”, the prohibitionists are now singing a new tune, and that is that “there are no good reasons” to Legalize this relatively harmless and widely used substance. “No good reasons…” Well, let’s see.'

Strain Review: Romulan

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Romulan From River Valley Collective (NorCal_Cyclist)

'Overall: The buzz hit fairly concentrated in one area of my head, causing that weird feeling you get when you take you hat off after wearing it all day – like it’s still there.  Produced a VERY strong, medicating buzz, that had me really struggling to focus on tasks at hand – especially those requiring memory.  Definitely a smoke for when you have nothing else to do for a while.  –NorCal_Cyclist'

Actress Kirsten Dunst: I Am Not A Pothead

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Actress Kirsten Dunst: I Am Not A Pothead

'​ Hollywood hottie and party girl Kirsten Dunst, testifying in court in a purse snatching case, said that she doesn't smoke marijuana. Asked if she used pot, the Spider-Man actress answered with a curt "No."'

CO: Medical Marijuana Use Not Automatically Child Endangerment, Court Rules

MPP: Medical Marijuana Use Not Automatically Child Endangerment, Court Rules

'Even when medical marijuana patients are protected from arrest and provided safe access under their state’s law, they may still face forms of discrimination, as we are unfortunately reminded time and time again.'

Republicans Stirring the Pot

CELEBSTONER: Republicans Stirring the Pot

'America’s new crop of Republicans is showing support for medical and legal marijuana. The issue touches on state’s rights, personal freedom and government interference with healthcare. Though not on the national platform, conservative politicians are using cannabis for positive political capital.'

Police: Woman Hid Marijuana in Nieces' Toy Bag

FOX NEWS: Police: Woman Hid Marijuana in Nieces' Toy Bag

'NEWARK, Del. (AP) -- Delaware State Police say a 38-year-old Newark woman hid marijuana from authorities in her nieces' toy bag.'

Does Marijuana Cause Infertility and Poor Sexual Performance?

'Many people have asked questions regarding marijuana and sex.  Do men that smoke marijuana have a lower sperm count?  Do those men have a difficult time performing sexually after continuous use of the drug?  The answers are... It depends.  Every person on this earth is different as we all know.  Different substances affect our bodies differently and cases vary when it comes to this situation. '

Marc Emery's US Federal Prison Blog #4

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marc Emery's US Federal Prison blog #4

'I am very pleased to report that I am in good shape, sleeping well, and very busy getting some good work done. Today, Tuesday June 1st, I received six letters from individuals, and about 25 or so from our amazing activist friend Chris Goodwin and supporters at Vapour Central in Toronto, where Chris is manager. Jodie sent me a bunch of photos, which I'm really happy to have! The guys here are impressed by pictures of me with Tommy Chong, ZZ Top, and Sean Paul.'

2 Canadians Arrested, 547 lbs Seized in Marijuana Smuggling Case

'A customs boat intercepted the fleeing vessel after a three minute chase. The two Canadians were delivered to agents waiting on the shore and the Marine Interdiction agents searched and discovered eight bundles containing 547 pounds of marijuana floating in the water nearby. The drugs and the boat were seized and the two Canadians arrested.'

Wall Street Journal Asks About Working and Marijuana

NORML STASH BLOG: Wall Street Journal asks about working and marijuana

'It depends on your workplace.  I’ve known many a computer programmer who telecommutes from home and works long hours on excruciatingly boring and detailed lines of code while taking the occasional break with a bong.  Governor Schwarzenegger had a rather prestigious bodybuilding career while puffing a “choint” between sets.  There are plenty of working people who relax after work with a doobie and have successful and fulfilling lives.  Hell, I’m up at 6am, writing and researching for the blog, handling calls and emails from chapters and wanna-be chapters, putting on a live talk radio show, working out, and handling a busy travel speaking schedule, and I assure you I partake of some herb from time to time.'

Marijuana "Addiction"

THE CANNABIS POST: Marijuana "Addiction"

'I’d like to take a few moments and address the topic of marijuana “addiction.” A story recently appeared in the news about the rapper Bizzy Bone going on the show “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew to fight his alcohol and marijuana addictions.'

By The Pothead Pundit.


Marijuana Tax Could Make $400K for DC Over 5 Years

MSNBC: Marijuana tax could make $400K for DC over 5 years

'WASHINGTON - A tax on medical marijuana could generate some $400,000 for the city over the next five years, according to an estimate from the city's top financial official released Tuesday.'

Arizona Voters Get Another Chance to Legalize Medical Marijuana

'Arizonans will get the chance to legalize the use of medical marijuana yet again this November – the fourth such opportunity in the past 15 years.

The Medical Marijuana initiative became the first to qualify for the 2010 general election ballot after the Secretary of State’s Office verified on June 1 that supporters had turned in the required number of signatures from registered voters.'



'Callum Francis is back and he's higher than ever. As always High On The Air brings you the best in marijuana history, cultivation, and technology. Callum tries out the new Vaporonic vaporizer and checks in with cultivation editor Nico Escondido for tips on Spring growing.'

Obama Repeating the Mistakes of the Drug War

CANNABIS CULTURE: Obama Repeating the Mistakes of the Drug War

'Forty years. One trillion dollars. Hundreds of thousands of lives. That's the cost of the U.S. war on drugs. And the tab continues to rise.'

Medical Marijuana - Michigan Holistic Health

Great info.

Weeds Season 6 Tease

Can't wait.

Strain Review: Grape Ape

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Grape Ape From Homegrow (wheezer)

'Overall: This is top notch stuff.  I always have at least one of these in the rotation at all times, super strong, super tasty and great bag appeal all make this a must have.  –wheezer'

50 Sexy Stoner Girls in 1:30

You're welcome.

L.A. Times Poll: California Voters Back Pot Legalization

TOKE OF THE TOWN: L.A. Times Poll: California Voters Back Pot Legalization

'California voters think they should be allowed to grow and consume marijuana, according to a new Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California poll. The poll also found more than one in three voters had tried pot, and more than one in 10 had used cannabis in the past year.'

Fake Medical Marijuana Advertisement Used To Promote Anti-Cannabis Mayor’s Brewery In Denver

NORML: Fake Medical Marijuana Advertisement Used To Promote Anti-Cannabis Mayor’s Brewery In Denver

'In what has to be one of the more unique advertising campaigns currently found in the United States, a notable Denver brewery takes great advantage of the changing mores and values in Colorado that have ushered in hundreds of medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state.'


Miss High Times Hopeful: sxy420


'I am a curvy model based in WDC and I feel like I should be Miss HT because I have my 420 banner waving all day and all nite.'

The 'Vape-In' of Conservative MP James Lunney's Office

CANNABIS CULTURE: The 'Vape-In' of Conservative MP James Lunney's Office

'It only takes one person to occupy a Member of Parliaments office but it helps if you have four or five people, more than that and it can be viewed as a disturbance. We managed to hold down the office in Nanaimo, B.C. with only four brave souls.'

Group to Lobby Nebraska for Medicinal Marijuana

'LINCOLN, Neb. - A group that wants Nebraska to allow the medicinal use of marijuana says it will lobby the Nebraska pharmacy licensing board for support.

The group, Helping End Marijuana Prohibition, wants the board to recommend that lawmakers clear the way for medical marijuana in Nebraska. But one key legislator said that's unlikely.'

NYC Man Accused of Biting Police

'NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. -- Police say a New York City man accused of having marijuana in his car became violent after his arrest and bit an officer on the hands and elbows while kicking another one.'

Foster Child Reunited With Canadian Family

CANNABIS CULTURE: Foster Child Reunited With Canadian Family 

'If Noah is faking that smile, he deserves an Academy Award, never mind a ticket home to Canada.

Grinning like a boy promised an ice-cream sundae to go with his brand new puppy, Noah Kirkman looks as pleased as a 12-year-old can be, snuggled up in a restaurant booth with his grandpa.

The photograph, of Noah and Michael Heltay, was taken just hours after an Oregon judge ruled the boy can finally return to Canada, almost two years after being seized by child welfare authorities in that state.'

Marijuana Farmer's Markets Proposed In California

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Marijuana Farmer's Markets Proposed In California

'A California medical marijuana dispensary operator has presented his idea to start "patient-to-patient cannabis farmer's markets" in Sacramento and surrounding counties.'

Strain Review: Green Goblin

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Green Goblin From Private Dealer (Heavyhitter88)

'Overall: Great, unique strain that offers a powerful 1-2 punch that hits every spot in the right way.  Can be smoked just about anytime, provided you can handle the head stone first, and has a strong scent and pleasant taste that lets you know you are smoking some serious nuggets.'

Massive Marijuana Grow-Ops Appearing in Rural B.C.

'Big-city pot growing is moving to rural B.C., and the locals aren’t happy about four commercial-sized grow ops recently shut down by police.

Part of what has become a $6-billion industry, the four expansive facilities garnered thousands of pot plants worth many millions if they’d made it to market.'

MJR: Shirley Phelps


'Tonight’s classic episode may make your head explode. Early on Paul the Producer delivers recounts his weekend attending the Marc Emery rally in Denver. Next up, we spoke to Shirley Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church. The conversation started out nice and had its climax with McKenna nearly blowing a fuse.'

Ganja Girl Kristin – Stoner Lara Croft

HOW TO GROW BUD: Ganja Girl Kristin – Stoner Lara Croft 

'Ok the plan was for Kristin to dress up like Lara Croft but we got real high and forgot half the outfit.'

Featured Review: California Grow Mugs

I recently started an internet newspaper devoted to marijuana, The Cannabis Post. I've been searching for good writers to contribute, and one such writer happens to be the owner of something called California Grow Mugs.

I love the guy's writing, but I had never heard of the mugs; so when he said he was going to send me a couple, I was like that's cool, whatever. As long as he was a contributor to The Cannabis Post, I was happy.

When I got the mugs in the mail, I still hadn't gone to the website and seen what the hell these mugs did. I just figured it was a black mug promoting the city of San Francisco - no big deal. But when I went to write this review I finally bothered to check the Grow Mugs website...and I learned a lot.

It just goes to show what you learn when you bother to put in a little legwork. It turns out these mugs are cool as hell; my girlfriend loves them. When you add hot water - for coffee, tea, whatever - the mug changes color and a beautiful array of pot plants come out.

That's so badass. Check out California Grow Mugs and get yours today!


Why Doctors Hold the Key to Medical Marijuana

THE WEED BLOG: Why Doctors Hold the Key to Medical Marijuana

'While I was talking to the doctor at the clinic about my condition, we struck up a very interesting conversation about the doctor’s role in medical marijuana programs.  He explained to me that he had been signing medical marijuana forms for the last two years, and previous to working at the clinic, he was very reserved about medical marijuana. '

MT: Medical Marijuana -- Easing Pain, Raising Fears

'But two months after getting a medical marijuana card, Trego now manages the semblance of a smile. The drug was recommended by a friend and has, Trego says, made a big difference in her life.

“I’m working a part-time job,” she said. “I’m able to help my friends instead of them all coming to help me. I sleep better at night. I’m getting my house clean. I’m enjoying things again I thought were lost forever.”'

Bizzy Bone To Fight Marijuana, Alcohol Addiction On "Celebrity Rehab"

'Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's ex-member Bizzy Bone is reportedly set to come clean on his marijuana and alcohol addiction by participating in the planned upcoming "Celebrity Rehab" television series.'

Cornering Vs. Torching

What do you think?

Marijuana Garden Of Eden


Strain Review – SkyWalker OG

NUG PORN: Strain Review – SkyWalker OG

'Brain test: Two words, couch lock!! A compelling idica that will have you ready for bed after a few small tokes!'

High Hopes for Business Folk Planning NJ Pot Sales

'MONTCLAIR, N.J. - After careers in human resources and business consulting, Marianne Bays is tired of the corporate world. The 57-year-old's choice for a change: trying to become one of New Jersey's first legal pot dealers.'

Dennis Hopper Remembered

HIGH TIMES: Dennis Hopper Remembered

'When I was fifteen years old I had a poster on my bedroom wall, an extraordinarily popular poster that, in 1969, could be bought in any head shop in the country. A hippie was riding on a tricked-out motorcycle with a dangerously chopped front wheel extension.'

Dennis Hopper: Death of a Hollywood Rebel

CELEBSTONER: Dennis Hopper: Death of a Hollywood Rebel

'Counterculture icon Dennis Hopper died of prostate cancer on Friday.'

Strain Review: Citrus Haze

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Citrus Haze From Private Dealer (eyezlow957)

'Overall: This herb was overall a pretty nice pickup. The best part being how long it lasted.  –eyezlow957'

Marc Emery's US Federal Prison Blog #3

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marc Emery's US Federal Prison blog #3

'I've been busy today (Friday, May 28th). I got up at 5:30am as usual, started reading "Parting the Waves", the Martin Luther King and civil rights movement story. Excellent book. My day is the same thing over & over again each day: I read, I write, I eat poor food, I see no sun and feel no fresh air and can't sleep, its like Groundhog Day (the movie) unless I get stuff in the mail, or photos, or articles, or anything that has some substance that changes my day.'