CO: Growth in Medical Marijuana Raises Questions

'GLENWOOD SPRINGS — With the boom in medical marijuana dispensaries in the Roaring Fork Valley, area schools and businesses find themselves struggling to update their policies to address a question they never had to deal with before. How do you handle a student, or an employee, who shows up stoned — with a prescription?'

Marijuana, Boom and Bust

'By the end of the decade the cultivators were learning how to grow. There was an enormous variety of seeds--Afghan, Thai, Burmese. The price crept up to $400 a pound, and the grateful settlers, mostly dirt poor, rushed out to buy a washing machine, a propane fridge, a used VW, a solar panel, a 12-volt battery. Even a three-pound sale was a relatively big deal.'

OK: Police Seize 1,500 Pounds of Marijuana

'Officers seized 1,500 pounds of marijuana early Saturday after a police dog detected the illegal drugs in a parked vehicle.'

Shaking Off Pot's Negative Image

'The first-ever International Cannabis and Hemp Expo is a chance for the public to learn from vendors and speakers and see 100,000-square feet of displays showing off products to grow and ingest marijuana. Bands and musical acts will entertain and an onsite "medication tent" will allow people to, well ... medicate.'

New Jersey MS Patient Will Remain Jailed During Appeal

MPP: New Jersey MS Patient Will Remain Jailed During Appeal

'The New Jersey man who was sentenced to five years in prison last month for growing marijuana plants to treat his multiple sclerosis will now remain jailed while he appeals his conviction.'

CU Regent Calls For Crackdown On Boulder's 4/20 Smokeout

TOKE OF THE TOWN: CU Regent Calls For Crackdown On Boulder's 4/20 Smokeout

'An uptight University of Colorado regent has said the Boulder campus should do a better job "cracking down" on pot smokers who gather for the "unsanctioned" 4/20 smoke-out.'

GA: Authorities Make $2 Million Marijuana Bust

'The plants had a total weight of approximately 1,900 pounds and an estimated street value of $2 million. Agents also seized four guns, including a sawed-off shotgun, and a military style ballistics vest.'

Girl Smoking Weed and Stripping

You're welcome.

Over a Hundred L.A. Marijuana Dispensaries to Face Potential Closure

'Under a city ordinance which is now expected to take effect in June this year, various marijuana dispensaries which opened after a 2007 moratorium will be sent notifications that they must shutter down.

Over a hundred medical marijuana places across Los Angeles will soon be sent notifications by authorities that they must shut down starting June.'

Strain Review: Hawaiian Punch

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Hawaiian Punch From Private Dealer (stak)

'Overall: Above average smell/taste/buzz/length.  One of the better strains I’ve come across recently.  –stak'


Strain Review: Lemon Kush x Blue Dream

Welcome back Tang.

Kandy Kush Photo Shoot

Hot stoner chicks.

Oregon High Court: Employer Free to Fire Medical Marijuana User

'For supporters of legalizing of medical marijuana, yesterday was not a good day.

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled that a state worker who used pot to relieve pain and nausea could be fired for drug use even though he had had a state-issued medical marijuana card.'

LA: 400 Pounds of Marijuana Seized

'The Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force seized 400 pounds of marijuana stashed in the rear cargo compartment of a stolen van out of Pasadena, Texas, during a traffic stop on Interstate 10 near mile marker 101.'

Jack Herer: The Emperor Wears No Clothes

HIGH TIMES: Jack Herer: The Emperor Wears No Clothes

The latest by The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

Federal Pot Case in CO Highlights Worry Among Growers of Medical Marijuana

'Jeff Sweetin, special agent in charge of the DEA's Rocky Mountain Region, said state and local police hesitate to go after pot growers because of the conflict between state and federal law. Federal authorities are the only ones left to enforce marijuana laws, he said.

"I'm not here to be the regulator of medical marijuana," Sweetin said, adding he'd prefer to "work the highest-level drug-trafficking organizations."

Instead, he fields daily phone calls and e-mails about medical marijuana growers. Half want the DEA to ignore them; half want the DEA to bust neighborhood dispensaries, he said.

A brief filed in Bartkowicz's case by U.S. Attorney David Gaouette argues that no matter what Coloradans voted for, no grow operation gets a federal pass.

"Colorado's state drug law does not, and cannot, abrogate federal drug laws," Gaouette wrote.'

Jack Herer Speaks

We miss him already.

Strain Review: Jack Herer

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Jack Herer From Private Dealer (CanadaDank07)

'Overall: I was skeptical of it being Jack Herer at first because it didn’t have the trademark foxtail buds but I think they were crushed when they were vacuum sealed.  Think about how good it could have been without vacuum sealing!!!  One of my favorites for sure.  –CanadaDank07'

Marijuana is NOT like Alcohol

'Sometime ago I posted a comparison of marijuana and tobacco called Pot is not like tobacco. Please make a note of it. Thanks.

It was prompted by various ongoing - and stupid - assertions that those who do not understand marijuana make when they assume it is like tobacco.

It's time to do the same for marijuana and alcohol.'

Jack Herer Explains Why Hemp is The #1 Natural Resource

Legalize Cannabis.

Breathe Break with Jack Herer

RIP Jack.

5 Ways to Educate Yourself About Marijuana

EMERALD HERB: 5 Ways to Further Educate Yourself About Marijuana and Prohibition

'"You learn something new everyday" - We've all heard the saying, but how many people actually make an attempt to consciously learn something new everyday? To educate themselves to combat their narrow-minded misunderstandings? How many people actually try.'

Strain Review: Jack Herer in Jack Herer Honey Oil

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Jack Herer in Jack Herer Honey Oil From The OG Collective (Flintsfinest)

'Overall: If you’ve never smoked amber glass or pure honey oil before it is like nothing else.  I’ve had all kinds of very strong ice o later hashes in Amsterdam but this is even a step above.  This is not for everyone.  –Flintsfinest'


Miss High Times Hopeful: karijane


'I'm Kari. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Although we have those harsh winters I stay close to the sun with the blessing of marijuana.'

SD: $4 Million Worth of Marijuana Seized on I-90

'The SD Attorney General's Office says they seized about $4 Million worth of marijuana on Interstate 90 on April 8.

Nathan R. Delgado and William R. Mitchell have been charged in Pennington County with one count of Conspiracy to Distribute more than One Pound of Marijuana, a Class 4 felony carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years incarceration or $20,000 fine or both.'

Product Review: Mellow Monkey 5022

I've never done a review of my own on this blog, but I have linked to a ton of strain and product reviews. I don't have firsthand experience of a lot of different bongs, but I have run across a dozen or so in my time as a stoner.

I got the piece yesterday from Primal Glass Werks. It's 16 inches tall and stemless, made of a nice, heavy glass. The hits I took were smooth, and hit my brain like a freight train...that even rhymed, no wonder you all read this blog.

If you're a pipe, blunt, or joint smoker, the hits from a large, well made bong take some getting used to. But it's well worth getting used to.

I don't have a grading system for these things, so I'll just say if you're in the market for a sturdy glass piece, you can't go wrong with The Mellow Monkey.

Jack Herer, the Emperor of Hemp, Dead at 70

HIGH TIMES: Jack Herer, the Emperor of Hemp, Dead at 70

'Jack Herer, legendary hemp activist and author of the seminal The Emperor Wears No Clothes, has passed away at the age of 70. The sad news that Mr. Herer died this morning in Eugene, Oregon was first reported by Salem-News.com.'

NORML Remembers ‘The Hemperor’ Jack Herer

NORML: NORML Remembers ‘The Hemperor’ Jack Herer

'NORML is saddened to report the passing of Jack Herer, the founder of the modern day hemp movement. Jack suffered a heart attack after speaking at last year’s Portland Hempstalk event, and had been in a physician-induced coma for several days afterward. The past seven months have been a struggle to recover for Jack – he awakened from the coma and had been making progress in regaining his health. Friends and family confirm that Herer, known throughout the world as ‘The Hemperor,’ passed away on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 11:07am Pacific Time in Eugene, Oregon. He was 70 years old.'

The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died

'(SALEM, Ore.) - The sad news has been confirmed. Jack Herer, author of Emperor Wears No Clothes and renowned around the world for hemp activism, has died at 11:17 a.m. today, in Eugene, Oregon.

Jack Herer suffered a heart attack last September just after speaking on stage at the Portland HempStalk festival. The last seven months have proven to be a huge challenge to the man, with several health issues making his recovery complicated.'

Canadians Support Legalizing Pot; B.C. Leads The Way

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Canadians Support Legalizing Pot; B.C. Leads The Way

'A new poll shows the majority of Canadians support legalizing marijuana, but not other drugs. As was the case two years ago, a majority of Canadians (53 percent) support the legalization of cannabis.'

NORML Foundation To Launch Second NYC Times Square Billboard Campaign

NORML: NORML Foundation To Launch Second NYC Times Square Billboard Campaign

'Washington, DC: The NORML Foundation, the educational arm of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), will debut its second-ever digital ad this Tuesday, April 20, on the CBS Super Screen in New York City’s Times Square.'

Music Video: Girls and Weed

The first minute and a half of pics is just repeated, but it's worth seeing again.

AZ: CBP Officers in Nogales Find 5 Tons of Marijuana in a Shipment of Watermelon

'Nogales, Ariz.CBP officers at the Nogales ports of entry had a busy day yesterday intercepting more than 9,500 pounds of marijuana and stopping close to $334,000 in illicit funds believed to be headed back to Mexico to fuel the drug trafficking trade.'

A Message to HIGH TIMES Readers from Cheech & Chong

HIGH TIMES: A Message to HIGH TIMES Readers from Cheech & Chong

'Cheech & Chong take a moment to give a special pre-4/20 shout out to HIGH TIMES readers. The preeminent pot comedy duo will celebrate this 4/20 with the release of their new DVD, Hey Watch This!'

CA Mayor Wants Medical Marijuana Garden in Heart of Downtown

'If there is an award for most proactively pro-pot city leader, it will likely be given to the mayor of tiny Dunsmuir, Calif., He is proposing that an unused lot across the street from a sheriff's substation in the middle of the historic downtown be put to use as a pot garden. He hopes to lease the land, which he owns, to a medical marijuana cooperative, which will use high-tech greenhouses to grow its medicine.'

Kampia Returns to MPP

HIGH TIMES: Kampia Returns to MPP

'Rob Kampia has been officially reinstated as the executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project—following a three-month, unpaid leave of absence—according to a spokesman for the organization.'

Strain Review: Mekong Haze

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Mekong Haze From Private Dealer (1000toes)

'Overall: I really, really liked it. It was a completely different buzz and taste from all the other cannabis I have smoked. –1000toes'

Where is my 420 Smoke Out 2010?

A great listing of 4/20 events.

Drug War Racism Ravishes America

CANNABIS CULTURE: Drug War Racism Ravishes America

'This controversy, focusing on feared decriminalization of marijuana despite the fact that this widely used substance remains illegal under Pennsylvania law, ignored the insidious racial discrimination rampant in marijuana law enforcement.'


Teen Tips: How to Score Weed

Too damn funny!

Ganja Girls Minna and Kristin Duo | Taking Mad Bong Rips Together

HOW TO GROW BUD: Ganja Girls Minna and Kristin Duo | Taking mad Bong Rips Together

I just can't get enough of these posts.

CA: Pot Legalization More Popular Than Governor Candidates

TOKE OF THE TOWN: CA: Pot Legalization More Popular Than Governor Candidates

'If popular online social network Facebook is any measure of things, marijuana legalization is way more popular than all three of the major California gubernatorial candidates combined, even with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger thrown in for good measure (take him, please).'

Kevin Booth Talks Marijuana

Creator of "How Weed Won The West."

Marijuana: The New Oil

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Marijuana the new Oil

'With medical marijuana springing up all over our fair nation, marijuana dispensaries have become a boom market. Or so says the Missoulian. Read on to find out where the hell Missoula is, and we’ll read their entire article, so you don’t have to. See, we do stuff for you here.'

MPP Urges Release Of Marijuana Prisoners Before Violent Convicts

TOKE OF THE TOWN: MPP Urges Release Of Marijuana Prisoners Before Violent Convicts

'Non-violent pot prisoners should be released before violent offenders when convicts are furloughed early due to state budget crunches, Aaron Houston of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) said in Congressional testimony Wednesday.'

FL: Probation Officer Arrested on Marijuana Charge

'LAKELAND | A state probation officer and her roommate were arrested by undercover sheriff’s detectives Tuesday night and charged with marijuana possession, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.'

Marijuana Legalization is on The Way

'The whole ecosystem of medical marijuana here, cooperative and capitalist, operates under an umbrella of black-market prices that is not sustainable. Already dispensaries are operating openly in Los Angeles under the green cross, and in other places: I saw one two weeks ago in Garberville, along the Redwood Highway. In November, Californians will vote on a statewide ballot measure for full legalization.'

Self-Contained Pot Farm on Wheels Sold in CA

'Now, there is a new option for those wanting to grow their own pot. IGrow's Dahr Mann helped come up with a new concept that puts pot growing on wheels. Tom Patton with GrowOp Technologies partnered with the iGrow store to develop the product, which is a mobile marijuana growing station. They call the trailers "buds."'

2010 4/20 Events

HAILMARYJANE.COM: 2010 4/20 Events

'So 4/20 is almost here and I know you all are excited as me. What kind of plans do you guys have for 4/20? If you haven’t made any yet, check out this awesome list provided by the good folks at celebstoner.'

Teachers for Marijuana Legalization

'Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten thinks it's high time marijuana is legalized. Weingarten - head of the American Federation of Teachers and former president of New York's United Federation of Teachers - came out in support of a California proposition to legalize pot for personal use.'

MI: Grand Rapids Again Delays Caregiver License Applications for Medical Marijuana

'GRAND RAPIDS -- City caregivers won't be able to apply for licenses to dispense medical marijuana from their homes until summer.

The City Commission on Tuesday reluctantly extended a moratorium on the issuance of licenses to home-based operations by two months. The six-month moratorium, set to expire May 15, now will end July 15 because licensing regulations aren't ready.'

Sheriff Wants Radio Station To Stop Drug Raid Broadcasts

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Sheriff Wants Radio Station To Stop Drug Raid Broadcasts

'Should a local radio station broadcast information on the real-time movements of police and drug agents? Community station KMUD, based in southern Humboldt County, the unofficial capital of marijuana cultivation in California, says its reports are an essential tool in protecting the community from police abuse.'

Strain Review: Isis

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Isis From London Compassion Society (CanadaDank07)

'Overall: I have smoked this strain quite a few times and this was by far my favorite batch. The absolute best wake-n-bake weed ever. Makes my daily one and a half hour trip to school on the bus very enjoyable. –CanadaDank07'


Marijuana Boom in Northern California

What is our aversion in this country to creating jobs?

How Weed Won The West

420 TRIBUNE: How Weed Won The West

'We received an email last week asking us to participate in the screening of How Weed Won the West, a documentary set to debut this 4/20. While I haven’t contacted the Texas Hemp Campaign yet, I plan to see if they’d be interested in helping PassionRiver.com achieve their goal of 420 screenings on 4/20.'

Playboy Bunny Smokes a Joint on Halloween

Pretty cool.

He's Back! Kampia Reinstated by MPP

CELEBSTONER: He's Back! Kampia Reinstated by MPP

'Several sources tell CelebStoner that Rob Kampia has returned to his position as executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project after a three-month suspension. Seven staffers resigned last year following his admission that he'd had sex with a female employee on Aug. 7.'

Legalization Advocate To Testify Before Congress On Drug War

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Legalization Advocate To Testify Before Congress On Drug War

'It's no surprise that Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske will testify Wednesday before a Congressional subcommittee on the White House's Drug War budget. More surprising, and more encouraging, is the fact that Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), a group which has actively fought against the Drug War, will also be testifying.'

Marijuana Legalization Opponents Ignore Facts

'Let us lay these opinions out and look at the facts. First, there is the argument that there would be an increase in crime in society. Well, let us take a look at the numbers of homicide in the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a handy graph that lays out the numbers from 1900 to 1997. The highest spikes in the graph come from 1919 to 1933 and then from 1969 to the present. Notice anything about those two spaces of time? From 1919 to 1933 we had the era of Prohibition and in 1969 President Nixon announced the War on Drugs, which continues to the present day.'

Political Cowardice: An Ohio Problem, A National Epidemic

NORML: Political Cowardice: An Ohio Problem, A National Epidemic

'Well, the headline pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Most Ohioans support medical marijuana, pollsters say, but state lawmakers shy away
via The Cleveland Plain Dealer'

Can You Have a CDL and a Medical Marijuana Card?

THE WEED BLOG: Can You Have a CDL and a Medical Marijuana Card

'I was recently asked a question by my dad (Johnny Green Sr.) that I thought was blog worthy; can you get a medical marijuana card if you are a CDL driver? The answer is yes you can; if you want to eventually lose your CDL and/or your medical marijuana card. Confused? You should be! This is a very confusing area of medical marijuana policy.'

Ladies Teaching Us To Make Apple Pipes

Great teachers.

Idaho Lawmaker to Propose Medical Marijuana Law

'BOISE, Idaho (AP) - A Republican lawmaker wants to make Idaho the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana, saving chronically ill patients a trip across the border to Washington, Oregon, Nevada or Montana.'

You Don’t Know DRO


'In keeping with the theme of correcting commonly misquoted marijuana terminology (see my first post on THC percentages) I am hittin DRO. I’m sick of that corner pusher telling me he’s got that dro. As a rule of thumb: If you don’t know the grow, it ain’t dro.'

MJR Radio: Thomas Pearson and Dale

MARIJUANA RADIO: Thomas Pearson and Dale

'Tonight we guarantee to be interesting. The show started off with us talking about our lovely weekend at the Colorado Cannabis Convention.'

Would You Rather Smoke With… Cheech or Chong?

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Would You Rather Smoke With… Cheech or Chong?

'“Would You Smoke With” is where I come up with a new celebrity, historical figure, or random person and you guys will vote and comment on whether or not you would smoke with them.'

Don't Just Smoke a Joint on 4/20 -- Take Action Against Marijuana Prohibition

HUFFINGTON POST: Don't Just Smoke a Joint on 4/20 -- Take Action Against Marijuana Prohibition

'For people who prefer to relax with a joint instead of a beer or martini it's a time to celebrate. For those who don't use marijuana it's a time to stand up in support of their friends, family, and fellow citizens who face arrest for nothing more than what they put into their body. For the Drug Policy Alliance and the drug policy reform movement 4/20 represents something even bigger.'

Debating Marijuana Legalization

Watch CBS News Videos Online

"Pros and cons."

PA: DA: California Police Officers Should Take Polygraph, Drug Tests

'Officers at the California Borough Police Department should be made to take lie detector and drug tests after money and evidence was found missing from its evidence room, a prosecutor said.'

BongTvLive Jacuzzi Bubbler


Cannabis Time Lapse

Sweet...just sweet.

Daily Dank: Blackberry Kush

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Daily Dank: Blackberry Kush

'Got another pic from Angelo, this time he’s provided us with some Blackberry Kush. If you’ve got some pics of your dank buds send them to tips@hailmaryjane.com and be sure to include the name of the strain and anything you know about the strain.'

Strain Review: Grand Daddy Purple

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Grand Daddy Purple From River Valley Collective (NorCal_Cyclist)

'Overall: I picked this bud up when my dispensary was out of Purple Erkle (PE), since it is a cross of PE and Big Bud. GDP surprised me with the difference from the PE – much spicier flavor, buds are long and pine-cone shaped, and ridiculously dense/tight.

The pain relieving aspect was also more prevalent, with other patients commenting on the help GDP provided for back pain and other muscle/joint pains. –NorCal_Cyclist'


Irwin Ravin, Alaska Marijuana Rights Activist, Dies

'The man who fought "the man" in the 1970s -- by setting himself up to be busted for marijuana, then successfully challenging his case, resulting in a precedent-setting privacy rights court ruling in Alaska -- has died.'

Prosecutor Says He’ll Prosecute Nelson Band Members

'Saying no one is above the law, a North Carolina district attorney announced he will prosecute six members of Willie Nelson’s band on alcohol and drug charges.'

Closet Cultivation

Awesome info.

Homer Gets Stoned

"Marge, it's making my eyes better."

Maria Marihuana - Naked for the Cause (nudity)

That will help the cause, I'd say.

Strain Review: Buddah Cheese

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Buddah Cheese From Mississippi Coffee Shop (valluco956)

'Overall: Loved it! When this is on the menu it’s a must buy for me. –valluco956'

420 Girl: Charlie Laine (nudity)

420 GIRLS: Charlie Laine

'Charlie says, "You never hear of people getting into "stoned" fights or accidents. I think it's a recreational and medicinal drug that's a lot less harmful than most legal stuff!"'

Connecticut Bill Would Let Cities Tax Marijuana Sales

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Connecticut Bill Would Let Cities Tax Marijuana Sales

'Connecticut State Senator Robert J. Kane (R-Watertown) claims he can't understand why his idea isn't getting more support. "Everyone but the drug dealers would benefit," said Kane, the lead sponsor of legislation to exploit a 1991 law that imposes a tax on illegal marijuana sales and establishes penalties for not paying the tax.'

Ohio 7th District State Representative Kenny Yuko Pushes Medical Marijuana Bill

'Democratic Ohio 7th District State Representative Kenny Yuko said legalizing medical marijuana will stop normal people from living a life of crime.

Yuko introduced House Bill 478 on April 7, seeking to legalize the dispension, growth and usage of medical marijuana to alleviate the pain of multiple diseases and conditions.'

Jets' New WR Holmes Suspended 4 Games by NFL

'NEW YORK -- Newly acquired Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes was suspended Monday without pay by the NFL for the first four regular-season games for violating the league's substance abuse policy.'

The Princess of Pot

CANNABIS CULTURE: The Princess of Pot

'Jodie, the lithe twenty-five-year-old working at the next desk, smiled but did not look up from her computer, where she was emailing organizers of the international Free Marc effort. In addition to campaigning for his release and managing his businesses, Jodie is Marc’s wife.'

Brain Damage Control: Viva Peron!

HIGH TIMES: Brain Damage Control: Viva Peron!

'One of the architects of California’s historic medical marijuana bill, Dennis Peron championed medical marijuana a generation before it became legal. He was also founder of the groundbreaking San Francisco Compassion Club in 1994.'

Illinois One Vote Away From Getting Medical Marijuana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Illinois One Vote Away From Getting Medical Marijuana

'Medical marijuana is one vote away from becoming law in Illinois.'

2000 Pound Marijuana Case Dismissed After Illegal Search

HAILMARYJANE.COM: 2000 Pound Marijuana Case Dismissed After Illegal Search

'So here is a story for the ages. The cops were investigating a guy for a while and although they were right and he was moving lots of weed, they jumped the gun and searched his place before they were they got the warrant. Not smart fellas. I wonder if the “criminals” got the weed back though. Something tells me they didn’t.'

Marijuana Pizza

The Weed Guy in Cambodia.

California Legislator Tries to Kill Medical Marijuana Program

THE WEED BLOG: California Legislator Tries to Kill Medical Marijuana Program

'This Tuesday, the California Assembly Committee on Public Health will debate a very controversial bill. Last week, Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) introduced AB 2650, which would create new statewide zoning restrictions on medical marijuana establishments. The bill is sponsored by the Peace Officers Research Association of California.'

No Momentum for Ohio Medical Marijuana Bill

'COLUMBUS -- Fear of a political backlash is keeping the state Legislature from approving medical marijuana in Ohio, a lawmaker said.'

'NJ Weedman' Welcomes His Arrest on Marijuana Charges

CANNABIS CULTURE: 'NJ Weedman' Welcomes His Arrest on Marijuana Charges

'Ed Forchion doesn't deny it. There was a pound of marijuana - "high-grade California Kush" - in the trunk of his rent-a-wreck when he was stopped in Mount Holly on Thursday night by a state trooper.'

SYN Bubbler

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: SYN Bubbler (philly4life)

'Comments: The SYN crew and FatMike have been putting out pretty high quality glass for a while now. They specialize in making quality American glass that can still be afforded by the average collector. They have a wide range of glass including fixed stems, circulator percs, and multiple arm trees.

This bubbler is very stable because of the very wide base and you do not have to worry about it tipping over at all. The joint welds are all very well done although they are a little more visible than what I am used to seeing on a US Tube, TORO or the SGs that I have hit.'

Strain Review: Fuzz

KINDREVIEWS.COM: Fuzz (Cherry Creek Health)

'Overall: I like this strain quite a bit. Its a great go do something high and the buds a gorgeous. This is a pretty common strain for CCH so I often over look it, but I am very happy I got it again it does not disappoint.'

Cannabis May Prevent Osteoporosis

PATIENTS FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Cannabis may prevent osteoporosis

'The study found that while the drug may reduce bone strength in the young, it could protect against osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones, in later life.'

What Is A Marijuana Vaporizer?

MARIJUANA WIKIPEDIA: What Is A Marijuana Vaporizer

'The level of tar fabricated by marijuana vaporizers are less in comparison with tobacco & other smoking products which are usually used for smoking. So it’s less harmful than customary technique of smoking. By vaporizing marijuana one can see some change in one's health. This makes it special from traditional smoking. When some one feels cough & cold the marijuana vaporizers can be used to get assistance from it. So medically, marijuana vaporizers are mandatory for exceptional health advantages.'


Protesters Demand Legal Access to Cannabis

'Some lit up bongs, some blasted Bob Marley and others waved flags emblazoned with the marijuana leaf in a Sunday afternoon protest outside police headquarters to protest the shuttering of Cannabis as Living Medicine.'

MPP Update


'The NASCAR race on March 27th was supposed to be a historic event for marijuana reform. Thanks to car owner Matt Dugan and Cannabis Planet TV, the iconic marijuana leaf was set to fly around the track hundreds of times, attached to the hood of Car #38 beside the logos of many other marijuana policy reform organizations. '

Cannabis / Marijuana: Andy Levy on Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch is a great show.

The Clock is Ticking on Canadian "Prince of Pot" Marc Emery's Extradition

'Canadian "Prince of Pot" Marc Emery's battle to avoid being extradited to the US to serve a five-year federal prison sentence for selling pot seeds over the Internet continues as the clock ticks down toward May 10 -- the date by which Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson is to decide whether to okay his extradition or not. Emery and his supporters are fighting to the bitter end, and they're picking up some significant support along the way.'

Successful Stoners Are Criminals?

According to the Feds. yes.

IN: Coroner Links Alcohol, Marijuana to Death of Purdue Student Found in Pond

'A missing Purdue student who was found at the bottom of a Geist retention pond was drunk and may have been under the influence of marijuana at the time of the accident, according to the coroner's report released today.'

Considering how long marijuana stay in your system, this is a stretch at best.

Two California Counties Nix Marijuana ID Cards

'Fourteen years after Californians voted to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana, two counties — in violation of state law — are still refusing to issue official identification cards to cannabis patients.'

CA: Observers Believe Marijuana Initiative Won’t Pass

THE DAILY SMOKER: Observers believe marijuana initiative won’t pass

'California - Local political pundits say the chances that a ballot initiative to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana will be successful appear to be, at best, hazy.'

OR: Salem SWAT Standoff Reveals Marijuana Growing Operation

'SALEM, Ore. - A standoff in Salem that lasted for several hours and included gunfire lead to a neighborhood evacuation and the discovery of a marijuana growing operation inside an apartment, police said.'

Growing Sinsemilla Marijuana

Awesome info.

Pot Talk with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong

CELEBSTONER: Pot Talk with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong

'On the latest Real Time with Bill Maher, the stony host engages Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong in a three-minute cannabis conversation.'

Cheech & Chong on O´Reilly

O'Reilly hates weed.

More on The Magic Weed

Important throughout history.

MI: ACLU Not Retained by Royal Oak Marijuana Patient

'ROYAL OAK — The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan will not represent the patient whose medical marijuana was seized by police during a traffic stop earlier this year.'

Miss High Times Hopeful: keepontoken

MISS HIGH TIMES: keepontoken

Another random cutie for you to vote on.

New Strain Of Medicinal Marijuana Announced

NORML: New Strain Of Medicinal Marijuana Announced

'Next week’s Patients Out of Time (P.O.T.) conference in Rhode Island features numerous speakers and interesting topics, but the announcement by Harborside Health Center of the development a new Cannabidol-centric strain of cannabis I suspect will be of great interest to patients, medical providers and cultivators.'

Strain Review: Sage x Sour Diesel

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Sage x Sour Diesel From Private Dealer (D0LL4RB1LL)

'Overall: This a quality cross breed. One of the many fine strains in the Midwest. –D0LL4RB1LL'

Maryland Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Maryland Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

'The Maryland Senate on Saturday voted 35-12 to pass SB 627, a bill that would allow qualified patients to use medical marijuana with their doctor's recommendation, and receive safe access to their medicine through state-licensed dispensaries.'