Research on Cannabis and Cancer

We need more of this.

iGrow: A Marijuana Superstore is Born

HAILMARYJANE.COM: iGrow: A Marijuana Superstore is Born

'Being called “The Walmart of Weed”, a 15,000-square-foot warehouse just opened down the street from Oakland Airport in CA. The one-stop shop for medicinal marijuana cultivation is thought to be the largest in the state, selling everything you need to grow weed, but not the herb itself. (The store provides the supplies and expertise for cultivation, but only dispensaries can sell seedlings.)'

MS: Drug Raid Nabs 50 lbs of Marijuana

'During the raid, police confiscated nearly 50 pounds of marijuana, several firearms, and more than a $100,000 in cash.'

Must Be The Ganja

Eminem, and dude with a bong.

Philly NORML Concert Raises $2G

CELEBSTONER: Philly NORML Concert Raises $2G

'More than 300 supporters of NORML braved frigid Northeast weather Friday night and packed the Rotunda, where four local bands played and NORML founder Keith Stroup exhorted the crowd to "get up, stand up, light up and legalize it."'

Michigan Caregivers Cup Bounces Back From Setbacks

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Michigan Caregivers Cup Bounces Back From Setbacks

'Despite the forced cancellation of their medical marijuana competition and a brief mix-up over lecture admission prices, the Michigan Caregivers Cup is drawing plenty of visitors and continuing through the weekend, according to event organizers.'

Go Cops

The Fuzz.

Common Sense for Marijuana Policy!

What will it take?

Browndirt Warrior Update

Urban Grower.

CO: University Offers Marijuana Dispensary Classes

'A university called Greenway is planning to offer training for business people interested in medical marijuana dispensaries. The university says it plans to offer MBAs for entrepreneurs wanting to open their own dispensary.'

Strain Review: Sour Diesel

JOHN DOE RADIO: Strain Review: Sour Diesel – Reservoir Seeds

'Sour Diesel is the founding father and is included in the three phenos we have come to know and love as Chem Dog, OG Kush, and as we just mentioned Sour Diesel. The Sour D has a storied past and there is some argument how Chem Dog, and OG Kush were proliferated and who brought them where. Some rumors say it all started in Colorado or around here with Sour D. Then a pheno was taken to the East Coast where it was renamed Chem Dog. Then, as the story goes Chem Dog was taken to Cali and renamed OG Kush.'

Brainwashed By a Cult to Grow Cannabis

THE DAILY SMOKER: Brainwashed by a cult to grow cannabis

'Defence solicitor Sheena Mair said that her client accepted responsibility for the Aberdeen haul but explained that he had been “brainwashed” into doing it."

Two Paths Emerge For Full Legalization Of Marijuana In California

'As supporters of a proposed ballot initiative to fully legalize pot turned in their signatures this week, a spokesman for San Francisco's Tom Ammiano said the assemblyman would also reintroduce his own decriminalization bill in the state legislature. "We are planning on reintroducing the bill in early- or mid-February," Ammiano's spokesman, Quintin Mecke, told the Weekly.'

NM: House Panel Shelves Tax on Medical Marijuana

'SANTA FE, N.M. - A proposal to tax medical marijuana in New Mexico ran into strong opposition on Friday and a House committee shelved the measure.'

Strain Review: Mr. G

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Mr. G (Michiganfinest)

'Overall: This was given to me directly from the grower and I couldn’t have been any more happy. The potency to this strain is just ridiculous. –Michiganfinest'


Sh*tty Weed

'(CNN) -- In a messy drug bust this week, investigators uncovered more than 700 pounds of marijuana stuffed in a septic tank truck full of human waste, Arizona police said Friday.'

CA: Judge Orders Dispensary to Stop Selling Medical Marijuana

'A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction today ordering an Eagle Rock dispensary to stop selling medical marijuana, a decision that city prosecutors believe is the first to find that state law does not give collectives the right to sell the drug.'

Suicide Girls - Beauty Redefined?

BAKED LIFE: Suicide Girls - Beauty Redefined? - SuicideGirls.Com

'Suicide Girls is jumping into cannabis culture by including pot in their newest film. The short section of the film features Suicide Girls Kiefer, Radeo, Rambo, and Lanei showing their joint rolling skills. Of course as the girls grow tired of their clothes, they remove them. All backed with a good beat to boot.'

Cannabiz: Parts 3 & 4

CBC - Canada's $20 billion-dollar marijuana industry is now at a violent crossroads between crime and commerce.

The Face of US Marijuana

Who is on their side?

CBS News: Pot Measure One Step Closer To California Ballot

NORML: CBS News: “Pot Measure One Step Closer To California Ballot”

'As a general rule, NORML tends not to publicize or comment on ballot initiative drives — including campaigns we are involved in — until they have officially qualified for the ballot. But in this case, we (and the mainstream media) just couldn’t resist.'

CannaBiz: Parts 1 & 2

CBC - Canada's $20 billion-dollar marijuana industry is now at a violent crossroads between crime and commerce.

NYPD Accused Of 'Anally Assaulting' Man For Marijuana Use


TOKE OF THE TOWN: NYPD Accused Of 'Anally Assaulting' Man For Marijuana Use

FL: Deputies Bust $225,000 Marijuana Grow House

'After getting a strong odor of marijuana, Collier County sheriff’s road patrol deputies discovered roughly 151 pounds of marijuana worth $225,000 in a Golden Gate Estates home. Four people were arrested in connection with the bust.'

CO: Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Regulation

'DENVER (AP/CBS4) -The Senate approved a bill to prevent recreational pot smokers from getting permission to become legal users of the drug. The bill passed during a vote after the second reading Friday afternoon.'

Knowledge is Power


Obama Nominates Drug Warrior Michele Leonhart to Head DEA -- Reformers Gird for Battle

'The Obama administration announced this week that it is nominating acting DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart to head the agency. Drug reformers responded with a collective groan and are preparing to challenge -- or at least question -- her nomination when it goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee for confirmation.'

Gold Medal Medical Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE: Gold Medal Medical Marijuana

'The Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary is ready for the Olympics, planning for their second location and selling medicine across Canada by mail-order.'

Feds Target Florida Urine Test-Beating Firm

THE DAILY SMOKER: Feds target Florida urine test-beating firm

Seven Things I Hate About Smoking (Marijuana)

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Seven Things I Hate About Smoking (Marijuana)

Shakedown Street: Colorado Town Charges Pot Dispensaries $3K To Operate

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Shakedown Street: Colorado Town Charges Pot Dispensaries $3K To Operate

'Just like that, the Town of Olathe, Colorado says it will now charge medical marijuana dispensaries an annual fee of $3,000 to operate.'

Don’t Mess with Grandpa

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Don’t Mess with Grandpa

'Toke of the Town is reporting (via CBS 13) that a Sacramento Grandfather shot and injured a youth stupid enough to break in for his medical marijuana stash. James Tillmann, 67, was at home in his room, and his grandkids were staying with him. Three men broke in looking for his marijuana stash. The fact that the old man was home didn’t seem to bother them. It probably should have.'

Jail Bans Letters?

Marijuana Civil Disobedience.

Willie Nelson's Tour Bus Cited for Moonshine, Marijuana

Willie knows how to party.

'The aroma of marijuana lingered in the parking lot, and moonshine measured three-quarters full in a quart jar on the tour bus, officials said.'

Puff, Puff, Pass The Marijuana (Classic)

With cute chicks.

Cheech and Chong on Lopez Tonight

Lopez has to be a stoner.

Tough New LA Medical Pot Rules Poised to Backfire

'As politicians fumble for a way to clamp down on, snuff out or otherwise curtail the use of medical marijuana, the one thing that they have failed to consider is that the tougher the regulations they may pass, the more likely they are to spectacularly backfire. As a breed, politicians seem genetically incapable of spotting trends, and the trend in medical marijuana goes far beyond how many dispensaries the market can bear. The ball is slowly rolling toward full legalization, and every scheme to limit access to medical marijuana only adds to the momentum.'

Drug War Victim: Rhiannon Kephart

MPP: Rhiannon Kephart

'In January 2005, 18-year-old Rhiannon Kephart received second- and third-degree burns to her chest and stomach when police set off a stun grenade during a drug raid. The explosion also started a small fire.'

Stilletto Stoners

Matt Lauer intervews stilletto stoners aka "young professional women smoking pot" on the Today show.

The Forfeiture Racket

CANNABIS CULTURE: The Forfeiture Racket

'Around 3 in the morning on January 7, 2009, a 22-year-old college student named Anthony Smelley was pulled over on Interstate 70 in Putnam County, Indiana. He and two friends were en route from Detroit to visit Smelley’s aunt in St. Louis. Smelley, who had recently received a $50,000 settlement from a car accident, was carrying around $17,500 in cash, according to later court documents. He claims he was bringing the money to buy a new car for his aunt.'

Strain Review: Apple Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Apple Kush (xedjflowx)

'Overall: This was one of the strongest buds I’ve tried and I am extremely glad I bought it.

Great high, great smell, bad taste. I am not amazed questioning why it was such a big thing when it hit my town. –xedjflowx'

MN Senator: Medical Marijuana Might Not Come Up This Session

'With the legislative session set to begin next week, the author of last year’s medical marijuana bill is still unsure whether he will introduce the legislation this year.'

Green Crack Marijuana

Green Krack 3 weeks into flower.

CO: Medical Marijuana Lab Says it Was Raided by DEA

'DENVER—A Denver lab that tests medical marijuana says it was raided by federal drug agents and ordered to turn over patient and customer records.'


Maryland Should (Cautiously) Legalize Medical Marijuana

'We certainly don’t want to see California’s experience replicated in Maryland, where a proposal to legalize marijuana for medical use is pending in the General Assembly this year. Opinion remains divided among the medical community over the potential therapeutic benefits and risks of medical marijuana. Yet there’s enough anecdotal and other evidence suggesting it can ease the suffering of some patients diagnosed with chronic and terminal illnesses that the idea shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.'

KY: Trucker Caught Transporting 390lbs. Of Marijuana

'A truck driver is behind bars this evening after police catch him toting three hundred and ninety pounds of marijuana.'

Medical Marijuana Frees People From Addiction to Deadly Painkillers

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Patients Speak: Medical Marijuana Frees People From Addiction to Deadly Painkillers

'On Wednesday, dozens of former addicts made the tough decision to share their stories publicly, doing so before news cameras and a standing-room only crowd. The admissions were not without irony. It was, after all, a federally prohibited drug, according to the patients who spoke, that freed them from their addictions to far more lethal--though legal--prescription narcotics.'

Cop vs. Hippie


The Bukket

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Bong of the day: The Bukket

2010 CitizenTube Question from MPP

Marijuana Policy Project.

CA: Will Bakersfield See More Marijuana Cooperatives?

'An employee of the Green Cross medical marijuana co-operative before it was shut down by law enforcement last May wants to know why that business was closed while several others have popped up since.'

Documentary Links Marijuana Use with Psychosis, Schizophrenia

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Documentary Links Marijuana Use with Psychosis, Schizophrenia

'So I raised an eyebrow when one of the main researchers profiled in a new documentary called The Downside of High, said, with a little smile, that most people have fun on weed and no problems. The documentary, which follows the stories of three teenagers, takes a scientific and surprisingly nonjudgmental approach.'

Strain Review: The Rock

MERNAGH.CA: Marijuana Strain Review The Rock

'When it comes to solid indica marijuana buds The Rock has so much ganja girth it makes a plop sound when hitting your dealers’ scales. Possibly one of the most dense marijuana strains a professional pothead can find.'

Marijuana Megastore Plants Roots in Oakland

'There's a new store in East Oakland that's sure to draw a huge cloud of controversy.

The building just down the way from the Oakland Airport is the newest place to pick up gear for growing medical marijuana. But iGrow isn't just a cramped, out of the way space.'

MPP Scandal: The Plot Thickens

CELEBSTONER: MPP Scandal: The Plot Thickens

'In a a scathing cover story in the Washington City Paper, Amanda Hess exposes the "culture of sexual harassment at the Marijuana Policy Project." Even suspended MPP executive director Rob Kampia concedes, “I used inappropriate language to nearly everyone on staff.”'

CA: Marijuana Legalization Backers Hand in Initiative Petitions

'Supporters of legalized marijuana announced today that they have gathered about 700,000 signatures for their initiative, virtually guaranteeing voters will see it on the November ballot.

They plan to turn in the petitions today to elections officials in some of the state's major counties, including Los Angeles. Supporters need 433,971 valid signatures to qualify the measure.'

Marijuana Not So 'Safe"

' The safe wasn't so safe -- at least for stashing pot.'


JDR: Volume 7, Show 4

JOHN DOE RADIO: John Doe Radio Volume 7 Show 4

'We bring you a ton of great information on whats going on in L.A. and the City Councils decision to implement regulations eliminating an incredible amount of dispensaries in the city. On as a guest this week we bring you Professor Marijuana: Dana May, and his analysis on Medical Marijuana legislation and growing the good green for over 40 years.'

Why Isn’t There More Medical Marijuana Research?

NORML: Why Isn’t There More Medical Marijuana Research? Because The Feds Won’t Allow It, That’s Why!

'It’s the ‘Catch-22’ that has plagued medical marijuana advocates and patients for decades. Lawmakers and health regulators demand clinical studies on the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis, but the federal agency in charge of such research bars these investigations from ever taking place.'

VA: Marijuana Bills Die in House Subcommittee


My Two Latest Blogs for Hightimes.com

For those of you who didn't know, I'm a contributor the the hightimes.com blog. Here's my two latest masterpieces.

L.A. City Council Tells Sick People to F*** Off

My Life's Quest: To Write for High Times Part 1

Strain Review: White OG Kush


'Overall: This strain has quickly jumped up on my list of favorites…right up there with Blue Rhino and Diablo OG Kush. I highly recommend it. –kDAVR'

CA: 2 Arrested in Union City Pot Brownie Sickenings

'Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with an incident in which five Union City high school students became sick after eating brownies containing marijuana, police said.'

The obvious question is, what was in the brownies besides marijuana?

Cannabis Cups Causing Controversy in Medical Marijuana States

'Predictably, the trajectory towards more compassionate marijuana policies brings people out of the shadows to celebrate this unique and infinitely useful plant. Unlike other medicines, cannabis comes in a thousand forms and lends itself to inquiry and discussion comparable to that of music, art, food and wine. Mix in the fact that a lot of people are able to appreciate it openly for the first time in their lives and it should come as no surprise that they're organizing events to see who can grow the best stuff.

Such contests generated controversy this week, raising the question of whether medical marijuana patients might be enjoying their freedom at the expense of further political progress. In Colorado, an upcoming event prompted a critical editorial questioning whether a pot contest serves any legitimate medical purpose. Meanwhile, in Michigan, a similar event was shut down after law-enforcement officials questioned its legality due to the state's tight restrictions on distribution by caregivers. Despite overwhelming public support for medical marijuana, the idea of patients convening to consume large quantities of top-grade medicine seems a bit of a stretch for some observers.'

Question for President Obama, Medical Marijuana?

Can President Obama stop talking long enough to listen?

Show Reveals Business Side of Marijuana

'Marijuana is believed to be a $20-billion industry in Canada. But most discussion about the drug is centered around the moral issue of whether to legalize it.

Lionel Goddard thought it was high time somebody looked at marijuana as a business, not a social issue. The result is CannaBIZ, an hour-long documentary airing on CBC-TV's DocZone tonight at 9 p.m.'

NJ: Nearly 600 Pounds of Marijuana is Seized

'Alert cops checking out an open gate at a truck parking lot in the Constable Hook section of Bayonne Tuesday night led to the biggest marijuana bust ever in the city, officials said yesterday.

Nearly 600 pounds
of suspected marijuana was seized from a tractor trailer at 65 New Hook Road. The load had an estimated street value of $2 million, police said.'

Meet the New DEA Administrator...

CANNABIS CULTURE: Meet the New DEA Administrator...

'For those hoping that Barack Obama would wage the war on drugs less aggressively than his predecessor, this is not a good sign: Yesterday he announced that the new head of the Drug Enforcement Administration will be Michele Leonhart, a career DEA agent who has been the agency's deputy administrator since March 2004 and its acting administrator since November 2007. That means she oversaw all those gratuitous raids on medical marijuana providers in California, continuing well into the Obama administration despite his promised change of course.'


If I Were a Doctor...

ED ROSENTHAL: If I were a doctor...

Strain Review: Purple Power - Sativa

BAKEDLIFE.COM: Purple Power - Sativa - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia

CA: The Medical Marijuana Scene

'In 2005, Mountain View native Jonathan Lustig came to the City Council with a seemingly radical proposal: Let him open a medical marijuana dispensary somewhere in the city.

"I believe that all patients should be entitled to safe and affordable and practical means for obtaining their medicine," he said at the time.'

70 Gram Joint

Tokin with Marc Emery.

State of My Union

Great compilation of clips from Youtube.

Strain Review: Sugar Shack

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Sugar Shack (Heavyhitter88)

'Overall: While not one of the more memorable, potent, or stinky strains I have had in my pipe, Sugar Shack definitely was enjoyable to smoke on warm summer mornings before getting into the heavier Kushes.

Its energetic high and cheap price made it especially popular for me when I had to worry about things like working and thinking…'

CO: Medical Marijuana Bill Gets First OK

'A bill that would tighten regulations for patients seeking medical marijuana and the doctors approving it for them passed its first test at the state Capitol today.

"This is the beginning of the end of the wild west" for Colorado's medical-marijuana industry, bill sponsor Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver, said.'

Man Busts Through Drywall to Get Into Marijuana Dispensary

HAILYMARYJANE.COM: Man Busts Through Drywall to Get Into Marijuana Dispensary

How to Blow Weed in a Cops Face!

Just awesome.

Detroit Police Clear Streets of Half-Ton of Pot

'Detroit police scooped up over 1100 pounds of marijuana in their latest efforts at cleaning the streets of drugs Fox 2 News reported Wednesday, 1-27-10.'

Tommy Chong on the MPP Scandal

CELEBSTONER: Tommy Chong on the MPP Scandal

'"It doesn't really bother me at all," Tommy Chong says about sexual misconduct charges which led to the suspension of MPP executive director Rob Kampia.'

L.A. City Council Sucks

'The Los Angeles City Council, without debate, gave final approval Tuesday to a medical marijuana ordinance that will impose some of the toughest rules in the state but was assailed by advocates who said the law will drastically restrict access to the drug.'

NY Medical Marijuana Supporters Wonder if Time Has Come

CANNABIS CULTURE: NY Medical Marijuana Supporters Wonder if Time Has Come

'But though 14 states have now legalized medical marijuana, New York, which has relatively liberal possession laws and actually passed a medical-marijuana law in 1980 but never put it to use, remains forbidden ground for those who seek to relieve their symptoms with cannabis. This year, however, supporters of medical marijuana in Albany and elsewhere hope to harness what they see as growing momentum.'

Cancer Survivor Talks About Marijuana

Still fighting for good.


The DEA on Marijuana: Still Out of Date

HIGH TIMES: The Cannabis Column

'The US Department of Justice sent a memorandum to US Attorneys throughout the country on October 19, 2009 providing instructions regarding the investigation and prosecution of medical marijuana related offenses where such activity is authorized under state law.'

The Government Weed Dealer

The Urban Grower.

Organizers Cancel Michigan Marijuana Contest

'Organizers have canceled a contest to pick the best medicinal marijuana grown in Michigan after prosecutors raised concerns about the legality of the event.'

New Weed Movie Out Febuary 2010

The more the better, just like weed.

Police to Continue Permissive Approach to Pot During Games in Vancouver

CANNABIS CULTURE: Police to Continue Permissive Approach to Pot During Games in the Home of BC Bud

'That sweet scent in the air during next month's Olympic Games might be the smell of success. Then again, it could just be the weed.'

Strain Review: OG Kush Battle

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: OG Kush (cheefpoker) vs. OG Kush (CanadaDank07)

NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up

NORML: NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up

Bong Hit for The Military

Hellz yeah.

Drug War Victim: Lester Siler

MPP: Lester Siler

'In July 2004, Lester Eugene Siler, 42, was brutalized by five rogue police officers in his Duff, Tennessee, home. Siler, who is illiterate, was beaten and held at gunpoint, had his head held underwater in a toilet, and was threatened with shooting and electrocution after refusing to sign a search consent form that he could not read. The officers also threatened to attach a battery charger to Siler's testicles and to burn him with a lighter.'

The Marijuana Cancer Cure Cult

'It's not as far-fetched as it sounds, but some enthusiasts may be going too far.'

Nicely balanced article.

All Strains Known to Man 2010

CHRONIC CLUB: All Strains Known to man, 2010

Starbucks Denies Funding Anti-Marijuana Group

CANNABIS CULTURE: Starbucks Denies Funding Anti-Marijuana Group

'In the wake of a threatened nationwide boycott by cannabis consumers, coffee giant Starbucks has denied funding an anti-marijuana group.'

Top 10 Mistakes of a Newbie Stoner

DANK SITES: Top 10 mistakes of a newbie stoner

Funny shit, awesome blog post.

Would You Smoke With… Mr Rogers

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Would You Smoke With… Mr Rogers

Gardena Marijuana Grow House

Oh, dude.

NM: Medical Marijuana Tax Proposed

Budget Crisis.


Tolerance Breaks

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie.

THC Expo

I'll make it there someday.

CelebStoner Q&A: Gary Johnson

CELEBSTONER: CelebStoner Q&A: Gary Johnson

'The former governor of New Mexico (1994-2002) has his eye on the biggest prize - president of the United States. In our exclusive interview with Gary Johnson, he talks about marijuana, foreign policy, harm reduction, skiing stoned and the recent MPP scandal.'

Tending ‘The Grow’

'In the warm, luminescent glow of the dust encrusted light fixture, the carpeted and dank hallway disappears into unvacuumed recesses. Darren grabs an unobtrusive handle along the wall’s flimsy wood paneling, pulls, and a crack of light pierces the gloom. Pushing aside a black screen of Hefty bags intended to block light and trap heat, he reveals his miniature grow closet. A heavy, supple branch tumbles out. It brushes my hand, leaving a telltale streak of sticky, stinky moistness. The resin goes away with a bit of water. The smell stays.'

Vote for Marijuana Movement


Medical Marijuana and The Workplace

MPP: Medical Marijuana and the Workplace

'“Can an employer punish someone for doing something that is constitutionally protected?”

That’s the question raised by a pair of articles in Colorado today that lay out the precarious work situation many medical marijuana patients find themselves in.'

Product Review: Herb Iron

Medical Marijuana Bootcamp.

How To Make a Sobe Bong

HAILMARYJANE.COM: How To Make a Sobe Bong

AZ: 1,000 Pounds of Marijuana Seized

'The U.S. Border Patrol seized nearly $1million of marijuana Sunday evening near a military range in southwest Arizona.'

Jewish Groups Throw Support Behind Medical Marijuana Laws

'“Jewish teachings tell us that we should alleviate pain and suffering in other human beings,” said JSPAN’s president, Brian Gralnick. “We thought it was consistent with Jewish traditions, teachings and values — speaking up on issues where others may be afraid or hesitant to.” In fact, in the Jewish world, JSPAN is far from alone. Medical marijuana enjoys wide support across the spectrum of politics and observance.'

MD: Lawmakers to Introduce Medical Marijuana Legislation

'(ANNAPOLIS) - Tomorrow, Maryland lawmakers, patients and advocates will hold a press conference to announce the introduction of medical marijuana legislation in the Maryland state legislature.'

Acceptance of Medical Marijuana Grows

'(Jan. 25) -- New Jersey is the latest state to legalize medical marijuana, continuing a trend that began on the West Coast 14 years ago.'

Drug War Failing Alabama Teens

CANNABIS CULTURE: National Survey Shows Drug War Failing Alabama Teens

'According to a recent Pride Survey, Alabama teens are more likely than teens in the rest of the country to have recently used drugs, especially marijuana.'

CO Holds Marijuana Competition

'A cannabis festival in the US ski resort town of Aspen this spring will allow growers to put their strains in a contest.'

MO: Marijuana Operation Dismantled

'An indoor marijuana growing operation that officials described as elaborate has been dismantled in Wayne County.'

New Marijuana Grow Room


Marijuana Cooking Oil

BAKEDLIFE.COM: Marijuana Cooking Oil - Cannabis Kitchen

Strain Review: Mr. Nice Guy


'Overall: This bud receives my “dopest dope” award. –McDrizzle'

Medical Marijuana on Nightline

Lisa Ling must love her job.

A Real Activist

Dude is on fire!

Global Marijuana March

May 1st, 2010.

Blazing 420 Sign



Medical Marijuana CAN Kill You

DAILY KOS: Medical Marijuana CAN kill you... if you need an organ transplant

'Medical marijuana activists like to claim that cannabis has never killed anyone. While it is true that cannabis is remarkably non-toxic ("the safest therapeutically-active substance known to man," according to a DEA judge), medical marijuana use has actually killed many people in the United States.'

AK: Court Rejects Religious Appeal in Marijuana Case

'ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The Alaska Court of Appeals rejected a religion defense in the drug case of a Craig couple who anointed themselves with a mixture of marijuana juice and olive oil.'

How Do I Become a Medical Marijuana Caregiver?

MEDICAL MARIJUANA BOOTCAMP: Bootcamp #30- QA: How Do I Become a Medical Marijuana Caregiver?

More Info on Marijuana

A patriotic plant.

CO: Man Burglarizes Dispensary

'DENVER (AP) — A 50-year-old man has been charged with burglarizing a marijuana dispensary in search of pot.'

Troopers Seize Over 100 pounds of Marijuana

'CHEYENNE, WYOMING - Troopers with the Wyoming Highway Patrol have seized more than 100 pounds of high-grade marijuana on Interstate 80 in recent days.'

Police Seize 1,500 Pounds of Marijuana

'Indiana State Police seized 1,500 pounds of marijuana earlier this week in a drug bust in Hammond, officials said Saturday.'