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90-Year-Old Granny Arrested For Dealing Pot; Had 170 Pounds

TOKE OF THE TOWN: 90-Year-Old Granny Arrested For Dealing Pot; Had 170 Pounds

'A 90-year-old grandmother suspected of selling cannabis was arrested Friday after police raided her home and found more than 170 pounds of marijuana.'

HotBox Anthem

Box it out!

Hot Chick with Bongs and Blunts

Fire it up!

How the News Media Lies About Marijuana

From NORML Show Live.

MPP Asks Minneapolis Mayor to Be Honest About Marijuana, Mayor Responds

MPP: MPP Asks Minneapolis Mayor to Be Honest About Marijuana, Mayor Responds

'Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has recently taken to Minnesota’s airwaves in a misguided attempt to blame violence at the hands of criminal gangs on consumers of marijuana. “When you pay for marijuana, you are paying for the bullet that goes into the head of someone on the streets,” he told the Star Tribune, in one instance.'

Strain Review: Purple Sunset

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Purple Sunset From Private Dealer (InGrowingWeTrust)

'Overall: Do not know how this guy does this, it’s always beautiful work.  He really seems to take time with his plants to make them both visually appealing and super potent.  Definitely buying more.  –InGrowingWeTrust'

Bong of the Day: Watermelon

HAIL MARY JANE: Bong of the Day: Watermelon

No matter where you are, there are bongs all around you.

NORML Deputy Director Speaks About The Failure Of Prohibition On Fox News’ Freedom Watch

NORML: NORML Deputy Director Speaks About The Failure Of Prohibition On Fox News’ Freedom Watch

'Judge Napolitano has long been one of the mainstream media’s most vocal and consistent critics against the so-called ‘war on drugs.’ In recent broadcasts, he has profiled how U.S. marijuana prohibition is fueling violence and murder in Mexico, and has called for the arrest and prosecution of several police officers involved in a violent SWAT raid in Columbia, Missouri.'


How to Smoke a Gravity Vortex

Pretty sweet.

8 Rules Marijuana Growers Should Follow

MARIJUANA WIKIPEDIA: 8 Rules Marijuana Growers Should Follow

'1) Minimize risks by being discrete. There are many risks to growing marijuana . First of all, for most of the world, it is illegal to grow marijuana and detection by local authorities of even a small operation can be quite disastrous.'

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That's some life you lead loser. To the rest of you, blaze 'em if you got 'em!

Strain Review: White Widow Pre 98

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: White Widow Pre 98 From London Compassion Society (CanadaDank07)

' Overall: This is some godly bud.  I have heard mixed reviews about White Widow and I have to say I absolutely love it.  The only reason it didn’t receive an A+ is because of the boring taste.  Otherwise, this bud is perfect!  –CanadaDank07 '

More Proof Cannabis is a Medicine



The tree of life.

MN: Mayor Rybak, Let’s Be Honest About Marijuana

'MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - May 28 - Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has recently taken to Minnesota's airwaves in a misguided attempt to blame violence at the hands of criminal gangs on consumers of marijuana. "When you pay for marijuana, you are paying for the bullet that goes into the head of someone on the streets," he told the Star Tribune, in one instance. But the mayor's logic is tragically flawed. By trying to blame violence entirely on marijuana's consumers, Mayor Rybak is conveniently ignoring the central role in gang violence played by marijuana prohibition and the politicians who support it.'

Oakland to License and Tax Indoor Marijuana Grows

STUFF STONERS LIKE: Oakland to License and Tax Indoor Marijuana Grows

'Last year, dispensary owners in Oakland, California made history when they voluntarily increased the rate of taxation on the sale of medical marijuana. Now two Oakland council members are looking to make history again, by introducing legislation that would license and tax indoor marijuana grows as well as permit three industrial-scale growing operations.'

Study: Marijuana Doesn't Affect Driving Performance

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Study: Marijuana Doesn't Affect Driving Performance

'It's something most seasoned pot smokers already know, but still it's nice to get more scientific confirmation: Marijuana doesn't make you wreck your car.'

Kirsten Dunst's Assistant Claims Marijuana Was Hers

'Kirsten Dunst's personal assistant has confirmed she was keeping marijuana in the hotel room where the actress' purse was snatched in 2007 - but insists the star had no knowledge of the drugs.'

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show 5/28/10

Music, weed stories, my soothing voice; what more do you need from an internet radio show?

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show 5/28/10


Miss High Times Hopeful: velveteen_flowe

MISS HIGH TIMES: velveteen_flowe

'Hello, my name is Erika. I currently live in Tokyo, Japan as a language student. I am 19 years old and my passion in life is film making.'

The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 8

JOHN DOE RADIO: The John Doe Radio Show Volume 8 Show 8

'We are joined by fill in co-host Alan Schwartz, who is a part of Mile High NORML and helped get Alabama’s NORML chapter off the ground and running. We take the chance to talk with the now Executive Director of Alabama NORML, Thomas Pearson. He tells us more about grass roots activism and encourages those everywhere to get involved.'

Cops Claim Vitamins Are Methamphetamine; Raid Pot Dispensary

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Cops Claim Vitamins Are Methamphetamine; Raid Pot Dispensary

'A bag of white powder that police seized last week in a California marijuana dispensary raid, claiming it was methamphetamine, was actually a nutritional supplement from GNC, according to the operator of the pot shop.'

Strain Review: Original Blueberry

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Original Blueberry From Private Dealer (Demo11)

'Overall: I found this strain to be an all around great smoking experience.  I have heard people say that Blueberry wasn’t as strong as they would have liked, this representation of the strain I found to be extremely strong and would not recommend this to beginners.   Overall score 87%.   –demo11'

Strain Review: Hindu Skunk

BAKED LIFE: Hindu Skunk Review - Master Bong


Gov. Chris Christie Supports N.J. Medical Marijuana Law but Wants to Delay Implementation

'TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie believes New Jersey’s medical marijuana law "is very good as written,’’ but he wants to delay implementation "so we can do it the right way,’’ his spokesman said today.'

Medical Marijuana Works Miracles, Says Smoking Granny

MSNBC: Medical marijuana works miracles, says smoking granny

'An elderly Montana woman says medical marijuana has given her a second chance at life.

"Oh! It's a miracle, I was almost helpless," said Mabel Macer.

Macer is 82-years-old and at one point was taking as many as 17 prescription drugs for pain, but now she just takes her heart medicine and a medical marijuana cocktail twice daily.'

How To Make A Gravity Bong

HAIL MARY JANE: How To Make A Gravity Bong

'A little while ago I posted a gravity bong as the bong of the day and I got a few requests about where to get one or how to make one. For those of you who don’t know, gravity bongs hit crazy hard and will get you ripped in a relatively short amount of time.'

Latest Research On Pot and Schizophrenia Runs Contrary to Mainstream Media Hype

NORML: Latest Research On Pot and Schizophrenia Runs Contrary to Mainstream Media Hype

'The mainstream media loves to spill ink hyping the allegation that marijuana causes mental illness, particularly schizophrenia. In fact, it was in March when international media outlets declared that cannabis use ‘doubled’ one’s risk of developing the disease. Yet when research appears in scientific journals rebuking just this sort of ‘reefer madness,’ it generally goes unreported.'

Police Seize $1.2 Million in Pot From Ex-Penn Football Player

'Philadelphia police arrested a former University of Pennsylvania football player and mixed-martial-arts trainer and seized $1.2 million worth of high-grade marijuana from his fight-training studio in University City Wednesday night, authorities said.'

Marijuana Smoking Club Owner Arrested After Raid, Club Closed

'WILLIAMSTOWN TWP. -- The Green Leaf Smokers Club on Grand River Road remained locked and closed as of 10:30 a.m. today, nearly a day after a regional narcotics team raided the medical marijuana users' club and arrested its owner, Wayne Dagit.'

Pot Goes Union As Oaksterdam University Joins UFCW

CANNABIS CULTURE: Pot Goes Union As Oaksterdam University Joins UFCW

'Though we've never been in one ourselves, we gather that joining a union isn't all it's cracked up to be: you have to pay dues, hold signs outside of drug stores, and often run afoul of politicians and mainstream media when the going gets tough. But union membership can also be a strategic masterstroke, and a magic pill to salve bad news. This appears to be the case for "cannabis college" Oaksterdam University, where organized labor and the burgeoning marijuana industry are converging for - we believe - the very first time.'

Marijuana Legalization in California

'Marijuana legalization is a far bigger step than decriminalization or medicalization, which have already occurred in California and other states. Decriminalization legalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana, but it does not eliminate the underground market or permit easy taxation. Medicalization is closer to legalization, but it still leaves producers and consumers in a legal gray area and collects less revenue than legalization.

Should California, or the country, legalize marijuana? Yes, for a multitude of reasons.'

Grizzlies' Randolph Involved in Indy Drug Dealing?

'An Escalade registered to Memphis Grizzlies power forward Zach Randolph(notes) was pulled over in Indianapolis and marijuana was found in secret compartments in the car.

According to MyFox Memphis, Indy police then found a few storage lockers registered to Randolph that had controlled substances in them. The speculation is that Randolph is a financier of some drug dealers in Indianapolis.'

Celebrities Caught with Marijuana

'Strange News: Click through the celebrity photo slide show to see how many famous pot smokers and world renowned Stoners you know.'


Nug Porn: Pure OG


Original Gansta? Or maybe Oh God I'm High!

Lewis Leaving MPP?


'Rumors continue to swirl around the Marijuana Policy Project, the embattled Washington, DC-based reform group that has been beset with staff and board defections over executive director Rob Kampia's inappropriate conduct.'

Pot Shop Owner Ordered Back To Jail For Third Time

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Pot Shop Owner Ordered Back To Jail For Third Time

'The owner of a Fresno medical marijuana dispensary is caught in the middle of an escalating battle between a sheriff and a judge, both of whom say they have the legal right to decide whether he stays in jail.'

Judge Refuses to Halt Closure of L.A. Pot Clinics

'LOS ANGELES—A Los Angeles judge has denied a temporary court order that would have allowed four medical marijuana clinics to remain open after a city ordinance takes effect June 7.'

NJ: Potential Medical Marijuana Patients Would Suffer From Delay

'Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey,  noted recently for his direct approach to local issues, has shown a more lawyerly side when dealing with the state’s new medical marijuana law.

The Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act was signed in January 2010 after a hard-won, 5-year effort in the NJ legislature. Patients around the state were expecting to get registration cards and acquire legal medical cannabis by the fall.'

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show 5/26/10

Current weed events, music from Infamytv.com. It's just like The Pothead Pundit blog, only you don't have to read...except what you're reading right now.

The Pothead Pundit Radio Show 5/26/10

Marc Emery's US Federal Prison Blog #2

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marc Emery's US Federal Prison blog #2

'Jodie told me that the interview I did with NDP Member of Parliament Libby Davies for Rabble.ca finally showed up online, which makes me happy. I heard news items on the radio about me, but it's maddening how they screw up details. One radio report said "US DEA arrested Marc Emery in Canada LAST WEEK and quickly had him brought here to Seattle where today he plead guilty to manufacturing marijuana as a result of his seed selling business." There are no journalists these days, just "reporters".'

Marijuana Plants - Approximately 14 Weeks Old From Germination

Very nice.

Ex-Miami Beach Cop Charged with Running Pot Grow House

'A former Miami Beach police officer involved in two fatal shootings last June while on the force has been accused of running a marijuana grow house in Southwest Miami-Dade County.'

Medical Marijuana Law May Be Repealed in Montana

'A prominent Montana Republican lawmaker wants to overturn Montana's 2004 voter-passed law that legalized medical marijuana.

State Senator Jim Shockley says the current law does little to control medical marijuana.

The senator has requested a bill be drafted for the 2011 Legislature to repeal the marijuana law.

However, the Montana senator says he believes medical marijuana has benefits and should remain legal.'

Strain Review: Grape Kush

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Grape Kush From Private Dealer (tryptamine)

'Overall: Just goes to show you can’t judge a bud by it’s cover.  I was disappointed with this bud as it looked very nice.  Smell, taste and buzz was not impressive at all.    I’m going to avoid this one next time.  –tryptamine'


Strain Review: Blue Cheese


'Cheese is rad connoisseur stuff. Really, who doesn’t like cheese, well except those who have no tolerance for lactose. But no need to worry, this shit’s got no lactose in it at all…instead it’s filled with lots and lots of beautiful li’l euphoric THC crystals.'

Taxing Marijuana in California?

California, November 2010 - Get out the vote!

Marijuana Myths & Facts Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis

'Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana and NORML have been promoting a lot of information to the public in advance of the upcoming hearings which will be a frank discussion on House Bill 1393.  The following represents a selection of their literature.'

Portland TV Reporter Goes “Undercover” to “Easily” Get Medical Marijuana Card

NORML STASH: Portland TV reporter goes “undercover” to “easily” get medical marijuana card

'Yes, Anna Song, if you legally qualify for a medical marijuana card, it is easy to get one. You’ve been in three car accidents, have severe chronic pain, and scoliosis – as you point out, you didn’t lie, and since the clinic rightfully followed the law, you qualified. Medical science and Oregon law recognize your right to treat that chronic pain with what a DEA Administrative Law judge called “one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.” (NORML v. DEA, 1988)'

Marijuana Arrests Continue To Drive Drug ‘Treatment’ Boom

NORML: Marijuana Arrests Continue To Drive Drug ‘Treatment’ Boom

'You can also read my previous commentary on the subject, "The Feds Are Addicted to Pot -- Even If You Aren't," available from Alternet.org here.]

Nearly six out of ten people admitted to drug ‘treatment’ for marijuana are referred there by the criminal justice system, according to a just-released report by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA).'

NE: Nearly 600 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Rail Car

'Employees at Cargill who were assigned to clean out a railroad tank car made quite an interesting find on Monday - namely the largest cache of marijuana ever found in Washington County.'

Three Tons of Pot Found in Truck During Southern California Traffic Stop

'MONTEBELLO — A driver and his passenger were arrested Monday afternoon after an officer found 6,000 pounds of marijuana with an estimated $4 million value in their truck during a traffic stop.'

NY: Postal Carrier Accused of Selling Marijuana to Cop

'YORKTOWN — A Carmel man who works as a mail carrier in Yorktown was arrested today after selling marijuana to an undercover police officer while on his route, police said.'

Blind Medical Pot Patient's Case Against City Fast-Tracked

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Blind Medical Pot Patient's Case Against City Fast-Tracked

'A September trial date has been set for a lawsuit brought by a blind woman with cerebral palsy and epilepsy who is trying to stop the city of Dana Point, California from shutting down a collective that supplies her with medical marijuana.'

Marc Emery: Report from US Federal Prison #1

CANNABIS CULTURE: Report from US Federal Prison #1

'I share a cell with Oliver, a Jewish Iranian-Canadian guy (see Jodie Emery's blog entry for more on fellow inmates). It's like North Fraser pretrial centre, concrete & steel, but with a locker. Outside of our cell is the "range" where 60 of us eat, shower, watch Tv and play cards or dominoes or such activities, as well as walking the second level walkways for exercise.'

Who Would You Rather Smoke With… Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

HAIL MARY JANE: Who Would You Rather Smoke With… Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin

'Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin are two icons in the animated world. If you ask me they are both among the top 10 cartoon characters of all time. The Simpsons has been a model of longevity and Family Guy has emerged as one of the funniest shows on TV, both mainly due to their two main (fat) characters. If you had a chance to smoke with one of them, who would it be?'

Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery in Photos and Video

CANNABIS CULTURE: Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery in Photos and Video

'CANNABIS CULTURE - Over 80 cities in countries around the world took part in the Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery on May 22, 2010, in protest of the extradition to the US of the Prince of Pot.'

Strain Review: Kobe Kush

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Kobe Kush From Private Dealer (Vaporizer)

'Overall: Legendary kush strain floating around the music scene in Los Angeles.  Great A+ smoke right here.  –Vaporizer'

Ganja Girls - High on Moon River

Hot chicks smoking weed music video.

Seniors Support Cannabis

Even old people know the benefits of marijuana.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Calgary Constituency Office


Marijuana Prescribed to Kids with ADHD

HOW TO GROW BUD: Marijuana Prescribed to Kids with ADHD 

'In California, the state with the nation’s most permissive medical marijuana law, several doctors say that some children with attention deficit hyperacitivty disorder, or ADHD, are being treated with marijuana — a fact that has sparked a heated debate.'

Happy Birthday, Tommy Chong!

CELEBSTONER: Happy Birthday, Tommy Chong!

'In honor of Tommy Chong's 72nd birthday today May 24, we've compiled a bonanza of Tommy links.'

CNN: 'Prince of Pot' to Plead Guilty to Federal Charge

CANNABIS CULTURE: CNN: 'Prince of Pot' to plead guilty to federal charge

'The man known as Canada's "prince of pot" is expected to plead guilty today in a deal that could send him to a U.S. federal prison for five years. Marijuana activist Marc Emery is scheduled to appear this afternoon in U.S. District Court in Seattle, Washington, where he will plead guilty to single count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.'

ISP Faces New Challenges as it Begins Marijuana Eradication

'INDIANAPOLIS — After 20 years in law enforcement, Indiana State Police Sgt. Lou Perras knows this: Marijuana is like the Rodney Dangerfield of illegal drugs — it gets no respect.

Earlier this month, Perras and a team of state troopers launched their annual outdoor campaign to eradicate cultivated cannabis. But as in years past, their war on drugs includes combating the public's cavalier attitude toward pot.

“People have this attitude, ‘it's just marijuana,’” said Perras. “That's a sad misrepresentation of this drug.”'

Awww, these bastards have such a tough life, let me get my little violin out.

Mom Tries to Get Marijuana to Jailed Son

' — A Ward woman is accused of trying to sneak marijuana into the Lonoke County Detention Center for her incarcerated son.

Kelly Griffin, 46, is facing charges of furnishing prohibited articles and possession of a controlled substance.'

Let's Waste Tax Money Jailing Marc Emery!

This man is finally off the streets, SLEEP EASY AMERICA!

VA Docs Prohibited from Discussing Medical Marijuana With Returning Vets

THE HUFFINGTON POST: VA Docs Prohibited from Discussing Medical Marijuana With Returning Vets

'The U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) recently adopted a policy prohibiting VA physicians from recommending medical marijuana to their patients, even if marijuana is the safest and most effective medicine to treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other service-related conditions.'

The Marijuana Taboo

BAKED LIFE: The Marijuana Taboo

'In 2008 over 800,000 people were arrested for marijuana related charges, and they only represent the fringe of those being punished by society for involving themselves with marijuana. Millions of people are managing to escape jail, but are still suffering from living under the taboo of being a stoner.'

States Race to Ban Imitation Pot "K2"

CBS NEWS: States Race to Ban Imitation Pot "K2"

'(AP)  States and cities nationwide are cracking down on a substance that mimics marijuana's effects on the brain - a legal dope that has stymied law enforcement authorities.'

High School: A Weed Movie

HAIL MARY JANE: High School: A Weed Movie

'This movie looks like it can really be a good movie. The preview isn’t anything like the the story. Tom Hanks son is in it and he did a good job in Orange County, so I see him doing the same. Get at the on Facebook or Twitter, and official site.'

Congress Tries To Stop Denial Of Banking To Marijuana Providers

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Congress Tries To Stop Denial Of Banking To Marijuana Providers

'In yet another example of America's weird double standard when it comes to medical marijuana -- which is now legal in 14 states -- legitimate medical cannabis providers have been denied banking services or even had their existing accounts terminated, just for being involved in the medical marijuana business.'

The World Hemp Expo Extravaganja – May 28-30, 2010

HIGH TIMES: The World Hemp Expo Extravaganja – May 28-30, 2010

'The HIGH TIMES WHEE Festival will take place this Memorial Day weekend in Red Bluff, California. WHEE is the World Hemp Expo Extravaganja. The three-day festival includes a hemp and cannabis expo featuring the latest and greatest gear and info.'

Hash Mob Gets Seen And Heard

CANNABIS CULTURE: Hash Mob Gets Seen And Heard

'After a successful occupation of Conservative MP offices in the '905,' Toronto Hash Mob returned home for a final stop on their Marc Emery Awareness tour. They held a successful protest at US Consulate, Saturday, May 22.'

Compassionate Care Center of Michigan Opens

'DRYDEN, Michigan — In an upstairs apartment overlooking Main Street, people with chronic pain and debilitating medical problems are driving from afar to this sleepy country town of 800 residents to buy medical marijuana.'

Prince of Pot Appearing in U.S. Court Today

'A U.S. court is expected to knock Canada's Prince of Pot off his throne today.

Marijuana activist Marc Emery is in Seattle where he is set to plead guilty to drug distribution this afternoon.

The 52-year-old is expected to receive a five-year prison term after reaching a plea agreement with American prosecutors.'

Strain Review: Pineapple Express

MARIJUANA REVIEWS: Pineapple Express From Nature’s Top Shelf Medicinals (Ghost Guy)

'Buzz Report: Very mellow and psychedelic feeling.  Very upbeat and energetic, but thoughts were clouded very easily. It was a very distracted high, but very great.  Great strain for depression if you don’t have anything to do that requires concentration.  –Ghost Guy'

Legalized Marijuana is a Profitable Venture

'An economic-impact analysis prepared for a East Bay entrepreneur underscores one of the truths behind the "Tax Cannabis 2010" marijuana legalization measure on November's ballot: It could make some people very, very rich.
Jeff Wilcox of Lafayette, who sits on the ballot measure steering committee, in November formed AgraMed Inc., a nonprofit that commissioned this analysis from Bay Area consulting firm Brion & Associates.'


Email From Marc Emery From Prison

CANNABIS CULTURE: Marc is in US Federal prison... but I get 'email' from him! Here is his first update from the USA

'Marc is currently in SeaTac Federal Detention Center, or SeaTac FDC, and has access to the federal prisoner "email" system CorrLinks.'

Chito Pipe

Might come in handy.

Session: Violet Hill Weed


'Chubbs & Tang talk about the highest rated bud on NugPorn.com.'

Two Smoking Bikini Chicks on Webcam

Audio sucks, but does it really matter?

Dana Larsen at The Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery


Strain Review: NUGGETRY Diablo OG


'Buzz Report: After a nice fat session I sat back and enjoyed some buffalo style chicken with some blue cheese crumbles (actual blue cheese not the weed :) )  . Even after a big meal, which normally kills my buzz, I was still really high.  –Chubbs'

Chris Bennett at The Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery


Free Marc Emery Rally – Vancouver – May 20, 2010 – Photography

'I attended this rally and march, and along the way I snapped some photographs, as I usually do. Despite my personal feelings on Marc Emery and his personality/intentions, I still feel it totally necessary to stand up against what I believe is a travesty of Canadian justice.'

From @LindsayDianne on twitter.

Solvent TV - Marc Emery Rally


Denver Marc Emery Rally 5/22/2010


Free Marc Emery Rally Peoria, IL. May 22, 2010


Free Marc Emery Rally - Ontario, Canada


Jody Emery Speaking at the Free Marc Emery Protest