Mario's Hash Stash

Super Mario cleans a bong.

Mom & Fibromyalgia Patient Teresa Shepard @ THC Expo

HPS & Metal Halide Lights

Urban Grower.

UN Watchdog Takes Aim at Canada's Medical Marijuana Program

CANNABIS CULTURE: UN Watchdog Takes Aim at Canada's Medical Marijuana Program

'Justice Minister Robert Nicholson said Wednesday the government’s medical marijuana regulations are under review after the UN’s drugs watchdog warned Canada needs to tighten up the system.'

Postcard from Denver

TIME: Postcard from Denver

'Walk into the basement showroom of the Colorado Patient Coalition, a marijuana dispensary located in a small medical plaza on the northern outskirts of Denver, and your nostrils fill with the same pungent odor that once stank up your college roommate's underwear drawer. But the visual cues are at odds with the Steppenwolf playing on the sound system: a uniformed security guard leans by the door, while grass is displayed in neatly labeled jars under glass. Along one wall is a large, horizontal one-way window, behind which, one assumes, are eyes sharper and brighter than those of the clerks and customers.'

Marijuana Musher Faces Pot Charge

CELEBSTONER: Marijuana Musher Faces Pot Charge

'Alaska's greatest dog-sled racer Lance Mackey legally smokes marijuana for medicinal purposes, yet he was still arrested for possessing pot at the Anchorage Airport on Jan. 13.'

Ozzy Fan Arrested at Book Signing

'There was never any doubt Ozzy fans would come out in droves to meet the Prince of Darkness when he released his new autobiography I Am Ozzy. Things went a little haywire on Friday reports the Boston Herald when a man showed up to a book signing in possession of marijuana.'

2 Charlotte Men Arrested, Over 200 Pounds Of Marijuana Seized

'South Carolina police arrested two men from Charlotte, N.C., and seized more than 200 pounds of marijuana and two vehicles in a drug bust.'

Colorado Senator Wants Tax on Medical Marijuana

'A state senator said Thursday he wants to ask voters to impose a special tax on medical marijuana.'

D.C. Couple Gets Surprise Marijuana Delivery From Fed Ex

'A Capitol Hill couple got more than they bargained for after what they thought was a routine Fed Ex delivery. The box they received contained $120,000 worth of pot, MyFoxDC.com reported.'

AZ: Marijuana Smugglers Stopped in Sewer

'Federal authorities say a person wearing scuba gear apparently tried to sneak two bundles of marijuana across the Mexican border through a sewer system.'

New Bong + Tsunami Strain Review

MEDICAL MARIJUANA BOOTCAMP: New Bong + Tsunami Strain Review

San Jose's Cannabis Gold Rush

'If nothing else, Los Angeles' protracted struggle with cannabis clinic regulation should serve as a warning to other cities in which medicinal marijuana dispensaries wish to operate -- Better to lay down some strict rules and regulations, even if they can be a bit onerous (like in San Francisco), even if it means limiting the amount of clinics allowed within city limits to, say, five (like in Oakland).'

Strain Review: Lemon Skunk

JOHN DOE RADIO: Strain Review: Lemon Skunk (DNA Genetics/Green House Seeds)

'Lemon Skunk is a smooth, very tasty, connoisseur strain. Both Green House Seeds and DNA Genetics have versions of this strain. Franco from Green House Seeds says the DNA Genetics version is more available and assumes we might be reviewing that version. '

The Business of Growing Weed

Another great doc.

GA: More Than $1.6M Seized in Drug Raid

'ATLANTA—The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says a multi-agency squad has seized more than $1.6 million in a joint narcotics investigation that spanned the country.'

WA: Marijuana Petitioners Clash With ACLU Over Legalization Effort

'Despite a well-known stance for the reform of marijuana laws, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Washington has drawn criticism from activists for not supporting the initiative.'

Strain Review: Emerald Kush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Emerald Kush From South Gate Herbal Remedies (Vaporizer)

'Overall: Can’t go wrong with bud that’s delicious. –Vaporizer'

Obama Continues Bush-Era "Drug War" Hypocrisy

CANNABIS CULTURE: Obama Continues Bush-Era "Drug War" Hypocrisy

'The hypocrisy is staggering when you consider that the Obama administration's "drug war" budget has about twice as much money going into the criminal justice system than to treatment and prevention. This is despite President Obama having said many times that drug use needs to be looked at as a health issue. In California, where you can get a prescription for medical marijuana, the L.A. County District Attorney claims that state law doesn't allow dispensaries to sell it - and they recently busted a popular distributor and charged him with 24 felonies!'

High Society

Great documentary.


NY: Yonkers Woman Nabbed With 84 Bags of Marijuana

'YONKERS — A Yonkers woman was charged with possession of 84 bags of marijuana and a city man who police said was her confederate was charged with pointing a gun at a 42-year-old Bronx woman, authorities said today.'

Strain Review: Bubbleberry

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Bubbleberry From Private Dealer (mbfunk420)

'Overall: I like this bud for its unique flavor and taste. The high is distinct and one that you’ll want over and over.

Great bud overall – highly recommended. –mbfunk420'

Why Won’t MTV Allow “The Real World” Cast to Use Marijuana?

MPP: Why Won’t MTV Allow “The Real World” Cast to Use Marijuana?

'Since 1992, MTV has aired the true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a house, have their lives taped after drinking massive of amounts of alcohol while we find out over and over again that drinking alcohol often leads to reckless, violent, and oftentimes illegal behavior.'

DEA To Burn Boastful Grower's Bud

TOKE OF THE TOWN: DEA To Burn Boastful Grower's Bud

'If you've ever found yourself wondering what's happening to the 224 beautiful marijuana plants seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration from that guy who was really good at pot farming but not so much when it came to discretion...'

Rapper Juvenile Arrested for Marijuana

'ARABI, LA - Rapper Juvenile, best known for his song: "Back That A** Up," was arrested Thursday evening in St. Bernard Parish for drug possession.'


HIGH TIMES Branches Out


'The most prestigious name in pot expands operations with a new medical marijuana magazine, a California-based Medical Cannabis Cup, and its first-ever West Coast office.'

Mythbusters: Zeroing a Hit Gets You More Stoned

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Mythbusters: Zeroing a hit gets you more stoned

'First off, what is zeroing a hit? Well, for the uninformed, after you hit a pipe, joint, blunt, whatever, rather than exhale, you just let the smoke fester in your alveoli until you can’t stand it anymore and either cough, or just smile and go about your day. I was always under the impression it got you more stoned.'

Strain Review: Dr. Walker’s Daze

CANNABIS CULTURE: Getting High with Dragonfly: Dr. Walker’s Daze

'Our very own ganja chronnoisseur, Dragonfly, travels the world in search of each country’s best cannabis and evaluates strains ranging from the popular and plentiful to the rare and exotic.'

Ten Common Marijuana Grower Mistakes

MARIJUANA WIKIPEDIA: Ten Common Marijuana Grower Mistakes

JDR: Volume 7 Show 8

JOHN DOE RADIO: John Doe Radio Volume 7 Show 8

'We talk with the man himself Franco from Green House Seeds joins us on the show. We chat with him about feminized seeds and the advantages and dis-advantages with using fem seeds. We talk a lot about the best strains around and get tips on how to grow this years Cannabis Cup Award Winner Super Lemon Haze to its fullest potential. Franco also talks about politics in Europe and about Green House Seeds Award Winning Documentary ‘Strain Hunters’. JDR will be giving away ‘Strain Hunters‘ DVD’s doon. An aweseome interview you do not want to miss! Certainly for the best of!'

Strain Review: Ultra Skunk

MERNAGH.CA: Marijuana Review Ultra Skunk

'Too much of this superbly grown sample of Ultra Skunk will induce a panicky, heart racing marijuana high. Ultra Skunk is a soaring sativa. Leave the couch behind you and be prepared to sail past Saturn.'

CO: The Reefer Report: Feb 24, 2010

Big news in Iowa, South Dakota, and Michigan.

Rebagliati's Winter Olympics - Then and Now

BAKED LIFE: Rebagliati's Winter Olympics - Then and Now

'Ross Rebaglti was the Gold Medal winning Canadian snowboarder who tested positive for marijuana, during the 1998 Winter Olympics, held in Nagano, Japan. After he escaped with his medal on a technicality, the Olympic officials officially banned marijuana, officially.'

Grow Tips, What Nutrients To Use For Your Weed?

MEDICAL MARIJUANA BOOTCAMP: Bootcamp – Grow Tips, What Nutrients To Use For Your Weed?

F*cking Dog!


Don’t Trust the Boomers to Legalize it

STUFF STONERS LIKE: Don’t Trust the Boomers to Legalize it

'IMAGINE what life would be like right now…if they would have legalized WEED at the peak of the summer of LOVE. Seriously, think about it. You can’t deny the importance of herb and the synergy it created with newly adopted ideals realized from Buddhism gathered from insight while being stoned. That shit changed the world.'

Over 2,500 Subjects Since 1995 Have Used Marijuana-Based Medicines In Controlled Clinical Trials

NORML: Over 2,500 Subjects Since 1995 Have Used Marijuana-Based Medicines In Controlled Clinical Trials

'Researchers worldwide have performed 37 separate clinical trials assessing the therapeutic safety and efficacy of inhaled cannabis and marijuana-based medicines since 2005, according to a review published online last week in the journal Cannabinoids: The Journal of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM).'

Vancouver: Norwegian TV2 @ Cannabis Culture HQ

You can smoke at CC HQ for 5 bucks!

Strain Review: Purple Poppers

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Purple Poppers From Private Dealer (Kush2Push)

'Overall: The next batch of this will be injected with nutrients via syringe – I’ll make sure to update everyone on those.

B+ purple, never a bad choice. –Kush2Push'

Fisherman Captures Boat Chase on Video

'Federal agents said, not only did they break up a human smuggling ring, but they also uncovered 60 pounds of marijuana.'


I Love Keef, No I Love Hashish

HAILMARYJANE.COM: I Love Keef, No I Love Hashish

'About a week ago I did a post on Keef and Dro. One of our HMJ readers, Eaze, made better sense of it in one sentence, than I did in one whole post. He said ” Keef is just concentrated Dro.”'

After Six Years Out, Man Put Back In Prison To Finish 10-Year Pot Term

TOKE OF THE TOWN: After Six Years Out, Man Put Back In Prison To Finish 10-Year Pot Term

'A California man has been taken back into custody after almost six years of freedom to finish the remainder of his 10-year prison sentence for growing medical marijuana.'

The Perculator Hydroponic Mini Garden

Seems complicated, but jump if you're feeling froggy.

Medical Marijuana May Help Fibromyalgia Pain

CNN: Medical marijuana may help fibromyalgia pain

'(Health.com) -- Lynda, a 48-year-old mother of three who lives in upstate New York, got a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 2000. While there are prescription medications for fibromyalgia, she's found one unconventional drug -- marijuana -- that really does the trick.'

Medical Marijuana Advocates Ask L.A. Prosecutor to Drop Lawsuits

'The nation's main advocacy group for medical marijuana threatened Tuesday to challenge Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich's legal assault on dispensaries, saying it is "unlawful, unconstitutional, and contravenes the spirit and letter of the governing laws."'

NC: Delivery was Marijuana, Not Computer

'A woman who lives in a trailer park on Bringle Ferry Road who was expecting the delivery of a new computer, was surprised to find UPS delivered instead a package containing 45 pounds of marijuana.

She called Salisbury Police, who took the package.'

Strain Review: Grape Krush

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Grape Krush From Private Dealer (marijuanasoarus)

'Overall: Very, very nice all around. Grape Krush has a very subtle, fruity/hashy taste and smells incredible. It’s cerebral effects provide a clear and soaring high, accompanied by a body buzz that’s not incapacitating. –marijuanasoarus'

Iowa to Study Medical Marijuana

'DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- The Iowa Legislature will set up a committee to look at the issue of medical marijuana.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says if the committee comes up with a workable plan, lawmakers could discuss the issue during the 2011 session.'

Maybe someday Iowa.

TX: Tons of Marijuana Found in Tanker Truck

'McALLEN, Texas (AP) — A south Texas man is in custody on charges of possession with intent to distribute more than two tons of marijuana found in a tanker truck on his property.'

Pineapple Express 2

THE DAILY SMOKER: Pineapple Express 2

'After Cheech and Chong another sequel of a stoner movie we have been waiting for since a long time might be on the way: Pineapple Express 2!'

Malcolm X and Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE: Malcolm X and Marijuana

'Like many African-American men, Malcolm Little suffered police harassment as a youth while peddling reefers in Harlem to make ends meet. His struggle with authorities led to his time in prison, where he became a devotee of Elijah Muhammad, changed his name to Malcolm X, and eventually became a lifelong crusader for African-American rights.'

South Dakota Voters Could Legalize Medical Marijuana

Go SD!


VA Policy Does Disservice to Veterans Who Need Medical Marijuana

MPP: VA Policy Does Disservice to Veterans Who Need Medical Marijuana

'A story out of New Mexico yesterday sheds light on the dilemma facing many veterans who could benefit from medical marijuana and rely solely on the Department of Veterans Affairs for their health care.'

Vancouver Offers Olympics a Distinctive Odor

'VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Walk downtown around midnight and take a deep breath — but not too deep — and you'll experience the unofficial odor of the Vancouver Olympics.'

L.A. County Charges Medical Marijuana Distributor with 24 Felonies

CANNABIS CULTURE: L.A. County Charges Medical Marijuana Distributor with 24 Felonies

'More than four months ago, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley warned that state law does not allow dispensaries to sell medical marijuana and zeroed in on Organica, a popular Venice-area outlet, as one possible target.'

Strain Review: White Rhino

MARIJAUNAREVIEW.COM: White Rhino From Homegrow (InGrowingWeTrust)

'Overall: Such a joy to grow this strain. White Rhino is by far one of the best whites I have smoked that really does the trick for bad chronic pain. Also the Sativa side of it leaves a nice cerebral stone, depending on how much you blaze. The high kicks in quick in about 3 mins, sets fully in 15. Great strain, would highly recommend for growing. If you see it at a clinic, by all means grab at least a gram or two. –InGrowingWeTrust'

Medical Marijuana Bill Passes New York Senate Health Committee

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Medical Marijuana Bill Passes New York Senate Health Committee

'The New York State Senate Health Committee passed a medical marijuana bill Tuesday afternoon.'

Weed Porn: Jack Herer Looks Delicious

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Weed Porn: Jack Herer Looks Delicious

Stoner Hottie

Blonde stoner hottie.


Medical Marijuana Pioneer Talks Pot Culture

A more peaceful life.

Medical Marijuana Becomes Gray Area For Law Enforcement In Montana

TOKE OF THE TOWN: Medical Marijuana Becomes Gray Area For Law Enforcement In Montana

'Law enforcement agencies say they have faced a bit of a struggle since medical marijuana was approved in Montana in 2004, reports Nikki Laurenzo at KTVQ.'

Federal Medical Marijuana Raids in Colorado -- Is the Denver DEA Going Rogue?

STOP THE DRUG WAR: Feature: Federal Medical Marijuana Raids in Colorado -- Is the Denver DEA Going Rogue?

'Colorado's burgeoning medical marijuana community is up in arms after a series of DEA raids in recent weeks. First, DEA agents hit medical marijuana laboratories in Denver and Colorado Springs that tested for THC levels and contaminants such as mold. Then, late last week, DEA agents raided and arrested Highland Park medical marijuana grower Chris Bartkowicz after he appeared in local media talking about his grow operation.'

Police: Trio Tried to Pass Off Lettuce as Marijuana

'Police arrested three men who allegedly tried to pass off lettuce as marijuana during a recent drug investigation, York County Detective Craig Fenstermacher said.'

Babes at Hempcon Los Angeles

CHRONIC BABES: Babes at Hempcon Los Angeles

Cops Respond To Burglary, Find Pot Growing Operation

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Cops Respond To Burglary, Find Pot Growing Operation

'People: If you’re housing an illegal marijuana grow room, DON’T call the cops for any reason! (This should go without saying, common sense much?) A couple reported a burglary from their home in Bloomfield, NJ last week. Someone had apparently broken into their home and stolen their safe.'

Nature’s (Legal) Cannabinoids

NORML: Nature’s (Legal) Cannabinoids

'Most patients don’t get asked where they get their medicine. That’s because everyone knows people get their medicine from a pharmacy. But I have to get my medicine otherwise. I have to safeguard my “source” because my medicine is cannabinoid based – and that makes it almost illegal. – But not today. Today I can answer the source question openly because it is my local pharmacy – with drive-thru service and open to dispense medicine 24 hours a day. I drive up and push a big, yellow smiley-faced button to gain access – a soft automated voice comes over the speaker to verify that I am in the right place in order to pick up my prescription. Next, the typical professional looking person – white coat with badge – slides open the window asking my name and what I need.'

How To Roll a Joint!

Lego style.

420 Girls - Messengers of Mother Nature

420GIRLS.COM: 420 Girls - Messengers of Mother Nature

'Charlie and Celeste acting out a patient/clerk skit inside a medical Marijuana collective (Hollywood Patients Collective) in Hollywood.'

CA: 'Cannabis Planet' Premieres, Focuses on Merits

'OAKLAND, Calif. - Hot on the heels of new research showing marijuana's pain-relief value and the reintroduction of a bill to legalize, regulate and tax the drug, the Bay Area this week saw the premiere of its first marijuana-themed television show.'

CA: Candidates Rip Medical Marijuana Regulation

'Democratic candidates for state attorney general yesterday took varying positions on the merits of legalizing marijuana, but agreed that medical marijuana needs to be much more heavily regulated than it is now.'

Chocolate Red Velvet Cannabis Cupcakes

THE CANNABIS CHEF: Chocolate Red Velvet Cannabis Cupcakes

N.J. Farmers Look into Marijuana Cultivation

'A trade group is helping New Jersey farmers explore whether recently legalized medical marijuana could be a profitable cash crop, according to a report in The Daily Journal.'

Marijuana Use by Seniors Goes Up as Boomers Age

'MIAMI (AP) — In her 88 years, Florence Siegel has learned how to relax: A glass of red wine. A crisp copy of The New York Times, if she can wrest it from her husband. Some classical music, preferably Bach. And every night like clockwork, she lifts a pipe to her lips and smokes marijuana.'

Strain Review: Bones

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Bones From Private Dealer (Polygon)

'Overall: I have gotten this strain from the grower before, but with this grow they really upped the ante.

The buds were grown and cured perfectly, the smell was leaking through my mason jar it was so dank! Overall, I would have this as one of my top favorite hybrids I have ever smoked. –Polygon'

Cheech and Chong Roll Out New Film

CANNABIS CULTURE: Cheech and Chong Roll Out New Film

'Comedian Cheech Marin, one-half of the most famous pot-smoking duo of the 1970s, lent his celebrity to a medical marijuana convention that opens on Friday in Los Angeles, and used the occasion to plug a new movie.'


Blunt Ashes


Cannabis Culture's Olympic Coverage

CANNABIS CULTURE: Cannabis Culture's Olympic Coverage

'Cannabis Culture Headquarters is in the heart of Olympic central in downtown Vancouver. As a well-known Vancouver tourist destination, news reporters from around the world often stop by to speak with marijuana activist Marc Emery (former owner of CCHQ , which is now owned his wife Jodie Emery) and use a Volcano Vaporizer in our BCMP office and smoking room.'

Cheech and Chong Confirm They're Working on 'Up In Smoke 2'

THE DAILY SMOKER: Cheech and Chong confirm they're working on 'Up In Smoke 2'

Truckload of Marijuana Goes Up in Smoke

'LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 21 (UPI) -- A truckload of confiscated marijuana that could be worth more than $1 million disappeared somewhere between Memphis and Louisville, Ky., sources say.'

Patient's Marijuana Seized: Update

HIGH TIMES: Patient's Marijuana Seized: Update

By The Pothead Pundit for Hightimes.com.

Former Smugglers Now Legit at Medical Pot Convention

'On Saturday, at a Los Angeles medical marijuana trade show teeming with entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on California's legal pot market, the two chums were reunited as business consultants marketing "solutions for an emerging industry."'

How to Go From a Closet Grow to 6,000 Watts in A Year

MEDICAL MARIJUANA BOOTCAMP: How to Go From a Closet Grow to 6,000 Watts in A Year

'Family Ties' Actor Bonsall Arrested -Again

'Former "Family Ties" actor Brian Bonsall has been arrested again in Colorado, this time on a charge of using marijuana in violation of the terms of his release.'

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Should This Man be Arrested?

What do you think?

Is it Legal for Medical Marijuana Patients to Buy Guns?

'Gun shop manager Patrick Jones says he wants to sell as many firearms as he can.

But Jones won't do business with known medical cannabis patients, such as Army Spc. Sean Merritt, an honorably discharged and disabled veteran.

That refusal has drawn criticism from Merritt and other medical marijuana advocates, who have twice gone to Redding City Council chambers to denounce Jones, who happens to be mayor, for violating patients' rights.'

All Time 420 Classic

THE DAILY SMOKER: All time 420 classic

'Great Sunday morning stuff... I know this vid is almost older than the internet itself, but nobody should forget about our all time classics. 420 is the magic number!'

Electricity, Marijuana and the Law

'But what about electrical consumption patterns? Do homeowners have a reasonable expectation of privacy over their electricity consumption? Must police obtain a search warrant before they may obtain or access records concerning electrical consumption patterns?

People in the indoor marijuana cultivation business certainly don’t want police anywhere near their electricity consumption records.

You see, certain patterns of excessive consumption are indicative of a grow op. Also, abnormally low consumption doesn’t necessarily mean one is trying to conserve energy. It may mean that someone has bypassed the hydro meter and is stealing electricity.'

Medical Marijuana in D.C.: The Council Gets it Right

'Which brings us to the current moment. With the ban lifted, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray (D), along with council members David A. Catania (I-At Large) and Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), has introduced legislation to implement Initiative 59. It's a sound proposal that tracks the design and intent of the original initiative by creating a tightly regulated system whereby patients with serious, chronic or debilitating medical conditions can have safe and affordable access to medical marijuana.'

NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

NORML: NORML’s Weekly Legislative Update

'Lawmakers around the country are debating a record number of marijuana law reform bills in 2010. NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up is your one-stop guide to pending marijuana law reform legislation around the country, along with tips for influencing the policies of your state.'

Drug War Victim: Kathryn Johnston

MPP: Kathryn Johnston

'Members of a Georgia narcotics investigation team shot and killed 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston during a drug raid in her Atlanta home November 21, 2006.'

Strain Review: MOJO

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: MOJO From Private Dealer (dank grrrl)

'Overall: Sparkles like weed candy. Excellent for relaxing while staying alert i.e. watching a movie.

Good pain relief. Light in the flavor department, but compensates with a head-to-toe buzz. Able to collect abundant kief. –dank grrrl'

Home Bong Remedies

HAILMARYJANE.COM: Home Bong Remedies

'I pride myself on being able to spotlessly clean anything, and this includes paraphernalia. Now, these tips are for cleaning glass, because if you’re smoking out of anything except glass, you’re not getting the full flavor of the weed.'