Strain Review: Jollee

MARIJUANAREVIEWS.COM: Jollee From Santa Cruz Patients Collective (SantaCruzMts)

'Overall: I love it. I want to always be able to go to the freezer and grab a chunk of this stuff. I say freezer because that is where you keep it. It will turn to oil in the baggy in a warm environment. If you freeze it again it will turn hard as glass.

I smoked it in my Jerome Baker 2 foot water pipe on top of a hit of homegrown Maco Haze. Broke off the tiniest little piece, melted it on top of the Maco Haze and BAM I was "Jollee" like good ole Saint Nick himself.

They told me patients come from all over California to go to the SCPC just for this particular medicine. Now I know why! – SantaCruzMts'

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