Deadly Prescription Drug Maker Bankrolling Effort to Defeat Marijuana Legalization in Arizona

The company that makes the deadly painkiller fentanyl, as well as a synthetic THC pill that has been approved by the FDA, has donated a ton of cash to anti-legalization efforts in Arizona.

From The Washington Post:

The $500,000 donation from Insys Therapeutics, based in Chandler, Ariz.,  amounts to more than one-third of all money raised by Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, the group opposing legalization. It's one of the largest single contributions to any anti-legalization campaign ever, according to campaign finance records maintained by ballotpedia.com.
Surprise, surprise, the company also has a storied history of legal troubles.

The battle for legalization in Arizona is projected to be close this year. Election day in Tuesday, November 8th.

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