A Special Announcement from The Pothead Pundit

Tonight I would like to share with all my readers some big news. In the next few days I will be starting a new job as a full time blogger for The 420 Times. Make sure you bookmark, share, and subscribe to the site. The Pothead Pundit will continue as before since, as my haters point out, it's just links and videos.

I have a few requests for my wonderful and loyal readers. I'm looking to hear from medical marijuana patients, no matter what state you're in. I need medical marijuana patient profiles - short stories telling us about these patients and why they need marijuana. I also need reviews of strains and medical marijuana dispensaries. If you are a medical marijuana patient, or know someone who is, write me at joe@the420times.com.

This is a new phase in marijuana activism for me. Join me in the battle.

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